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Rosie  Langdale-King

How to live more happily in these confusing stressful times we live in. Look to the positive!! Only the positive! the negative then falls away……

Posted by Rosie  Langdale-King

345 Days Ago

How to live more happily in these confusing stressful times we live in. Look to the positive!! Only the positive! the negative then falls away……


We live in very uncertain times; but today we need to concentrate on the positive in every situation.

People work harder and harder to bring in the finances they need to live; there is uncertainty of what our political future might be outside of the EU. But the truth is without the uncertainty, then everything stays the same and stagnates and there is no possibility of change.  Better opportunities for the individual or the nation will only come with change and with positive attitudes in the self and the greater nation, so that this positive attitude is that we will be able to make better choices; for the greater good of all, and influence good and effective change throughout the World.  We need a world that is more loving and beautiful and accepting of others and their differences, and we need to lose intolerance and unkindness.

In 2017, we saw women stepping out of their comfort zone to do the right thing and talk about abuse they had suffered!!  And on this first working day of 2018 it has been reported that well known actresses have put together a 'legal fund' to help others fight such abuse through the courts.  Power to them!  Let’s truly continue this vein in 2018 to work for the greater good in the World.    From a psychological perspective ~ change yourself and the world changes with you~ so we all need to starts with ourselves.  

You can use the challenges in your own personal situation, to draw on the positive, to make choices for the greater good of all, not  just your own, and hopefully these will be in alignment.  When the choice is for the greater good, then it will usually also be good for you too.  However, for this to be true you must know what is right for you, know what your role is in this world, and understand how your passions determine what your role is to be.  Because only that 'thing' you have always wanted to do, whether it is acting, writing, becoming a doctor, or a teacher, is the thing you were born to do.  Of course, everyone has a multitude of talents that they can progress, but remember that each person IS unique and has their role to play in society and the larger community of the world. 


From my experience of personal challenges, when sometimes the low mood of negativity reigns, it is necessary to be in that place; not just to fight it and acknowledge it, but to own it, move forward and make changes in your life that then bring you a change of circumstance, and allows you to blossom,

·                     So, what is it that you have always wanted to do?

·                     What is your dream?

·                     How can you contribute to the World and 2018, making life a little better for yourself and others?

·                     How can you show your potential?

·                     What are the current challenges in your life, asking you to acknowledge what is not working in your life? What are the changes you need to make to       change this?

·                     How might changing them, change your life? And what is the next step you might/could take towards those changes and that dream?

·                     Do you know who you are? Do you know what your core values are? I mean those things that you will never compromise when in relationship with others? What are the things that you are happy to compromise on? How can you take that first step in moving towards and compromising with that person you want in your life, but are having difficulty with-[speak feelings in a gentle way, not criticisms]

·                     Or alternatively, maybe you need to lay boundaries and speak your truth to that person.

If you are suffering with anxiety and depression how can you make life less anxious for yourself?

·                     What are the things that bring you relaxation and enjoyment? The things that make your heart sing? it might be having a long bath, or going to the cinema? ~Try and do one of these every day, to feed yourself.

·                     Try mindfulness, this is proving to be very helpful to anxiety states.  ~Start by closing your eyes, and see what you notice in your body. Are you hot, cold, are your feet flat on the floor -  are your toes cold or warm. Where are your muscles tense? What are you feeling in your body, tightness, peacefulness, sleepiness, nervousness, excitement. 

·                    Take 2 minutes, to do this every day, working upwards to 8 minutes and you will notice differences in your anxiety states lessening.  If you find it difficult and have other thoughts, just acknowledge them and let them go and go back to noticing in your body what you notice 

·                    Before you go to bed ~ and when you get up in the morning~ list 10 blessings that you are truly grateful for. 


Happy New Year. I wish you a truly brilliant 2018.  May every wonderful happening enter your life in positivity, peace and joy. 




Rosie  Langdale-King

Article written by Rosie  Langdale-King  - Tunbridge Wells

I have been a therapist for over 20 years; using Reflexology; and various modalities of healing during those twenty years.] as well as Indian Head Massage. I started working with spiritual healing, then graduated to Reiki becoming a Reiki Master-Teacher; Reconnective healing, and finally in 2017, I 'post... [read more]

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