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Should I Have a Massage or Bowen Therapy

Posted by Corinne Denham

407 Days Ago

I often get asked this question. It all depends on what you want to achieve. It’s worth asking yourself the following questions: Do you have a chronic condition, an injury, pains or aches which have been bothering you for weeks, months or years? Do you get relief after a massage, but then a few days later it starts all over... [read more]

Tom Bowen - Article to Commemorate his 100th Bithday

Posted by Stephen Ludbrook

737 Days Ago

Tom Bowen's 100th Birthday Thomas Bowen, who devised the technique we today call the 'Bowen Technique', would have been 100 this coming 16th April (2016).  It was only after his death that the term 'Bowen Therapy' came into existence. Tom simply described his work as 'soft tissue work' and generally did not teach his unique technique... [read more]

Growing Pains in a 5 year old.

Posted by Christine Cahalin

927 Days Ago

Jamie's (not his real name) Mum attended my clinic with her son as a last resort. She was tired and distressed.  Her son had been diagnosed with growing pains and there was nothing to be done except to give him Calpol. Each night Jamie would awaken around 1am, crying and distressed with pain going down the front of... [read more]

Touch your toes after just a week

Posted by Nicholas Tobin

932 Days Ago

Hamstring Problems Hamstring problems are not only one of the most common and time-consuming injuries to treat in athletes; they are also indicated in back pain and sciatica. If you can’t touch your toes and experience hip, back, knee or ankle pain, it’s almost certainly due to having short hamstrings. Half the population cannot touch their toes which may... [read more]

The Bowen Technique - Effectiveness for Migraines

Posted by Carole Crowe

1001 Days Ago

In 2002, the Bowen Therapists’ European Register (the independent professional regulating body for Bowen therapists in the UK) conducted a National Research Programme to determine the efficacy of The Bowen Technique in the treatment of the Migraine condition.  The programme aimed to record any changes in migraine pattern, according to frequency and severity.  The research was... [read more]

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