Live your life not your age

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Alison Lowther

Live your life not your age

Posted by Alison Lowther 573 Days Ago

Sadly we live in a society where growing ‘old’ is seen in a negative light.  As language developed so did definition and definition led to division.  Defining people as young and old divides the two and in western societies this has resulted in ‘old’ being viewed as negative and young being good! This of course effectively lines the pockets of the corporations who make their money selling products deemed to give eternal youth – younger looking skin etc etc.  And the most annoying thing of all is that the word ‘old’ is only really negative when referring to people.  We don’t view old items, artefacts and antiques as unworthy because they are old.  On the contrary they are valued and treasured for their age – the older they are then the more valuable they become.  Old buildings too are full of a character and history that only comes with age.  Eastern cultures on the other hand respect their elder population.  They hold their elders in high esteem and they are rightly seen as pillars of their communities, with people seeking out their knowledge and wisdom.

When I think back to my 50th birthday and how depressed I felt, I find it hard to believe I had such a mind-set – and only ten years ago!  Two weeks ago I turned 60 and I celebrated!  I celebrated the fact that I made it this far.  I have lost friends and loved ones who did not make it – some didn’t make it to 50 and some younger still!  If this seems a bit of a rant then I make no apology.  As Ghandi said – be the change you wish to see in the world.  So my hope is that if you don’t already see age in a positive way that perhaps now you might reconsider.  And then you might encourage your friends and family to do the same.  Never complain of aging. Rather accept it and give gratitude for being alive each and every day.  For ultimately, when we feel gratitude for what we have the Universe always gives us more! 

With age comes wisdom, and a deep inner knowing and understanding unsurpassed by young hearts and minds.  With age comes prosperity. Yes you become more prosperous because you have more – more wisdom, more knowledge, acceptance, forgiveness and love. All these can come with age when you live a life you truly love.  So always follow your heart, do what you love, be who you truly want to be and you will love yourself. And when you love yourself you cannot fail to be happy - and healthy!  Live long and prosper.

May health, wealth and happiness be yours for many many years to come.

Live your Life – not your age.