Integrated Kinesiology - what is it?

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Cynthia Sillars

Integrated Kinesiology - what is it?

Posted by Cynthia Sillars 1600 Days Ago

As a Kinesiologist I practice Integrated Kinesiology to harmonise a person's Chakra energy. The Universe favours symmetry. If you look at Fibonacci sequences (and others) this symmetry is found everywhere across the universe, not just our planet. For example, the geometry of the spiral shell split in two illustrates the pattern and symmetry of life on earth and universal energy; another is found within bee hives and the symmetry of the bee, which is bilateral. Another is seeds, for instance the seeds of a sunflower, or in pinecones, or in galaxies. Let us take it as given that the universe is always moving towards symmetry. It will always default to symmetry after chaos, and symmetry becomes the ultimate expression of universal energy.

Love is also energy, just as real as the energy produced by a car engine. It is the driving force of the universe. I know it always goes towards symmetry as a natural expression of itself. Any distortion of the energy of love produces un-ease in the energy; it becomes asymmetrical. Lop-sided. Unbalanced. Uneven. This imbalance leads to many problems, not the least of which is health problems, but also financial problems and relationship problems. Reversing any asymmetrical energy in the person’s body, resolving the symmetry of their personal energy field tends to lead to regaining health.

Working with the subtle aura of a person is a great privilege and I am mindful of the profound healing that can take place as I work with you to restore harmony. You have your part to do as well, which is to respond to the messages your body is giving you by nurturing it. What do I mean by this – will I be asking you to radically change your diet, all your relationships, everything you hold dear and familiar in your life?  No of course not.

However what happens is that subtle changes start to transform your habitual thinking patterns as the Chakra work takes effect. This in turn encourages you to let go of old patterns of behaviour which makes a difference on every level of your being.  Relationships which were previously a problem no longer seem to annoy you. Situations in which you found yourself reacting with anger no longer seem to ‘press your buttons’. If you always do the same things, you can’t expect a different result. The old saying, ‘sickness comes on horseback but leaves on foot’ is as true today as ever before. Part of the process of nurturing yourself is to accept that results are not instant, and to keep a record of tiny changes – these will add up to the big change you are looking for.

I give each person a brochure with ideas to help speed recovery. Please begin by reading through the information gathered in the brochure and make separate notes in a diary or notebook of the three categories.

  • Do now – immediately.
  • Do in the next four weeks – plan and carry out so that you notice a change.
  • Do in the next three months – these are the ones I expect you to feel are hard to change.  This is where the Chakra work will help and support you. It is miraculous how it works.

There are unlimited possibilities with the process you are about to begin. The alternative is that the risks of staying sick are all too predictable. See your life as an experiment and you are the one in control making choices. Ask yourself what YOU can do to change your world. Then devote yourself to the experiment of your POTENTIAL.

I look forward to working with you to guide you to a better understanding of your health. There are unlimited possibilities with the process you are about to begin. The alternative is that the risks of staying sick are all too predictable. For more information or to book an appointment please contact Cynthia on 07599520406.

Cynthia Sillars

Article written by Cynthia Sillars - Darlington

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