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Did you know that feelings of guilt could lead to #Anxiety and/or #Depression?

You don't even need to be guilty of something to feel guilt.  There is help, please read on, if reading the word guilt has brought on Anxiety please hold your index and middle finger gently with the other hand for 2 to 3 minutes and breathe deeply 2 or 3 times, feeling the #anxiety drift away.  This is just one tiny but very effective exercise to stop panic and stress.


​Watch my video on Collar Bone Breathing, this is very helpful, it balances both sides of the brain so they can work together to stop negative thoughts and feelings and bring about #calm.     Patti Hudspeth You Tube
There are so many types of #Guilt.  Survivors guilt can be all consuming, it's bad enough having a tragic event happen to you but then to be consumed by #Guilt seems totally unreasonable.

Being the victim in a dreadful crime is awful, then the wonderings, the 'what ifs', was it my fault, although you know in your own mind you are innocent, #Guilt can eat away at you.  Did you know 'what ifs' can be positives?  What if I can be amazing just as I am - say it out loud.

​Do you hear police sirens behind you and think they must be coming for you only to find they go straight passed to help someone?  Remember that relief, you can learn how to connect with that feeling and rid yourself of the panic, the anxiety. 

These are just a few examples, there are many more, the good news is you can be helped, there are ways out of your 'stuck record' situation, thoughts going round and round continuously in your head.

Did you know Hypnosis and Havening are particularly supportive and helpful to rid you of  the awful thoughts?  You have just read about some of them.  You don't even need to know how the feelings started to feel free of guilt.

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