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Beginning Couples Therapy? 4 Key Questions to Consider

Posted by Elizabeth Jeffries

382 Days Ago

Relationship Troubles? Can Couples Therapy Help?  When staying in love does come hard, and you want to find ways through it, you may begin to wonder whether couples therapy can help. If so, how? This blog answers some questions that people beginning couples therapy often ask, and also provides information about the potential benefits of therapy. What Is Couples Therapy? Couples... [read more]

5 mindshifting tips to manage difficult relationships

Posted by Hilary Ellis

391 Days Ago

Relationships can strain to breaking point at key moments like Christmas or holidays as we rush to get work completed and we spend more time with family and friends. But every relationship - be it business or personal, positive or difficult - has its own unique characteristics. It can really help to understand that better. Stop to... [read more]

Can we love more than one person at once?

Posted by Eva  Nogales

449 Days Ago

By Eva Nogales, Psychologist and Sex Therapist Can you love two or more people at the same time? Nearly all of us have wondered this at some point in our lives. Usually, when one of the members of a couple falls in love with another person, which happens many times, this brings on tremendous feelings of guilt,... [read more]

Relationship Therapy: turning over a new leaf

Posted by Rachel Lebus

502 Days Ago

It’s the beginning of September, the holiday is over, and there’s an upsurge in the number of people seeking relationship counselling.  Time spent together over the summer has highlighted the rifts that lie hidden (or not so hidden) below the surface. The impact of living in a troubled relationship is felt not only by the couple,... [read more]

Managing conflict in relationship

Posted by Rachel Lebus

683 Days Ago

Relationship is the Issue “For one human being to love another, that perhaps is the most difficult task of all” (Rilke) Behind many clients’ issues coming into therapy is the question of Relationship; we are biologically created to live with others, and yet relationships can very often bring pain and distress. The fact that they can also bring... [read more]

Broken Hearts Can, And Do, Mend

Posted by Gayle Joubert

726 Days Ago

If your relationship has left you hurt, bewildered, confused, bitter, disappointed, angry, rejected, broke, broken, or any or all of those, you may be feeling as if you will never get over it. You will, with a little help or a lot of time. Feeling as if your heart is broken is one of the hardest things to cope... [read more]

When there is no more sex.

Posted by Silva Neves

798 Days Ago

No more Sex. Where is Eros? How to rekindle passion and sexual desire It is very common for long term monogamous couples to find themselves in a sexless relationship. It is one of the most common reasons couples seek therapy. Often, I hear couples say that they love each other. Everything in their lives is good. They... [read more]

How does communication affect the quality of close relationships?

Posted by Steve Earlam

847 Days Ago

How does communication affect the quality of close relationships? Intimate and supportive relationships are an important factor in dealing with conflict. Dr Lisa Berkman suggests that the extent to which we maintain our close relationships determines how we protect ourselves against biological, environmental and interpersonal assaults. Poor communication skills are the largest contributor to conflict in relationships.... [read more]

Teenagers & Divorce

Posted by Liz Cobb

882 Days Ago

Teenagers & Divorce When we are trying to assess the affect of family break up on children and young people one of the things we must of course take into account is their ages.  A five year old may worry.....”Who will look after me?  How, where and how often will I see my Daddy?  Who will read... [read more]

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