Depression and Healing

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Alison Lowther

Depression and Healing

Posted by Alison Lowther 573 Days Ago

There is no doubt about it, depression can be extremely debilitating on all levels. In addition, an increasing number of people are being diagnosed with depression and more and more are relying on medication to aid their mood and their functioning. I know from my own experience just how hopeless it can make you feel.  It was a bout of severe depression some years ago which precipitated an awakening within me which then led me into healing and empowering others. The upshot being that this is my purpose at this time in my life.  The reason I was depressed was that I did not know what my purpose was. I had lost touch with my own truth. My children had grown up and while my job was fulfilling in many ways, it was stressful and it was no longer motivating me.  I have often heard people comment that they have everything they could want – a loving partner, a nice house, a good job etc etc and yet they feel depressed.  Then they feel bad because they feel depressed when they think they ‘should’ be happy.  Now, while yes there are those for whom all of the above would be enough to make them happy, these are also the things that society tells us ‘should’ make us happy. A nice house and a comfortable lifestyle are not prerequisites for happiness.  Happiness comes from within and if someone is not being true to themselves then they will inevitably become unhappy.  If they are living someone else’s idea of a happy lifestyle, then they become unhappy. 

To be happy you need to know what it is that makes you happy.  The answer to this lies deep within, in your heart.  The problem today is that we are told by society to ‘think’, we are told not to be impulsive, we are told that we ‘should’ conform. Constant advertising tells us this will make us happy and that will make us happy.  We are bombarded with propaganda on television that incites fear and uncertainty into us and more so if we are feeling depressed and anxious. 

So what makes you feel happy?  What motivates you? What stirs that passion deep within you?  You might say ‘but nothing does that’s the point!’. Yes, that may be true for now but I do believe that each and every one of us has a purpose otherwise why did we come here in the first place.  A good start in healing and in hearing what is in your heart is to begin to eradicate all the distractions, all the things that stop you from listening to your heart in the first place.  Stop watching and listening to television and radio news. I have worked with many people who suffer depression and anxiety and every single one of them who have done this have reported improvements in mood and a reduction in anxiety.  Avoid watching negative ‘programs’ on television that simply reinforce to you that your negative feelings are somehow ‘right’. Avoid negative people and situations. And ultimately STOP living your life to please others – a common thread with depression is the tendency to live your life pleasing others and conforming to the opinions of others. This is not easy by any means and can be a long and sometimes painful process. It involves leaving your comfort zone and that is never an easy thing to do.  And ultimately you need to love yourself – again a very difficult thing to do particularly when your self-esteem is at rock bottom in the first place!  When you begin to love yourself and accept yourself as you are, then the opinions of others will no longer matter to you. 

So begin by taking time out to focus on what you really want your life to be like.  Focus on what would make you happy – be still, quieten your mind and feel the answers.  How does it make you feel to do that? How would you feel if your life was like this? Feel your answers until you find that thing that fires you inside.  Then you will know. Then you can begin to change your outside world to reflect what is in your heart. You can then begin to design a life that you will love. Get out in nature – nature is a very powerful healer.

Look after yourself, nurture yourself, show the same compassion and caring to yourself as you do to others.

Much love and blessings.