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Winter colds, coughs, & flu, first aid

Posted by Paul Tarrant

759 Days Ago

Hello there. I am a Reiki practitioner, but I also have an interest in natural ways of dealing with winter 'problems' e.g. chills, colds, tiredness, flu etc. So doing things naturally, and avoiding, GP's and drugs etc. [cheaper, and no side effects as well!]


These can be helped to be dissolved away by taking natural [not concentrates] vitamin C in liquid form. e.g. natural orange/pineapple juice [the latter is good for dissolving coughs!]. Vitamin C is better absorbed in the stomach in liquid form, rather than in tablet form (the tablets need to be broken down to be fully absorbed). Take a drink, in a reasonable sized small glass, before bed.


Dates [off the trees!] are natures’ way of restoring your physical strength. I would suggest women take 2 to 3 dates in the morning and afternoon and suggest men take 3 to 4 dates. Do this for about 4 to 5 days. Take during the day as previously mentioned and do not take at night before bed, except on the first time, as this might interfere with your sleep pattern Flu is caused by being over tired. Dates help you to get over this!! But you will need to take the dates for about a week, or a bit longer to clear your tiredness fully!!

Head colds/catarrh, runny nose

Try Olbas oil. [you should be able to buy this from Boots, and other good chemists]. Rub 3 drops on a palm, and then rub together. Lie down on your bed, horizontally. Place hands on bridge of the nose, gently. Do this 3 times a day, one after another; in the morning before work, and at night before bed!! This does make you feel knocked out to start with, but clears the sinuses quite well! So this helps with colds etc.


If you have a cough, and you can't get rid of it, try blackcurrant conserve; before seeking help from your GP!!Treating with a natural remedy first will help strengthen your chest and lungs. Antibiotics prescribed by your GP may help clear the infection, but do not help strengthen your chest and lungs!

Try the blackcurrant conserve first. Check the ingredients; it should contain blackcurrants, sugar, pectin and sometimes an acidity regulator, but nothing else (keep the jam in the fridge, screwed reasonably tight, to stop it going off). Take 2 teaspoons before bed and have nothing else to eat or drink afterwards. This will work on the body, while you sleep, so helping you get over the cough, more quickly. Take the Black current jam, for 4 or 5 days, as above. Then see if your cough is gone, if still there, but has improved, take the jam for another 4 or 5 days.

You could also take pineapple juice, in liquid natural form, but not concentrate!This will help, to dissolve the cough as well!! You could place in a vacuum flask, screw tight to stop any leakage! You could use the pineapple, as refreshing drink instead of tea/coffee occasionally, during the day.

I suggest with a cough, you try the above before visiting your GP. After just using antibiotics, the body will get weaker, and they may not work in the long run! Your body will appreciate you using natural remedies and then, if they don’t work, using the antibiotics. This way you get the best of both worlds!!

Paul Tarrant

Article written by Paul Tarrant - Wakefield

I have been into Reiki for over 10 years now. I mostly work from home, so I do not have travelling costs, or treatment room costs etc to pay for!! So my rates are less than other Reiki practitioners, (although if necessary, I can access certain therapy centres, if required,... [read more]


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