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Helpful therapy articles about massage

Amanda Eskdale

Face Up To A New Massage - the 3 dimensional massage system for therapists and YOU!

Posted by Amanda Eskdale

258 Days Ago

Hydrotherm™ Massage is the latest massage modality to be added to the list of treatments currently offered by The Secret Therapist.   Two warm water-filled cushions support every client in perfect spinal alignment and the Hydrotherm™ system is perfect for every phase of life too.  Expectant mums, baby massage, perfect for those who are physically active or who... [read more]

Millie  Wood Swanepoel

What is CranioSacral therapy?

Posted by Millie  Wood Swanepoel

324 Days Ago

The Cotswold Directory -march/April/May 2018 issue page 28 What is CranioSacral Therapy? Millie Wood Swanepoel RCST (Registered CranioSacral therapist) It is not “a sort of head massage” It is not just for mothers and babies but for everyone cradle to the grave. The way I work, I think of it as body psychotherapy.   Cranio works with the whole body, not necessarily... [read more]

Peter Kramer

Celebrate your body

Posted by Peter Kramer

333 Days Ago

Stop judging your body, how you look, move, or feel. It does not judge you. It serves you beautifully, no matter what and only does what you ask it to do. It is time to celebrate it for that reason alone. Celebrate it for how well it responds to what you do, think and believe even... [read more]

Maureen Anderson-Smith

back pain

Posted by Maureen Anderson-Smith

409 Days Ago

Back Pain Lower back pain… shoulder pain… slipped disc … herniated disc … arthritis in the back ….tense …knots ….post injury… rehabilitation…     I have many clients who come in to see me with various problems that relate to the back that can cause discomfort, restless nights, difficulty in sleeping, sitting walking.   Is back pain  a modern epidemic?   Many of us... [read more]

Maureen Anderson-Smith

Holistic Facials

Posted by Maureen Anderson-Smith

409 Days Ago

Facials What are holistic facials? Holistic facial follows a similar patterning to that of regular facials of Cleansing, Toning, Exfoliating, Facial mask and Moisturising. However, unlike regular facial massage, holistic facial looks beyond the surface of the skin. In addition to the regular facials holistic facials involves the use of acupressure and deep massage techniques that help to... [read more]

Maureen Anderson-Smith

Massage and its importance

Posted by Maureen Anderson-Smith

409 Days Ago

Massage and its importance Massage therapy is commonly known to provide benefits that may assist the body to relax, calms the mind, may assist in pain reduction, increases circulation and may to create freedom of movement. Muscles and posture Muscles work hard each day to keep us upright and to create meaningful movement.  Poor posture and vigorous action, stress, overcome... [read more]

Susan Fruhman

Supporting Your Digestive System in Preparation for The Festive Season

Posted by Susan Fruhman

506 Days Ago

Supporting Your Digestive System in Preparation for The Festive Season Posted 2nd October 2017 |  News To date the roll of our digestive system has been totally underestimated. Unless it can digest and absorb nutrients efficiently, it is unlikely that we will achieve optimum health.   A U.K. survey of 500 people revealed that 1 in 10 suffers from heart burn,... [read more]

Maureen Anderson-Smith


Posted by Maureen Anderson-Smith

582 Days Ago

September Migraine awareness week.   The World Health Organization reported that ‘Migraine is the third most common disease in the world with an estimated global prevalence of one in seven people.’   Aim of Migraine Awareness Week is to draw awareness and to build an understanding to this debilitating disease.   Three ways of looking at Migraine   ·         Tension headaches, this is the... [read more]

Sarah  Member Cma

Chakra Balancing Massage

Posted by Sarah  Member Cma

728 Days Ago

Chakra Balancing Massage A popular blend of deep tissue massage around the neck back and feet and healing energy work which focuses on balancing the chakras; situated over and relating to most of the main endocrine glands in the body. In addition this massage incorporates aromatherapy oils.   The chakras are said to be like funnels of energy which run down... [read more]

Jenny Swan

What is Traditional Chinese Medicine and how does it work?

Posted by Jenny Swan

796 Days Ago

Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) is one of the most ancient systems of treatment known to mankind.  The origins of Chinese medicine date back at least 2,000 years ago when the first Chinese texts were written.  The fact that it still survives to this day gives credence to its efficacy. TCM offers a whole spectrum of treatments such... [read more]

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