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Helpful therapy articles about hypnosis

Roger Gilbert

All communication is hypnosis!

Posted by Roger Gilbert

61 Days Ago

All communication is hypnosis!   In the popular imagination hypnosis is something exotic and out of the ordinary.  However, in reality, the truth is rather mundane.  Hypnosis is the name given to those states when: our attention is focused on our inner experience rather than on whatever is going on in the world around us (like when we... [read more]

Honey Lansdowne

Why everything you think about Hypnosis is probably wrong

Posted by Honey Lansdowne

533 Days Ago

So how can I be so sure that everything you think about Hypnosis is probably wrong? Well for two reasons. When I have free consultations with clients they usually have questions about Hypnosis which I like to sort out and answer as fully as I can before their sessions. And also, in preparation for this article, I... [read more]

Doug Buckingham

What Is Hypnosis ?

Posted by Doug Buckingham

975 Days Ago

Whenever I do a talk or workshop about hypnosis, one of the first questions that I like to ask the group is how many people have ever experienced hypnosis. With a smaller group that are there to study, you might get 40-50pct of the group raising their hands; and with a larger audience for a talk,... [read more]

Lawrence Michaels

Hypnosis and self hypnosis- Part 2

Posted by Lawrence Michaels

1240 Days Ago

This is the second article of two parts on self hypnosis, with a focus on the practical learning of how to use self hypnosis to achieve a specific outcome.  Once you are able to enjoyably enter the state of trance easily in your own unique way through exploring some or all of the techniques described in my... [read more]

Lawrence Michaels

Hypnosis and self hypnosis- part 1

Posted by Lawrence Michaels

1240 Days Ago

This is the first of two parts where I am going to be talking about hypnosis and self hypnosis. By the end of this article you will know more about what Hypnosis is, why it can be so helpful and also gain a practical understanding of how to enjoy the benefits of self hypnosis. In part... [read more]

Graeme Harvey

Hypnotherapy the second oldest profession in the world

Posted by Graeme Harvey

1268 Days Ago

Hypnotherapy in its various guises has been around for thousands of years. In ancient China, India, Egypt and Greece they had sleep clinics where patients were given a healthy diet and treated to suggestion through meditation etc. The title of Hypnosis and Hypnotherapy was coined by a Scottish Surgeon James Braid around 1848 and the modality... [read more]

Steven Blake

Hypnosis Q&A, a Great Experience Explained

Posted by Steven Blake

1269 Days Ago

Hypnosis is a very pleasant experience.  I have written this Q&A as some people are apprehensive about it or have mistaken views about what it is, what it does and who is in charge.  Most of the misapprehension comes from stage hypnosis and films where people appear to be taken over and do things beyond their... [read more]

Kathy Newton

Hypnosis - who is in control?

Posted by Kathy Newton

1269 Days Ago

Many people worry that going into a trance state means that they lose control to the therapist, but this isn’t the case. The client has to allow the trance state to happen in order for the therapist to help them make positive changes, and they are usually able to remember most of the therapy, accepting or rejecting... [read more]

Angela Hardy

Weight Loss Using Hypnosis

Posted by Angela Hardy

1306 Days Ago

Weight Loss By the time most people use hypnotherapy to help with weight loss they have normally tried many diets and found that they don’t work. This is because it is the unconscious patterns of behaviour that keep people in a cycle of inappropriate eating and drinking. When those patterns are changed weight loss becomes much easier... [read more]

Doug Buckingham

Control - A Common Misconception About Hypnosis

Posted by Doug Buckingham

1313 Days Ago

A common misconception about Hypnosis is that you “lose control” in some way and surrender your power to the therapist. This may arise from places where hypnosis has been used for entertainment, such as stage hypnosis, and other experiences that people haven’t fully understood. The reality is that losing control is a long way from the... [read more]

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