Ingrid Hoffman

Ingrid Hoffman

Astrological Counsellor in Bristol

I am always drawn to our very human stories. I studied journalism and worked on television and magazines before discovering my life-long passion for astrology 34 years ago. Astrology has helped frame and add meaning to my own journey, and has inspired me to reflect on what it is to love and to grieve. What it is to be human.

Born in South Africa, the velvety blackness of the star-studded night skies inspired me to gaze heavenwards, to observe the cycles of the moon and the timeless expanse of the universe. Our birth chart contains a blueprint of our potential. It's a map at threshold times in our life journey and offers a holistic approach to understanding the necessary challenges we all must face in our human experience. I bring my lifelong interest in relationships and my own experience as wife, lover, friend, daughter and mother to my vocation. I believe that it is in our relationships with friends, family members, work colleagues and of course the ones we all invest most highly in, our intimate relationships, that we hear the song of our soul, and we connect with our hearts.

Background & Qualifications

I hold a B. Journ. degree and HED from Rhodes University and University of Natal. I have been a professional astrologer and writer for 34 years. I've had the privilege of studying with numerous inspirational teachers. In 2007, I incorporated the psychotherapeutic approach of Imago Relationship Theory to add depth to standard astrological consultations. I teach astrology and facilitate workshops in South Africa, Ireland and the UK, and experience the ongoing joy of learning from many wonderful clients both internationally and in the UK. I continue to learn, grow and hone my craft by attending seminars, workshops and private supervision.

My Specialisms

It's the dance of Relationship that inspires me. I'm humbled by the courage, the resilience, the ingenuity, the tender fragility, and the nobility of this thing we call Love. We live in a relational world and are always in relationship with one another, whether married or divorced, with siblings, friends, children or work colleagues. I incorporate therapeutic approach of the Imago Relationship theory in my work. In ongoing trainings, and my own self-growth work, I have been influenced by the work and teachings of sex therapist, Esther Perel and Couples Therapist and Relationship Coach, Hedy Schleifer and the work of Dan Siegel, Terry Real and Sue Johnston.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

Astrology offers a valuable tool with which to excavate the subtexts of our relationships and tap into the vein of gold that brings deepening connection and a wondrous sense of intimacy between two people. Most relationships flounder on the slippery black rocks of miscommunication. I mentor clients in their time of pain and crisis as well as at those sliding door moments of choice or expansive opportunity. I offer support at those confusing times of loss or transition, when taking the next step seems scary or clouded in confusion. My work as an astrologer and Imago Relationship practitioner provides an opportunity to shift perspective or to unpack the heaviness that has been pressing on the heart for far too long. I work on Skype, WhatsApp and face to face and provide a safe space for the deeply felt yearning of the soul. All sessions are private and confidential.

Most people know their Sun Signs. "I'm a Taurus so I should get on with a Capricorn, right?" At this level astrology is paint-by-numbers. Such a simplistic one-dimensional representation is accessible, and sometimes works because it is woven into the fabric of our culture and it certainly puts people into useful pigeonholes. But, there's much more to astrology than that. Real astrology uses the Moon and the rest of the planets as well as the Sun. They stand for distinct functions of the psyche. The Sun and Moon relate first to intimacy and sacred union of the masculine and feminine within ourselves. How we balance this internal duality will be key to our ability to relate to others in deep and meaningful relationships. And relationships always prove to be the toughest test beds for this internal balance, the richest flower beds for personal growth and the sweetest, deepest feather beds for joy if we get the mix right.

It is by gratefully accepting the gift of metaphor and symbolism contained within the language of astrology, that we add texture and colour to the tapestry of our relationships and learn the greatest lessons of self-discovery and compassion, by heart.

Therapies & Rates

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Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Astrological Counselling Online/Telephone £100 per 90 minutes

Additional Rate Information

90 minute Astrology Session £100