You can become the Director of your own mind and make amazing changes.

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Robin How

You can become the Director of your own mind and make amazing changes.

Posted by Robin How 488 Days Ago

NLP is short for Neuro Linguistic Programming. OK it's a terrible title but it infers that everything we do is the result of running a sequence, or programme that involves the use of our senses.

Five Senses. If we are fortunate, we have Visual, Auditory, Kinaesthetic (sensations/feelings) Olfactory (smell) and Gustatory (taste).

We have 2 forms of visual sense: External; seeing all around us as well Internal; an ability to see images in our mind such as recalling past places and events or creating images of places or things.

We have 2 forms of Auditory sense: External; hearing all around us as well Internal; an ability to replay sounds, conversations, songs etc in our head.

A simple example of how an athlete uses some of these senses with positive reults:  See image of self on the winners podium then Hear internal voice saying "You are the best there is" then Feel surge of adrenalin and power.

An example of someone sitting an examination and failing: See self at exam desk looking confused then hear internal voice saying "You are no good at exams" then Feel stomach churning and tightness in chest.

Many of our thoughts and resulting actions occur unconsciously. When we begin to notice what we think and feel, we are able to start designing our own high performance states. Changing our negative internal voice to a positive encouraging one, for example wlil change the effect on other senses. To make an internal image of something we aspire to, such as looking slimmer, big and colourful on the screen in our mind  will enable our unconscious mind to work towards a positive result.

 The magic TV remote controller as a tool for enhancing your senses. Begin to play with your magic controller. You can zoom out an uncomfortable or negative image and notice if associated body sensations (Kinaesthetics) change. If that doesn't work for you, experiment with dimming the brightness or fading the colours. Discover what works for you. A commanding and negative internal voice, whether your own or anothers might be reduced in volume or its location changed - like adjusting direction of sound from the speakers in a car.

While you might be very surprised at the changes you can make in becoming the Director of your own mind, there will be so much more that will be possible if you seek out an experienced NLP practitioner to guide you.

Please feel free to discuss possibilities with me without any obligation.  


Robin How

Article written by Robin How - Luton

My tagline is Harnessing the Power of your Mind. I use NLP ( Neuro Linguistic Programming) and Clinical Hypnotherapy as the main techniques for brief therapy.
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