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Keith Beasley

Reiki: 'learn' to do it for yourself!

Posted by Keith Beasley

1230 Days Ago

An increasing number of people are finding the benefit of Reiki treatments: relaxation, stress management & prevention and easing of many other conditions. Now what if you could do this for yourself? What if you could feel these benefits whenever you needed them . . . in the comfort of your own home?

You can! Reiki is far more than another complementary therapy: it is an approach to self-healing and self-help, a technique for personal, self-development . . . whatever facet of yourself you may be wanting to develop. At heart, Reiki is an approach to personal growth, a way of reconnecting to our true self and, in so doing, feeling more whole, fulfilled and flowing. Think about the benefits you get from the occasional Reiki treatment and multiply those by being able to practice Reiki on an on-going basis!

‘Learn’ Reiki?

I say ‘learn’ in inverted commas, because Reiki is totally natural: we are all, inherently, healers: don’t our bodies heal themselves of many conditions when we allow them to? Reiki training is thus more like the training of an athlete: it’s about becoming more aware of our abilities and encouraging and enabling what’s already part of us to develop and flourish.

What’s involved?

Reiki is normally taught in 3 stages or levels:

  • First Degree or ‘Reiki 1’: where you’re shown how to give Reiki to yourself, your friends, family and pets.
  • Second Degree:  which includes how to do distance healing and using Reiki on emotional issues.
  • Reiki Masters: to become a teacher of Reiki and as a path to self-mastery.

Thus, to train in Reiki, to learn how to do it for yourself, you need to find a Reiki Master-Teacher, preferably one acknowledged by the UK Reiki Federation or other official body. These will have the experience of Reiki and of teaching it, and are thus able to demonstrate how you can use Reiki in your own life.

‘Learning’ Reiki  is not like learning reflexology or massage: there are very few facts and figures or ‘positions’ to learn. In fact it is more of a remembering:  simple, easy and usually fun and rewarding. Anyone can learn to do Reiki for themselves.

What are the benefits?

Compared to getting your Reiki from a therapist, learning to do it for yourself enables you to:

  • Give yourself Reiki whenever you need it or feel like it
  • Give Reiki to your friend, relatives, colleagues, pets, etc., whenever they need it

And, after the first few treatments the (usually modest) training costs are paid for so saving you money!

What else is involved?

Reiki, or more properly, Usui Reiki, after its modern-times founder, is more like a martial-arts technique in both its origins and how it’s taught: it is ‘passed down’ from Master to student through a series of attunements, which can be thought of as a form of blessing, or ‘tuning in’. Don’t worry, you just sit and enjoy it! Many students find this a wonderful, even profound and moving experience.

Where do I go?

Until recently, you would probably have had to have travelled to your Master’s class; but the teaching of Reiki has changed a lot in recent years. Some Reiki Mater-Teachers now, for example, will teach you 1-to-1, so you get the personal tuition and guidance. Others now offer their Reiki training on-line.

I can learn Reiki in my own home?!

Yes! With so many recent developments in technology it’s not only possible but highly effective to take many courses, including Reiki on-line. If you choose wisely you get all the key points in video lesson you can watch time and again, plus full instructions, with demonstrations, on how to practice Reiki yourself.

As many of you will know, distance healing is a recognised part of Reiki: the very nature of Reiki (Universal Life-Force Energy), means that distance or separation between therapist or teacher and client or student is no object. Having said that, the best on-line Reiki teachers, will ensure that you are wholly present for your attunements, by doing them in real-time, over Skype (or equivalent). As with in-person training, you’ll want a teacher that cares about you and is available to you, during and after the course.

And anyone can do it?

Anyone . . . even (especially!) children: although under 18’s would normally be accompanied by their parent or guardian.

Reiki is way of enabling our own inner abilities to manifest themselves. In addition to self-help in managing health-issues, it can also provide:

  • Insights to help with tricky situations
  • Inspiration for creative endeavours (painting, writing, etc.)
  • New perspectives to relationship issues

By learning Reiki you’ll begin to live life with more depth and greater meaning: what else is life for?

Keith Beasley

Article written by Keith Beasley - Llangefni

As an engineer for many years, I offer Reiki from a very practical perspective. Having done a PhD in a related area I can also provide explanations so satisfy an enquiring mind. Put these together with having been teaching Reiki since 1996 and you a have a unique, powerful and effective... [read more]

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