Reiki explained simply

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Alison Lowther

Reiki explained simply

Posted by Alison Lowther 581 Days Ago

Reiki How does it actually work?

All matter is energy.  Everything in our Universe is made of energy.  Our physical bodies are constantly moving and vibrating units of energy, through which other energies around us, and with which we come into contact will flow. Our bodies are fluid and formless – it is only due to the density of the physical reality which we are focussed in, that we see and feel them as being solid.  Physics tells us that we are all made up of atoms which in turn are made of electrons.  And when one electron touches another electron the charge between them gives the feeling of them being solid although in reality they are not – mind boggling but true.  You can find lots of information on this on the internet.

And so we are vibrating and fluid masses of energy. Whenever we experience something which makes us feel uncomfortable we tense up part of our body – most commonly the neck, shoulders or back.  Now when a free moving mass of energy experiences tension then naturally, the energy becomes blocked. It cannot flow so freely through that part of the body because of the tension there – it blocks the flow. Get it? As many of you know I work with the idea that all physical health issues begin with tension which stems from the unconscious and this is why.  It also explains why different parts of the body are affected by different tensions. The Chakras are the energy centres of the body where the energy flows in and out. There are 7 main chakras in our bodies which circulate the energy in the 7 main areas: Root – legs and feet; Sacral – abdomen; Solar Plexus; Just below the ribcage; Heart – chest area; Throat neck, upper shoulders; Brow – face and forehead; Crown – top of the head. So, for example, if you are spending time with people who makes you feel tense or you have issues giving and receiving love– then this tension is felt in the heart chakra.  Consequently, this is the chakra which becomes blocked and so the energy in that area of the body ceases to flow freely. If not resolved this can then result in heart and/or lung problems, including asthma, and in the long term, heart disease and cancer.  Another common example is stress at work where you are in a job where you feel unsupported and unappreciated.  This will cause you to inadvertently tense up in your lower back and shoulders and result in aches and pains in these areas and if not resolved may even cause more chronic problems including slipped discs etc.

Reiki works by clearing the blockages in your energy field, thus enabling the energy that is you, to once again flow freely.  This is how it works and why it can be so effective.  I say ‘can’ because if the issue underlying the blockage, which created tension in the first place, is not resolved then the tension will return and subsequently the blockage. This can be unavoidable in daily life which is why many people come for regular Reiki sessions in order to maintain a free flowing and healthy body, mind and spirit. Another reason why reiki is so effective is that often people are initially unaware of what is causing their tension.  They may not be aware that they are doing things, being in situations etc which are causing them tension or making them unhappy.  They may be doing things because they believe that is what they ‘should’ be doing rather than what is right and true for them.  Hence, they are constantly tense and continually unwell either physically, mentally or emotionally. Reiki puts the recipient into a wonderfully tranquil and meditative state and consequently enhances awareness.  People then become more aware of their own truth and more aware of what makes them unhappy etc.  When they then make the necessary changes in their lives there is reduction in tension and consequently they are healthier – and happier!

If you have never experienced Reiki healing you can try it with a 20 minute taster session any Thursday for just £10. 

If you live too far away to come for a healing in person you can purchase a Distant Healing. 

Anyone can learn and been attuned to Reiki. There are four levels in all – Level 1 enables you to heal yourself, family and friends – and pets too! Level 2 enables you to practice professionally and to heal from a distance.  Level 3 is Master Practitioner gives more tools for more powerful and effective healing. Level 4 enables you to teach and attune others to this wonderful energy.