A simple yet very effective self help technique

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Linda Hoyland

A simple yet very effective self help technique

Posted by Linda Hoyland 34 Days Ago

If you are feeling any of these:






Here is a very simple and effective way in which you can help yourself. Just pick the appropriate finger or thumb and hold it with the other hand. It’s very calming to do, you can do it for as long as you like, when you like.

Show your kids and grandkids how to do it, this can help can empower them in a situation they have no control over.


For those who want to know which hand:

The fingers on the right hand are for emotions in the present and those on the left for emotions that can be related to the past.

Or just go with which seems right at the time

Or just do both 😊


Linda Hoyland

Article written by Linda Hoyland - Beverley

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