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Living Life Anxious How Psychotherapy and Counselling Can Help with Anxiety

Posted by Elizabeth Jeffries

385 Days Ago

Being Anxious Being anxious can be described in many different ways: as tension, feeling on edge, nervous, insecure, or worried. Other words used to describe anxiety include uncertainty, vulnerability, and feeling apprehensive, scared or insecure. Describing the experience of anxiety, a fairly common expression is “Anxiety is an inevitable part of life”. Or, there might even be some... [read more]

Shakespeare, Kahneman and us - the difference between appearance and reality

Posted by Patapia Tzotzoli

464 Days Ago

Shakespeare’s play A midsummer night’s dream incorporates various narratives that create its dreamlike qualities. For example, it frequently shows characters waking up to a different reality after having dreamed or presents them in a dreamlike state after having had magic worked upon them, which has changed their own reality. The majority of the play’s action also... [read more]

Do recent celebrity convictions make dealing with sexual abuse easier

Posted by Reena Shah

515 Days Ago

The recent convictions of celebrities Dave Lee Travis, Stuart Hall and Rolf Harris have led the media and the CPS to applaud the breaking down of a long held taboo about sexual abuse (SA). However my experience suggests that a handful of celebrity convictions are not enough to help SA survivors to work through the complex trauma... [read more]

What can we do about our 'Age of Angry' ?

Posted by Renee Van Der Vloodt

595 Days Ago

A recent report out by ATL, the British education union tells us that last year 6 out of 10 teachers were subjected to aggressive behaviour from pupils. This also included physically abusive behaviour. Dr Leonard Sax, whose latest book Collapse of Parenting came out this month, tells us  that parents are no longer in charge. He comments on children’s rudeness... [read more]

How to survive as a carer

Posted by Danielle Coleman

673 Days Ago

Carers need help too – how counselling can help you cope Being a carer Are you looking after a parent, spouse, disabled child, or friend? Many of us in the UK are now shouldering the main responsibility for looking after a loved one, either with us at home or living elsewhere. We all know that this is a very... [read more]

Rebellious Kids...either your own children or your own internal child can cause problems. Why do Kids become rebellious?

Posted by Jules Marshall

683 Days Ago

Rebellious Kids! What does having a rebellious child mean for you?  If you have a teenager you will have an idea… surly, grumpy, un-responsive. What is it all about? Why do kids need to go through that stage and why are some worse than others? In essence, what the rebellious kid is doing is developing and desperately... [read more]

What Is Reality Testing & Why Is It Important?

Posted by Joshua Miles

728 Days Ago

In this article I aim to discuss the concept of reality testing and why it is important. I will also consider the impact of not successfully reality test, and explore some tips to assist in reality testing. I will also explore the benefits of paying attention to how we react and how therapy can assist in... [read more]

Does now have to be the winter of our discontent?

Posted by Malcolm Scott

827 Days Ago

On the 25th of this month, British Summer Time will officially draw to an end as the clocks go back one hour. For many, this will trigger cause for celebration, as that much needed extra sixty minutes in bed is recaptured, before we make our way to work in the inky soup of Autumn dusk. Then... [read more]

Elements of Successful Therapy - The Right Type of Therapy with the Right Therapist

Posted by Elizabeth Jeffries

842 Days Ago

It is of course true that there are many different kinds of psychotherapy and counselling – person centred and cognitive behavioural therapy are perhaps two of the best known, but other well-known approaches include gestalt therapy, psychoanalysis and transactional analysis. So how do you know which to choose? Is one better than another or are they... [read more]

Why did Freud see human nature as being motivated solely by instincts for pleasure?

Posted by Steve Earlam

850 Days Ago

Why did Freud see human nature as being motivated solely by instincts for pleasure? Freud expressed the view that humans are primarily driven by sexual and aggressive instincts and that sexual and aggressive energy if not able to be expressed in a natural or direct way may be channelled into cultural activities such as art and science.... [read more]

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