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Robert  Tyszczak

In a metaphor, from the very beginning of our life, we are involved in a kind of creative dance. Let's imagine that we are connected to something remarkable that is playing its music in our mind. We come into the world with a melody which needs to be danced, but as it turns out, for various... [read more]

Tabitha Gale

Reasons why sensitives and empaths are prone to suffer burn out Tend to be conscientious and prone to go into perfectionist mode, doing too much. As perfectionists they never live up to their own high standards (or so they believe). They do too much for others and not enough for themselves Need alone time to assimilate and recuperate, ready to... [read more]

Carrie Goh

Are you over-whelmed with ideas? We’ve all been there … we become excited with a new project, a new relationship, a new business, even a new spiritual practice. And we say to ourselves: “This is it. I have found my life purpose.” And then … it all goes wrong. The project or business flops. The relationship fails. We’re... [read more]

Kristina Matej

Kristina Magdolene Matej describes how to spot postnatal depression and what to do about it   Post Natal Depression is way too common in today’s world, especially in Western society. It ranges from feeling moody and ‘not oneself’ to, at the other extreme, experiencing a psychotic event.    The underlying causes are:    o Exhaustion through lack of sleep,  o Hormones adjusting and uterus shrinking while the body recovers  o Trauma (past or from the birth experience)   Lack of appropriate support often exacerbates any symptoms the new mother... [read more]

Patti Hudspeth

Guilt Did you know that feelings of guilt could lead to #Anxiety and/or #Depression?You don't even need to be guilty of something to feel guilt.  There is help, please read on, if reading the word guilt has brought on Anxiety please hold your index and middle finger gently with the other hand for 2 to 3 minutes... [read more]

Stuart Downing

Many people suffer from eating disorders. When left unchecked and not treated, they can cause severe health complications such as problems with growth and development, depression and anxiety, work and school issues, and they can even result in death in extreme cases. Fortunately, hypnotherapy and integrative treatment for eating disorders has proven effective for many clients and allowed them... [read more]

Dan Lloyd

As the sap rises in nature so does the wood energy rise in us, some people can harness this energy naturally and thrive while others manifest ailments such as headaches, low mood and anger. A seasonal treatment using Acupuncture can very often change these energies and smooth your progress into the spring and prime you for a... [read more]

Lee Avery


Posted by Lee Avery Hypnotherapist 217 Days Ago

The sciatic nerve is the largest and longest nerve in the body. It originates in the lower spine, branches into the pelvis, then travels down through the buttocks and the back of the legs and branches into the lower legs and feet. Sciatic pain occurs when there is pressure on, or damage to, the sciatic nerve.... [read more]

Kathy Yvanovich

Which of these BASIC BELIEFS make you automatically nod "Yes" to?  Which make you feel Uncomfortable?   Tell me the ones you feel uncomfortable with, and you could change uncomfortable beliefs to different, comfortably positive, beliefs that will last as long as your subconscious deems useful - could be a lifetime!  Check your reactions for each of these positive beliefs... [read more]

Kathy Yvanovich

Reiki is good for... when you need a breaklifting your spirits, lightening your mood silence a chatterbox mind relieve anxiousness and stress, relax instead quickly connect with your true, authentic, wondrous inner self stop a debilitating habit think more positively, attract positive outcomes simply feel better with higher vibes every day.   sleep better spirit release and healing spirit attachments - if something strange is... [read more]