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Bahar Nagi

The lymphatic system is the sewer system of the body-often in trouble, but generally easy to fix. It removes excess fluids from the body tissues. It absorbs fatty acids and handles the subsequent transport of fats to the circulatory system. Why do we have a lymph system? * Part of bodys Defence mechanism* Prevents circulation of pathogens * Stores lymphocytes to... [read more]

Roger Gilbert

I have learned a lot about effective communication from assertive training. Learning to be assertive is not about making sure that you always get your own way: that is the road to a lonely life!  Assertiveness is quite the opposite: an assertive person takes heed of other people’s feelings and opinions.  The way I think about assertiveness... [read more]

Tabitha Gale

Once we are caught up in the stress cycle, it can be difficult to come back down. If we have been dealing with a stressful situation for some time, we learn to respond in certain ways both mentally/emotionally and physically. Some of the signs you might be stressed Feeling overwhelmed Hyper-vigilance (being over sensitive to triggers /anxious/ on edge) Feeling... [read more]

Penny Croal

There seems to be a buzz word around over the last decade of mental health or stress and it’s the word anxiety. The spectrum of this is quite vast, so I will endeavour to simplify it.  At the moment, statistics suggest anxiety is on the rise every year. The organisation state that 3 million people in the... [read more]

Tasneem  Shah

Meet Yourself Therapy & Meet Yourself Meditation “Each one of us is born beautiful, only the opinions of others fool us into thinking otherwise.” In order to protect ourselves from the pain of rejection, most of us adopt an ‘identity’, an image of ourselves that we think others will respect and value – shaped by the thoughts, emotions,... [read more]

Karen Martin

Childhood mental health services are in crisis.  When a child who feels helpless, hopeless and out of control is brave enough to tell their parents, only to discover that they can’t find a way to solve the problem either, the world very quickly becomes a much scarier place. Small issues can become huge and unmanageable if... [read more]

Karen Martin

Shouting doesn’t get you anywhere. In fact, as soon as voices are raised, you’ve lost the argument and have little chance of resolving your differences. Often, couples will find themselves going over the same old ground, in the same way, becoming more and more frustrated and angry with each other. Once you turn the volume down and... [read more]

Karen Martin

A few simple strategies can make a big difference As a busy full-time hypnotherapist, I spend a lot of time helping people cope with anxiety. The progress we make is sometimes undermined by those closest to them thinking they can just get over it or telling them to ‘pull themselves together’. This is compounded by the fact that... [read more]

Tina Bakardzhieva

Do you often try new things and push yourself into uncharted territory in your development? Or do you tend to stick with what you know? Your answer to these questions reveals your mindset. Let’s explore what these mindsets really mean.  Why are they important?  How to determine which one you have?  And how to change your mindset. Fixed Versus Growth... [read more]

Jeremy Griffiths

The Courage of Healing 7.1.18 A professional colleague of mine recently posted that true healing takes courage. This is very true. That which, to a great degree, is peddled as healing by orthodox medicine is in fact nothing of the sort because it sets itself a goal to control symptoms rather than treat the underlying cause that is... [read more]