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Alexandra Cingi

Is that your friend across the street? You wave cheerfully, shout out “Hiya!”, and… she barely makes eye contact while muttering a half-hearted “Morning”.       Cue the whirlwind in your mind! “What have I done wrong? Have I said something I shouldn’t? Did I forget her birthday? Her cat’s birthday? Doesn’t she like me anymore? Is our friendship... [read more]

Alexandra Cingi

Maybe you feel like you’ve always been anxious – ever since you can remember. Maybe it’s a family trait – your grandmother was, your dad still is… so if your genes are stacked against you, well, it’s just your personality, isn’t it?       Yes! Also, no! Your personality is indeed shaped by the genes you inherit – in... [read more]

Areti Grigoriou

Hippocrates said that every disease originates from our soul and ends up to our body. Before we decide what kind of treatment we need to follow for healing we need to start treating the delusion in our “mind-emotion-soul” state that makes us ill. In our cells is engraved all the uniqueness of our existence. It is frustrating... [read more]

Alexandra Cingi

I hadn’t known my new friend Rhys for that long – a couple of weeks, over lockdown, and of course all communication was by text. Maybe that’s partly what made him feel safe to share his personal stories with me – and, somewhere among the jokes and funny memes, a tidal wave of sorrows, regrets, disappointments... [read more]

Virginia Compton

The word Ayurveda means 'science of life.' Ayurveda is over 5000 years old and is still very much alive today, especially in India where you routinely see Ayurvedic pharmacies and hospitals used as pat of the communities routine medical care. It is a completely holistic and natural system for caring for the bodymind throughout your life.  The... [read more]

Laura O'callaghan Hch.dip.hyp.ctrl.prac

Releasing fat I have put together my weight loss hypnotherapy programme and the control system combined and created my unique MIND THERAPY MINDSET TRANSFORMATION & WEIGHT SHREDDING PROGRAMME. ðŸ’ª Weight loss programme usually £375.00Control system £285.00 so together £560.00. Special programme offer.  £485.00” It's not the weight my client's shred, release and let go of either that becomes the most amazing bit. It's... [read more]

Kathy  Newman

A gentle, featherlight layering of specific healing essential oils along the spine, shoulders, neck, back and feet, as well as inhaling each oil - a real sensory experience for Mind, Body and Soul. I then work around the body doing an Energy Healing whilst you relax, snuggled in a warm fluffy dressing gown, whilst your body... [read more]

Ragini Varia

Managing Hay fever Naturally Satmya or tolerance and Asatmya or intolerance are concepts often used in Ayurveda. “Aushadha anna viharanam upayogam sukhavaham sahi satmyam” is a phrase in the Ayurveda Classics which means Satmya is a state when a person’s Doshas or current state, accept and adjust to medicines, dietary and environmental changes. Asatmya or intolerance is when... [read more]

Paulina Slater

Yesterday was a gorgeous day, today lovely parts and sad parts. I walked through Hermanus for an hour and a half, stopping to gaze, as a mother and calf whale swam lazily down the bay from opposite my bedroom window to the end of town, magical and healing. The Cafe on the Rocks ( as in... [read more]

Paulina Slater

A Day in the iMfolosi Wilderness, KwaZuluNatal, South Africa Waking with the earth, I stir deliciously slowly. The still cool air reverberates with promise. I feel gentle excitement. Lapping and plopping, the river carries the message that regular visitors are refreshing themselves in its it soft shallow water: five years of drought have left scars. I feel... [read more]