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The effects of stress on our minds and body

Posted by Debbie Stanton

55 Days Ago

Our subconscious mind doesn't know the difference between what is real and what is not. Therefore even if you only 'think' worst case scenarios or have anxious thoughts of any kind, then that is what your subconscious will perceive as real and will respond accordingly. Think of our subconscious minds as our protection mechanism, if it feels... [read more]

Anxiety, Panic & Claustrophobia: Case Study, Alison

Posted by Diane Oxborough

184 Days Ago

Normal.dotm 0 0 1 325 1853 Diane Oxborough Consulting 15 3 2275 12.0 0 false 18 pt 18 pt 0 0 false false ... [read more]

Why Do Children Develop Eating Disorders

Posted by Del Walsh

641 Days Ago

  What is an eating disorder? Eating disorders affect both boys and girls and the term itself is responsible for a vast spectrum of varying issues, all of which are categorised by an abnormal attitude towards food. At Child Therapy London, the three disorders we most commonly deal with are Anorexia Nervosa, Bulimia Nervosa and Binge Eating. What is Anorexia? ‘Anorexia'... [read more]

Improving Teenage Attitudes

Posted by Del Walsh

642 Days Ago

Unlike mine and my parents younger years, today we have much more efficient therapies available for people in need of emotional guidance and coaching and we really are at a new era of understanding ourselves on a deeper level, both consciously and unconsciously. With a lot of teenagers today some of their most challenging goals... [read more]

Managing Asthma in Children

Posted by Del Walsh

673 Days Ago

Managing asthma in children Based on averages, there are two children in every UK classroom with asthma and the NHS spends around £1 billion every year treating this respiratory condition in these young adults, so let’s use these statistics to squash any theories that asthma is simply ‘an excuse’ to get out of doing Physical Education. Interestingly, the... [read more]

Improving Communication in Children

Posted by Del Walsh

681 Days Ago

What is good communication? Good communication skills are essential for children in learning and growing. Learning how to express their feelings, ideas and needs may come naturally to some children, while others may struggle to make themselves heard. Teaching good communication skills to our children, regardless of their age, will help prepare them for success as an adult. At... [read more]

Techniques to Manage Dyslexia in Children

Posted by Del Walsh

681 Days Ago

Techniques to Manage Dyslexia in Children Around 10% of the UK population is thought to have Dyslexia and 4% of that 10% are considered to be severely affected. It is estimated that there are around 380,000 pupils alone in the UK with dyslexia and a sum total of two million people (Children & Adults) who are of the... [read more]

21.9 Hours a Year

Posted by Will Thomas

683 Days Ago

According to research by Greg McKeown and reported in The Optimist, the average “smartphone” user logs in to their phone 110 times a day. This got me thinking. I did some simple maths. What came out surprised me. Based on this figure and a conservative assumption that it takes 2 seconds to tap in a four or... [read more]

Phobias and Trauma

Posted by Del Walsh

683 Days Ago

I am frequently asked what is a trauma or phobia and how can I treat it. I have listed below various ways that I use to negate these challenges which I hope you find interesting. If you would like further information please feel free to call or email or check in with my website. What is a... [read more]

Healthy Habits to Prevent Childhood Obesity

Posted by Del Walsh

685 Days Ago

Healthy Habits to Prevent Childhood Obesity During 2012/13 a National Child Measurements Programme (NCMP) report showed obesity rates in Year 6 (pupils aged 10-11 years) to be at 20.4% for boys and 17.4% for girls. As the worlds largest nations continue to expand their waistlines along with the ever-growing taste for fatty and sugary foods, the victims... [read more]

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