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Thyroid Disorders - holistic approach

Posted by Adam Przygoda

18 Days Ago

Hypothyroidism I have had quite a few requests with regards to thyroid problems and therefore decided to share some information about Thyroid disorders in general starting from hypothyroidism.  I believe that a holistic approach is the best solution agreeing in that with what dr. Brwonstein and prof. Lustig.   What is hypothyroidism? In simple terms, it is a situation in... [read more]

Coming Home - The Art and Science of Stillness Touch Craniosacral Work

Posted by Jane Nunn

20 Days Ago

“You are more than you know” I remember someone who remains very dear to my heart, telling me this once. It immediately brought tears to my eyes for somehow, some part of me recognised a long buried truth in that. And perhaps, a 'long resisted' truth too. I believe it's true for everyone, that we are... [read more]


Posted by Maureen Anderson-Smith

32 Days Ago

September Migraine awareness week.   The World Health Organization reported that ‘Migraine is the third most common disease in the world with an estimated global prevalence of one in seven people.’   Aim of Migraine Awareness Week is to draw awareness and to build an understanding to this debilitating disease.   Three ways of looking at Migraine   ·         Tension headaches, this is the... [read more]

I've been 'unrealistically' bad

Posted by Francesco  Bernardi

46 Days Ago

It is surprising and saddening hearing kind-hearted and levelled clients be hard on themselves for behaviours that are not socially desirable, i.e.: having an extra drink at a party and getting a little drunk, having casual sex, having an argument with a loved one, calling in sick at work on a bad day, etc. These are... [read more]

Where did all the intimacy go?

Posted by Kate Moyle

49 Days Ago

Where did all the intimacy go?   By Kate Moyle, Psychosexual & Relationship Therapist This title is a question I have been pondering for a while now; and I'm not just talking about the intimacy in our private lives, but in relationships in general. As I handed over my passport at Heathrow airport the other day,... [read more]

Acupuncture can help you cope with humidity and dampness

Posted by Yvette Giles

53 Days Ago

It hasn’t been the best of summers, the warmth and sunshine we had in June and July seems like a distant memory.  Autumn weather seems to have come early with damp and drizzle as well as morning and evening mists. Whilst the lack of sun can affect our mood, the damp may be having a more significant... [read more]

Cinderella And The Two Ugly Sisters: Self-compassion, self-esteem and self-criticism

Posted by Andy  Hunt

60 Days Ago

“The greatest sickness known to man or woman is called self-esteem. If you have self-esteem, then you're sick, sick, sick, because you say: I'm okay because I do well and because people love me, so when I do poorly, which I'm a fallible human and will, and people hate me because they may jealously hate me... [read more]

Is exercise causing distress for your gut?

Posted by Beverley Gibbs

62 Days Ago

Digestive Health We all like to feel the fitness and health benefits that exercise brings, but for some of us there are unwelcome side effects. The digestive system has to put up with a lot of disruption when we exercise (think of all that pounding up and down when running, being bent over when cycling, or swallowing... [read more]

Successful Return to work after an assault and stopping it happening again - Havening Techniques® Therapy in Action

Posted by Mark Wingfield

75 Days Ago

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Craving to Stop Smoking Easily?

Posted by Diane Oxborough

90 Days Ago

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