How Tapping could Help You

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Sheila Mulvenney

How Tapping could Help You

Posted by Sheila Mulvenney 1350 Days Ago

What is tapping?

One of main techniques I use when working with people is something known as Tapping, an Emotional Freedom Technique based on the premise that negative energy, often caused by trauma or emotional upset and distress, can have a negative impact  on the flow of energy around the body leading to emotional or physical problems.

Tapping has been effective in the treatment of numerous social and emotional problems such as low self-esteem, confidence issues, fears or phobias, addictions or compulsions, problems with anger, stress, anxiety and even panic attacks.  It has also been used to help people lose weight and has been very effective for people who have found dieting or weight loss difficult, because it doesn’t just focus on physical aspects of eating or exercise but also addresses the underlying emotional drivers and attitudes that cause unhelpful eating habits in the first place.

It is rooted partly in NLP – neuro linguistic programming and uses a combination of pressure applied to acupressure points by the clients own fingers (tapping) whilst making corrective or positive affirmations which can begin to deal with the inner critics and false scripts that can influence all our lives sometimes without us even being aware that they exist and motivate us.

It has been shown to be particularly effective with post-traumatic stress disorder and used extensively for this in the USA by a variety of tapping therapists, many of whom had backgrounds in other therapeutic psychological interventions.

If you are interested in reading more about the science of how it works visit and scroll down to ‘science and research’.

The advantages of Tapping as a therapy

The approach has several distinct advantages over other commonly used therapies.

  • It is something that seems to be effective for most issues in a few short sessions as opposed to months or years in therapy with approaches like CBT – cognitive behavioural therapy.

  • This prevents a secondary problem of dependence on the therapist and has a cost benefit as no therapy comes cheap.

  • It also empowers the client as they can learn to use the process to manage their emotions or difficult situations in an ongoing way.

  • Even children and young people can be taught how to use the process effectively to manage difficulties.

  • It is completely non-invasive, acupressure points are used but there are no needles or drugs involved and the therapist in fact doesn’t even need to touch the client in any way. This means that it can also be used remotely for example via skype and the points used are all in parts of the body that are usually visible.

Cynics will be wondering how it works, it is a relatively new therapy but a body of evidence is being collated. Clearly there are testimonials from satisfied clients but there have also been some sessions where clients have had brain wave studies whilst tapping and it shows changes in the brain wave patterns (see link above re science and research).

Almost every culture has acknowledged through history that the body has energy meridians. Terms  chakra, prana, chi are all words associated with the bodies energy flow and energy points. Many other cultures have long since acknowledged that upsets in the flow of energy can have a negative impact on the balance and harmony both in the body and between our body and mind or our physical and emotional selves.

Tapping as a Coaching Tool

But quite apart from its therapeutic uses it also used a tool for motivational coaching and used by many athletes and business people to improve performance. NLP has been used effectively and extensively in this type of work in the past but by adding tapping as well the results seem even more effective and happen more quickly.

I have used tapping  a lot working with clients over ‘mind set’ issues and the results have been amazing. So often we end up sabotaging our best efforts because of some internal mind set we have. To give an example I worked with a client about to launch their own business. Everything was ready but they kept putting off the launch. It became evident quite quickly that they had a mind set of failure. Essentially they had feeling that everything they did would fail because they weren’t actually good at anything. Through quite a brief round of tapping we were able to identify one of the causes of that mind set and tap to release the emotions associated with that and you’ll be pleased to know the business was launched and is going really well. It is a great tool to use when someone feels stuck in any area of life, business or career success, motivation, studying, or communication and relationships – because there may be blocks to progress than can be dealt with easily through tapping.

A Personal Note

I have worked as a nurse, health visitor teacher and manger and what drew me to tapping was working with children suffering trauma and attachment issues through going into care. Many of the ‘standard’ approaches of counselling needed them to talk and almost re-live the trauma they had suffered, often when they too young or too traumatised to even articulate what had happened without immense distress. Tapping is brilliant because while they have to ‘measure’ how upset they are they don’t need to recount details of the trauma they have experienced and as they learn to tap they can use it whenever they need it.

International Recognition

In America tapping has been used to help survivors, teachers, parents and children of some of the school shooting incidents and also with survivors of the Rwanda Genocide -I’ve put a link to a video below which is both interesting and heart-warming to watch but there are plenty of others you can find.

What Now

So for anyone struggling with emotional issues, depression, stress, anxiety, for people who have fears phobias, compulsions, then it is surely worth investigating.

For others, whose life or business is not what they want it t be or who feel they are unable to move forward in a particular way then wise advice may be simply to try tapping.

The video below takes you through a round of tapping but if you are tapping for a specific problem it may well be worth booking a session to get you started, then you, like thousands of others can use tapping as part of enhancing your life.