Help for your immune system

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Linda Hoyland

Help for your immune system

Posted by Linda Hoyland 34 Days Ago

I’d like to share a really beneficial self help technique from Jin Shin Acupressure.

This combination of acupressure points is great for:

*helping the immune system

*releasing any toxins

*giving us energy

*bringing back joy into our lives.

And we can certainly do with some of that right now!


Start with putting one hand on point number 25 (see pic below) on your sitting bone

The other hand goes over your shoulder on the same side of the body, making sure your fingers are touching the top of your shoulder blade (so you are touching both points 11 and 3 together) hold all these points for a few minutes

Then move your hand from 25 to 15 at the front of the body, keeping your other hand over your shoulder, again hold these points for a few minutes

Swap sides and repeat, should take you under 10 minutes. You can do this every day 😊


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Linda Hoyland

Article written by Linda Hoyland - Beverley

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