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Jill Peer

Hand reflexology for pain relief. Hands have it all,

Posted by Jill Peer

936 Days Ago

Hands have it all.

I am passionate about Hand Reflexology as a self- help tool. 

If you have a headache or suffer regular tummy/ back / period pain avoid taking tablets and learn to work on your hands.

I know that these methods have saved me, and others, many hours of pain and stress. With a little practice anyone can do it.

 For tummy-ache. I mean pain which is fairly central to the front / middle of the body, below the heart or maybe a little lower, nearer the intestines. Roll your thumb deeply into the centre of the palm of your hand. Slightly near the edge between the base of the thumb and for-finger. You should feel an aching in the hand when you hit the right spot and, as you press and roll your thumb over the area, it should ease off that pain in your hand, just as the pain in your body should ease too.


The top of your head is mainly found at the top of the thumbs so I teach people who suffer with pain there (not all that common) to push the two thumbs together. Top to top.

 If your head pain seems to be around the eyes then it is best to work around the sides of the thumb nail or even on the base of the nail bed of the thumb and similarly a little on the nail and edge of the for-finger. Any arthritic areas on your hands will coincide and need pressing firmly to help all of this. Stroke them as well as pressing and also scratch toward the wrists if areas are at all itchy.

 Back pain

I tell people who are new to this to hold their hands together to make a butterfly with flapping wings, thumbs together. Then where the hands meet at the centre of your butterfly, shows you where the spine runs down the centre of the body, between the thumbs.

 Therefore the top of the thumb, as I said previously, is the head and the line of the spine runs down to your wrist at the base of the spine. This should make it easy to find the part of your spine where your pain, if you have pain, can be helped by pressing the inner sides of your thumb. 

I’m not suggesting that this is easy for beginners. But do give it a try and there is much more I can teach you.

 I’m not really giving secrets away here. I just want to spread the news that it can be done and is harmless, even if you struggle at first. I realize that it isn’t easy at first and this is why I work and teach people, as it is an amazing free thing to do. In Malvern I sometimes give demonstrations of how this style of work is very central to what I do as a Reflexologist all the time, because it is simple and positive.

 I often teach Reflexologists these techniques because many say that they are never taught much about hand reflexology.

 I developed these approaches to help people to help themselves between foot treatments, and I find them invaluable. 


Jill Peer of Pickersleigh. Malvern, Worcestershire.


Jill Peer

Article written by Jill Peer - Malvern

I offer Indian Head Massage, Reflexology, Nutritional Kinesiology and some additional methods of Natural health. I taught for a while at South Worcestershire College, Malvern Worcestershire. Now my classes are mainly run independently but l do run some rune making workshops at present starting again in October this year.
I practice... [read more]

Indian Head Massage

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