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Helpful therapy articles about physiotherapy

Tim Humphries


Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

Whiplash    Whiplash is a term that describes any traumatic spinal injury, although typically it affects the neck or low back. Most commonly it is associated with a car accident, however, it can be caused by falling awkwardly or hitting your head, for example. I recently saw someone who was getting neck pain and stiffness caused by... [read more]

Tim Humphries

Treating Expectation

Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

Treating Expectation                           Within my role as a physiotherapist I treat people with many varied conditions. It involves the need to address the physical symptoms, such as stiffness, weakness and soft tissue tension, physiological processes including inflammation and pain and lifestyle/postural influences that affect an individual’s complaint. There is, however, another element that is vitally important to... [read more]

Tim Humphries

The Benefits of Exercise

Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

The Benefits of Exercise    There are many reasons why exercise is beneficial but it depends on what it is you want to achieve that determines the type of exercise you undertake. Whether you want to strengthen muscles, stretch tight muscles or joints, improve exercise tolerance or lose weight there is an exercise regime that can help. What... [read more]

Tim Humphries

Sprained Ankle

Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

Sprained Ankle                      An ankle sprain is one of the most common injuries to the ankle and can result in a loss of normal function for many weeks and months, although the severity does vary. It can lead to a range of symptoms from mild pain and swelling around the ankle that can get better within a... [read more]

Tim Humphries


Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

Sciatica                             Sciatica is a term that is used to describe leg pain that radiates from the low back area, although the actual cause of this can vary.  A ‘true’ sciatica occurs when one of the spinal discs (the squashy pads between the bones of the spine) bulges and puts pressure on the sciatic nerve as it... [read more]

Tim Humphries

Physiotherapy and Pain

Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

Physiotherapy and Pain The most common reason for people seeing a Chartered Physiotherapist is pain. This can be of sudden onset resulting from an injury, for example, or commonly for no apparent reason. The problem with pain that ‘just came on’ is that it is very frustrating as we are unable to rationalise why it hurts and,... [read more]

Tim Humphries


Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

Pain - A diagnosis or a collection of influences When people suffer with pain, particularly when there is no obvious trigger, there is, naturally, a worry that the underlying problem could be serious. To reduce this concern we look for a diagnosis that allows us to rationalise why we are suffering but also to help us to... [read more]

Tim Humphries

Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain

Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

Osteoarthritis and Joint Pain    Many people suffer with joint pain and stiffness, especially as they get older, and osteoarthritis is a very common problem that can be very debilitating. It is a condition that can affect any joint of the body but it is the weight-bearing joints, such as the knees, hips and spine, that are often... [read more]

Tim Humphries

Low Back Pain - a physiotherapy perspective

Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

Low Back Pain – a physiotherapy perspective Low back pain is something that most adults will experience at some point in their lives. For some it may be a mild episode lasting a few days and others severe and lasting months. What is common to both is that, far more often than not, there is no obvious... [read more]

Tim Humphries

Knee Pain

Posted by Tim Humphries

82 Days Ago

Knee Pain                   The knee joints are the largest joints in the body and are put under a huge amount of pressure over a lifetime. They have to carry full body weight to allow all the activities that we take for granted, such as walking, climbing, bending and kneeling. In activities such as squatting, for example, there is... [read more]

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