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Pankaj Garg

True happiness is in realising our true potential as human beings. It is deep faith in our inner power and strong life force irrespective of external circumstances. When we realize our inner power, we can handle any situation and sail through difficult circumstances. Stress in life comes from the demand. But we have inner resource as... [read more]

Laura O'callaghan Hch.dip.hyp.ctrl.prac

I’ve now gone to totally online Therapy due to the Coronavirus. I myself have several chronic illness so been advised to self isolate. Fortunately all sessions shouldn’t be too affected by the current situation and there is potentially a lot of help I can provide. Stay safe everyone and keep yourself as positive and upbeat as... [read more]

Laura O'callaghan Hch.dip.hyp.ctrl.prac

 Hi everyone I hope you are all well I thought I would post on here to keep you informed regarding business in the face of the current coronavirus situation. Its currently business as usual here face to face at MIND THERAPY until the government says otherwise, in the event of which I’ll be switching all my clients to... [read more]

Laura O'callaghan Hch.dip.hyp.ctrl.prac

Come and meet me for a free Consultation and I will show you the rapid way the CONTROL SYSTEM works.  Working on the principle of hypnosis without having to use deep trance (like traditional hypnotherapy) to gain subconscious dominance to directly change the way you think, feel & behave.  It’s a more rapid form of Therapy due to... [read more]

Keith Graham

Hi, and welcome to Movement Habits That Harm and How To Kick Them â€‹Part of what I do in my daily practice as a Rolfer and manual therapist is to work with my hands on the client. Using various types of touch, I attempt to move fluid around the body, unstick fascial layers, talk nicely to neural pathways... [read more]

Emma Wright

Get motivated and lose weight in seven steps Hypnotherapist Emma Wright explains how losing weight starts with motivating yourself When it comes to weight loss, most people just focus on the diet itself, but I believe that can lead to disappointment. The key to successful weight loss is motivation – both during and before a weight loss plan. Here’s... [read more]

Emma Wright

Four ways to manage your anxiety   How you can deal with anxiety and take control of your life   1. Identify the symptoms When you feel anxious or panicky, the symptoms can be terrifying. They can include tightness in the chest, rapid breathing, raised heart rate and dizziness. Anxiety is usually caused by a build-up of adrenaline which your body... [read more]

Alice Dellow

When I was first introduced to Shiatsu I couldn’t believe how good I felt after a treatment. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it but the subtleties were profound.  I was originally going for relaxation, but soon realised there was more to the treatment than just the amazing softness of the deepest of relaxations. It was... [read more]

Alice Dellow

As we have become a more globalised species, we have been pushing ourselves to work harder and longer hours, some of us are expected to be at the end of a device from first thing in the morning until last thing at night.  Some work across different time zones, peer into screens for over 12 hours... [read more]

Julia Seymour

Affirmations said with meaning and confidence can work wonders to change your beliefs and mindset and bring about beneficial changes in your life, but interestingly, they don’t work for everyone. Why is that? When I first started trying affirmations I loved the idea of them, I loved the thought of shifting my mindset to think of and... [read more]