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Detox Reboot cleanse

Posted by Lorraine Paxman

920 Days Ago

Welcome to 2016 80% of All New year resolutions fail, within the first twelve weeks.  If you are suffering from the aftermath of Christmas endulgence.  Why not consider a thourogh detox & cleanse  Colonic Hydrotherapy, combined with a 3 day, Juicing diet, will Hydrate, energise and reboot your whole system.

Dare to be Different

Posted by Adeline Kam

1018 Days Ago

Hypnotherapy for Emotional Detox gives you the courage to be unique, to stand out – to be yourself.     How is that possible?  Unresolved emotions from the past, whether it is the recent or distant past still drive your behaviour; albeit, unconsciously. Like the bars of a cage, these painful emotions keep you trapped, unable to move forward, to... [read more]

Detox with acupuncture and Chinese herbs

Posted by Xing Situ

1085 Days Ago

Stress, drinking excessively, smoking and the wrong diet all contribute to the accumulation of toxins. They can create, in Chinese Medicine terms; Heat , Fire or Toxicity. When I was a child, my mother regularly made herbal “Cooling Tea” so that our family could detox. The drinking of cooling tea is a very common way for families in China to maintain their health. The tea often helps prevent prevent colds, flu, fever... [read more]

Holistic Retreat

Posted by Lorraine Paxman

1095 Days Ago

Welcome to Driftaway Following my recent successful Retreat program in the south of France. I am very excited to announce the opening of Driftaway Retreat at my home, Located in the beautiful Meon Valley, It is perfect for  healthy eating breaks, or total Detox,  country walks, Yoga and much more. I will be opening the doors in early October offering bespoke programs to small groups of... [read more]

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