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Supporting Your Digestive System in Preparation for The Festive Season

Posted by Susan Fruhman

144 Days Ago

Supporting Your Digestive System in Preparation for The Festive Season Posted 2nd October 2017 |  News To date the roll of our digestive system has been totally underestimated. Unless it can digest and absorb nutrients efficiently, it is unlikely that we will achieve optimum health.   A U.K. survey of 500 people revealed that 1 in 10 suffers from heart burn,... [read more]

Retail therapy? The truth

Posted by Anthony  Larkin

921 Days Ago

Retail therapy? The truth about shopping addiction. There’s no such thing as a shopaholic right? You will often hear people call themselves Shopaholics but what actually is a Shopaholic? Although it’s not classified, as an addiction, in the DSM 5, (diagnostic and statistical manual revision 5; the Bible, for medical, and psychological illness.)  There is certainly some evidence... [read more]

Emotions and How they affect our Health

Posted by David Amstell

921 Days Ago

Emotions - How they can affect our health and how hyonotherapy can help. People have a finite capacity for emotion which varies for each individual and, from time to time, in the same individual. Each of us can cope with irritation, aggravation and provocation to a limit, after which we have three choices: 1.      To constructively express our... [read more]

Injury Will Prevent The Fluid Golf Swing.

Posted by Steve Kirby

942 Days Ago

Injury Will Prevent The Fluid Golf Swing. You can’t do a thing if you’ve not got that swing. Sounds like words from an old song, but believe me having treated quite a few golfers these are words I hear quite a lot. When that injury occurs, you won’t have that Swing. Let’s face it folks when it comes... [read more]

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