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Cynthia Sillars

Coffee can be good for you!

Posted by Cynthia Sillars

1368 Days Ago

Coffee is the new green tea!

Many studies have recently been published suggesting coffee is not the health-damaging beverage it’s been portrayed to be; research now suggests coffee can lower your risk for type 2 diabetes, Parkinson’s disease, dementia, stroke, and cancers of the liver, kidney and prostate. Coffee lowers your blood glucose level and may even increase the metabolic activity and/or numbers of Bifidobacteria in your gastrointestinal tract, which are beneficial. Fresh coffee from organic, whole beans that are pesticide-free can help keep your brain and muscle tissue young. Adding commercial milk or creamer, and worse, sugar, will tend to diminish the value you receive from coffee. Only have coffee in moderation prior to exercising, and then make sure it's without sugar, cream or flavourings in order to maximize health benefits; dark roast coffee beans are richer in beneficial compounds and lower in caffeine than lighter roasts. If you are caffeine sensitive or have an adverse reaction to coffee, you might not have the same reaction to a different brand of coffee, a different type of bean, or a different brewing method. Keep an open mind!  

However, even though research has shown that coffee—in moderation—may have a number of health-promoting properties, these therapeutic benefits do NOT apply to pregnant women:

  • A recent observational study looking at data for nearly 60,000 women found that coffee and other caffeinated beverages increased the odds of delivering a low birth weight baby and/or extended the time of gestation
  • Every 100 mg of caffeine consumed by the mother per day equated to a nearly one ounce reduction in the baby’s weight at birth. Every 100 mg of caffeine also increased the length of the pregnancy by five hours. When the source of the caffeine was coffee, the length of the pregnancy was extended by eight hours for every 100 mg of caffeine
  • In previous research, mice given caffeine during pregnancy produced embryos with a thinner layer of tissue separating some of the heart's chambers than the group that was not given caffeine. Long term, this resulted in a 20 percent increase in body fat in males, and a 35 percent decrease in cardiac function
  • Basic dietary recommendations for pregnant women, and tips for non-pregnant coffee drinkers who want to use coffee for its therapeutic benefits are included

One of my favorite brands is Grumpy Mule, especially their Columbian Ground. I use a filter paper placed in a coffee cone (bought from a French supermarket many years ago) balanced on my favourite jug, using one scoop per person. I let the water boil and then cool slightly, and drench the ground coffee until it is the strength I prefer. This has been a trial and error voyage of discovery, and as a rule of thumb, you can water down a strong jug of coffee, but not the other way round! Another important detail is to use Alkaline water, so if you have't already got a Alkaline filter jug, go out and buy one straight away.  Take a look at my article in this column on 'Love Water' for more information on the benefits of alkaline water, pH values for foods and the surpising fact that bottled water is more acidic than good old tap water!

If you feel you are dehydrated and want to find out what you can do about it, please contact me, Cynthia Sillars on 07599520406. If I can't answer the phone straight away please leave a message and I'll get back to you

Cynthia Sillars

Article written by Cynthia Sillars - Darlington

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