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  3. The secret to sensitivity - let's begin by creating greater self awareness
  4. Dealing with uncertainty - what you need to know
  5. A simple and effective technique that you can do very easily to help relieve stress & anxiety
  6. Self Prescribing Homeopathy for children
  7. Managing Asthma in Children
  8. Successful Return to work after an assault and stopping it happening again - Havening Techniques® Therapy in Action
  9. Living Life Anxious How Psychotherapy and Counselling Can Help with Anxiety
  10. What is Traditional Chinese Medicine and how does it work?

Summer Newsletter

Posted by Anthony Austin

11 Days Ago

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Look Into My Eyes. The Pitfalls of being a Hypnotherapist

Posted by Anthony Kelly

21 Days Ago

Since I qualified as a hypnotherapist some friends/family/strangers wont look me in the eye. Only a few days ago at a networking event my husband (also an NLP practitioner and Hypnotherapist) without meaning to started hypnotising someone whilst explaining hypnotism! One friend's main concern was, 'You'll know my deepest, darkest secrets.' The outcome being I do not have... [read more]

What is CranioSacral therapy?

Posted by Millie  Wood Swanepoel

22 Days Ago

The Cotswold Directory -march/April/May 2018 issue page 28 What is CranioSacral Therapy? Millie Wood Swanepoel RCST (Registered CranioSacral therapist) It is not “a sort of head massage” It is not just for mothers and babies but for everyone cradle to the grave. The way I work, I think of it as body psychotherapy.   Cranio works with the whole body, not necessarily... [read more]

Hay Fever Free (in One Easy Session)

Posted by Diane Oxborough

24 Days Ago

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Why it's important to take Magnesium..

Posted by Kara Mia Vernon

29 Days Ago

  Magnesium is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme reactions that help regulate the thousands of diverse biochemical reactions in the body. It's is required for energy production in all cells and is considered to be the 4th most important mineral in the body. It is a key component of bone, is required for the synthesis... [read more]

What's your Money Archetype? The Nurturer.

Posted by Rosemary  Cunningham

30 Days Ago

Are you funny about money?   You're not alone!    Is there something uncomfortable about money for you? Do you struggle to have conversations about money?     You've not asked for a wage rise for years or you are really nervous about putting your fees up although you know it's well overdue. Maybe you’re under charging for your services and bending over... [read more]

Maternity Reflexology! An investment for you and your baby.

Posted by Rosemary  Cunningham

30 Days Ago

Feeling heavy and bloated, maybe in pain? Worried about your labour?     I’ve been practicing maternity reflexology since 1997 and have seen these gentle, relaxing treatments help so many women have a much more pleasant, easy pregnancy, labour and recovery than they were expecting. I tell mums that at the very least they will feel more relaxed... [read more]

Celebrate your body

Posted by Peter Kramer

31 Days Ago

Stop judging your body, how you look, move, or feel. It does not judge you. It serves you beautifully, no matter what and only does what you ask it to do. It is time to celebrate it for that reason alone. Celebrate it for how well it responds to what you do, think and believe even... [read more]

You can become the Director of your own mind and make amazing changes.

Posted by Robin How

34 Days Ago

NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming. OK it's a terrible title but it infers that everything we do is the result of running a sequence, or programme that involves the use of our senses. Five Senses. If we are fortunate, we have Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic (sensations/feelings) Olfactory (smell) and Gustatory (taste). We have 2 forms of visual... [read more]

That Delightful Poison called Sugar

Posted by Sohani Gonzalez Ba,lch,mch

40 Days Ago

THAT DELIGHTFUL’ POISON ‘CALLED SUGAR.     Society has been encouraged to consume substances that control unacceptable behaviour.  “Hidden, yet powerful chemical dependency is promoted”.   If it makes you happy, great, you are more controllable!   Sugar and spices found their way along the ‘trade routes’ to civilizations that had endured bland, boring diets in the main, for centuries, and these... [read more]

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