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Helpful therapy articles about acupuncture

Tim Humphries


Posted by Tim Humphries

52 Days Ago

Acupuncture Acupuncture used for the relief of pain has been used in China for over a thousand years but it has only been in the last 30 years or so that western medicine has really recognised the potential benefits. In the past 20 years much research has been carried out to understand how using a needle can... [read more]

Yvette Giles

Acupuncture can help you cope with humidity and dampness

Posted by Yvette Giles

603 Days Ago

It hasn’t been the best of summers, the warmth and sunshine we had in June and July seems like a distant memory.  Autumn weather seems to have come early with damp and drizzle as well as morning and evening mists. Whilst the lack of sun can affect our mood, the damp may be having a more significant... [read more]

Jenny Swan

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine and how does it work?

Posted by Jenny Swan

796 Days Ago

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the most ancient systems of treatment known to mankind.  The origins of Chinese medicine date back at least 2,000 years ago when the first Chinese texts were written.  The fact that it still survives to this day gives credence to its efficacy. TCM offers a whole spectrum of treatments such... [read more]

Nick Lowe Msc

Living with the Rhythms of the Seasons

Posted by Nick Lowe Msc

1283 Days Ago

An often ignored but fundamental aspect of Chinese Medicine is idea of adapting oneself and one’s life to the Earth's natural cycles and the seasons. The Yellow Emperor’s Classic of Chinese Medicine (commonly recognised as the key doctrine on the subject) emphasises living in a natural synthesis with the seasons as the single most important principle... [read more]

Rebecca Geanty

Acupuncture in Pregnancy: Natural Inductions, Breech, Nausea etc

Posted by Rebecca Geanty

1305 Days Ago

Acupuncture for Pregnancy Acupuncture is now widely accepted all over the world, it is a tried and tested system of traditional medicine that stems back thousands of years. This safe and effective natural therapy is now very popular amongst all ages from babies to the retired. Its aim is to restore and maintain good health by the insertion... [read more]

Jackie Graham

Acupuncture for the Menopause

Posted by Jackie Graham

1357 Days Ago

There has been a lot in the news lately regarding menopausal issues for women.  Even as I write this I find that a national newspaper is running a series of articles entitled The Ultimate Guide to Surviving the Change. Other life changes are discussed openly and some are even legislated for, but the menopause has until... [read more]

John Philbin

Seasonal Allergies. Time to spring into action.

Posted by John Philbin

1359 Days Ago

Acupuncture For Seasonal Allergies Do you dread this time of year? For some, it's a time when seasonal allergies come to the surface causing itchy eyes, runny noses and headaches. At this time of year people with seasonal allergies usually reach for antihistamines and various over the counter remedies. But there is another way to treat this... [read more]

Xing Situ

Detox with acupuncture and Chinese herbs

Posted by Xing Situ

1359 Days Ago

Stress, drinking excessively, smoking and the wrong diet all contribute to the accumulation of toxins. They can create, in Chinese Medicine terms; Heat , Fire or Toxicity. When I was a child, my mother regularly made herbal “Cooling Tea” so that our family could detox. The drinking of cooling tea is a very common way for families in China to maintain their health. The tea often helps prevent prevent colds, flu, fever... [read more]

Michael Clarke

Protective Bubble Qi Gong

Posted by Michael Clarke

1362 Days Ago

Introduction According to Traditional Chinese Medicine as articulated by Giovanni Maciocia CAc Qi-Energy has the following types: organ qi, channel qi, ying (nutritive/construction) qi, wei (defensive) qi, zong (ancestral/gathering) qi. The functions of these types of qi are as follows: moving, warming, defending, transforming and holding. Shen is our spiritual aspect and the vitality of consciousness behind both... [read more]

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