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What are Trapped Emotions and Why You Want to Release Them

Posted by Sean Attwood

287 Days Ago

Life is full of positive and negative emotional experiences.  From the time we were born, and even before then, our beings experienced emotions and the energies and chemical/hormonal responses they produced. As babies and small children, we usually process the emotion completely, even the negative ones like anger, anxiety, or guilt by crying, screaming or... [read more]

How to live more happily in these confusing stressful times we live in. Look to the positive!! Only the positive! the negative then falls away……

Posted by Rosie  Langdale-King

292 Days Ago

How to live more happily in these confusing stressful times we live in. Look to the positive!! Only the positive! the negative then falls away……   We live in very uncertain times; but today we need to concentrate on the positive in every situation. People work harder and harder to bring in the finances they need... [read more]

4 Steps to Reduce Stress Now

Posted by Sean Attwood

342 Days Ago

4 Steps to Reduce Stress Now   Sit down and get comfortable  Touch your heart and hold your that touch Close your eyes and visualise that with every breathe in energy moves from your heart to your mind and every breath out sends that energy back Continue this pattern for about 3mins or until your mind is clear.    This is a great... [read more]

Stress Management through Emotional Intelligence (E.I)

Posted by Nina Johnson-Campbell

360 Days Ago

What exactly is Stress? Stress is a necessary, innate/natural part of our survival instinct and physiological make up; it motivates us to take action to keep us safe or to keep reaching just that bit further to achieve our dreams and aspirations; it’s the ‘fuel’ that propels us. Stress only becomes a problem when the physiological and physical... [read more]

Is exercise causing distress for your gut?

Posted by Beverley Gibbs

431 Days Ago

Digestive Health We all like to feel the fitness and health benefits that exercise brings, but for some of us there are unwelcome side effects. The digestive system has to put up with a lot of disruption when we exercise (think of all that pounding up and down when running, being bent over when cycling, or swallowing... [read more]

Stress and How to Beat It

Posted by Sarah Wiesendanger

900 Days Ago

If you are suffering from stress, you are not alone. In fact, according to an online survey, stress is such a common condition that it's tweeted about every two seconds, making 50,000 tweets every day. Family concerns are the most frequent stressors discussed on Twitter, but body image and sleep issues are also often talked about.... [read more]

Is Stress Making You Sick?

Posted by Hayley Kiemel

956 Days Ago

The fact is a small amount of stress is good for us. It helps to motivate and focus us on achieving a goal or target. The problem is, we were never designed for chronic stress. Actually, we evolved to use the stress response to survive. The thing is we no longer live in caves and we... [read more]

Are schoolchildren under too much pressure? The Duchess of Cambridge shares our views on children's mental health issues.

Posted by Margareta James

962 Days Ago

Doing well at school is a worry all youngsters have to contend with – but are schoolchildren in Cambridge more stressed than we thought? It could be so, after it emerged children as young as 6 are now being treated for stress by professionals, with the pressure of taking school tests cited as one of the... [read more]

Distress understood as high intense negative emotions

Posted by Veronica  Grigore

1060 Days Ago

It is well known that when in distress we can not retain information and that our ability to learn, reflect and make sensible decisions is impaired. Distress is a complex phenomenon that hijacks a whole bunch of psychological processes, from attention and memory to interpretation and expectation. This is an important topic not only for the ones... [read more]

Stress Busting Through Forgiveness

Posted by Sarah Wiesendanger

1062 Days Ago

"Forgiving is the most selfish thing you can do." Hearing that from Caroline Myss certainly made me stop and think. And when I pass it on to my clients, they invariably look at me as if I'm not quite to be trusted. Because usually we see ourselves as big-hearted and giving when we forgive, sensing it as... [read more]

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