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Paul Hayward

How does counselling work?

Posted by Paul Hayward

9 Days Ago

My philosophy of counselling is quite simple: have faith in the person and have faith in the process. It is a simple philosophy, but one which I feel has served me, and more importantly, my clients, well to date. The subject of this case study, referred to as “Bear” (not his real name) was referred to me... [read more]

Paul Hayward

The Long Dark Night

Posted by Paul Hayward

9 Days Ago

We always seem to be in such a rush nowadays. If we want to know something, we just look at our “Smart” phones. The answer is instant- no effort is needed from us, just demand and passive consumption. We are ‘served’ at self-check outs- for our speed and convenience. It also removed that need for a bit... [read more]

Paul Hayward

States of Anxiety

Posted by Paul Hayward

9 Days Ago

States of Anxiety This was prompted by something a client said to me the other day. We were speaking of their anxiety; their understanding of the causes of it, the effects of it on their life and what they (I will use an anonymous ‘they’ to protect their identity) had been doing to cope with it throughout their... [read more]

Stephen Walker

The Four Agreements

Posted by Stephen Walker

10 Days Ago

Hello, It’s that time of year again—time for gatherings and celebrations at work and at home. Although these can be enjoyable times, sometimes the relationships we revisit during these events have a difficult history and seem challenging. It is within the power of each of us to turn each moment with other people into either an opportunity for... [read more]

Sean Kulyk

Adrenal Burnout; what are the signs, symptoms and related problems, plus how to work towards overcoming it!

Posted by Sean Kulyk

13 Days Ago

Have you ever suffered from decreased libido without necessarily having a headache?  Then maybe it's actually just a symptom of Adrenal Fatigue, in which case this could be the article for you! Being stressed – just about one of the commonest words we use today to describe ourselves and how we feel. We tend to for the... [read more]

Sean Kulyk

Sean Kulyk's response to an article by Jim Manson, in Natural Products magazine on the topic of 'the mantra there's no such thing as bad food, just a bad diet'; 27th February 2018:

Posted by Sean Kulyk

13 Days Ago

See below for Sean Kulyk's response to an article by Jim Manson, in Natural Products magazine on the topic of 'the mantra there’s no such thing as bad food, just a bad diet'; 27th February 2018: For years, the mantra ‘there’s no such thing as bad food, just a bad diet’ has been the junk food industry’s default... [read more]

Stephen Walker

How to use meditation for Stress Relief

Posted by Stephen Walker

17 Days Ago

How to Use Meditation for Stress Relief Stress, often viewed as an inevitable portion of life by many people is a key source of wear and tear on one’s mind and body. There are many solutions recommended that could help to relieve stress including medication, but experts suggest that you could use meditation as a way to... [read more]

Laura O'callaghan

The CONTROL System — Enpowering and Liberating, putting you the client in CONTROL talking to the subconscious while you are consciously aware (it's not like traditional hypnotherapy)

Posted by Laura O'callaghan

26 Days Ago

The CONTROL SYSTEM The CONTROL system Works on the principle of hypnosis without having to use deep trance (as in traditional hypnotherapy) to gain subconscious dominance to directly change the way the client thinks, feels and behaves. It is a more rapid form of therapy due to the direct communication with the subconscious that together we are able to upgrade... [read more]

Natasha Price

The 5 steps guide to the Happiness Process

Posted by Natasha Price

54 Days Ago

Over the last few months I have noticed an increase in the number of clients and acquaintances who are suffering from severe anxiety and low mood.  There appears to be a growing number of people struggling to control the daily levels of worry and fear that arise in them.  Teenagers and young people particularly seem to... [read more]

Natasha Price

Why I love Past Life Regression Therapy.

Posted by Natasha Price

57 Days Ago

The benefits of Past Life Regression Therapy       For the past three years I have specialised in Past Life Regression Therapy and have found the process not only amazing and awe inspiring, but personally very transformative.  People can often over use these terms – amazing, awesome, transformative – but for me this has been true. It has been a... [read more]

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