Tania Macdonald

Tania Macdonald

Bioresonance Therapist in Darlington

Welcome to My Vibrant Vibes for Eft ( Emotional Freedom Technique), Reiki Master and a student of Touch for Health Kinesiology
Hello and welcome to My Vibrant Vibes. I'm Tania and I'm an award-winning Health and Wellbeing Specialist based in the heart of Darlington, County Durham. I'm really looking forward to providing you with a bespoke selection of services in my professional capacity as a Reiki Master, Advanced EFT Practitioner and a student Touch for health Kinesiologist.

Do you have that underlying feeling that you're just not good enough?

That you're an impostor and pretty soon everyone's going to realise that you're messed up. You might even think that everyone else has their life together.

Except for you.

Stop. Breathe. It's ok. You are NOT broken.

The feelings that surface when you're upset, those dark shameful thoughts that you're just not good enough, you're unlovable, you don't belong, you're different / too fat / too thin… Well they happen to everyone. You are not alone.

We're all the same. Welcome to the human condition, where underlying fears, phobias, panic, and beliefs that were set in our subconscious when we were young keep rising to the surface. We then live our lives through the filter of these "beliefs", looking for evidence to make ourselves right (hello, human condition we meet again!)

Vibrant feeling for Colonic Irrigation/ Food Intolerances / Digestive Health Consultancy

At Vibrant Wellness Clinic situated in the heart of Darlington, I provide a range of professional treatments to Focus on you feeling better, looking better, enjoy better digestive health, and losing weight. The services include Colonic Irrigation/Hydrotherapy, Digestive Health Consultancy, Food Intolerance testing. I Guarantee each treatment is carried out by an Experienced and Highly Qualified Therapist.

Based in the North East of England within easy reach of Middlesbrough and Darlington, I am committed to providing my clients with the highest standards of service every time. Using only the finest products and offering the most outstanding holistic health treatments available in the area, earning a reputation for excellence. I am truly passionate about providing my clients with the best treatment and eager to share the benefits these therapies can offer.

I will always do what we can to make sure you feel totally comfortable when you're with me. I will take the time to get to know what you need so you can be offered the right kind of therapies for you. I will explain the whole process step by step and am always happy to answer any questions you may have - ensuring you feel completely confident and well-informed about the treatments you are about to undergo. The bespoke treatments at Vibrant are completely tailored for you, so you can be certain you're receiving a truly personal service targeted at your specific needs.

If you are interested in any of the health and holistic treatments offered, just me a call and I will be happy to explain the various benefits that treatments can offer you. It's time to focus on you, you deserve optimum health and energy. Book an appointment today and start looking forward to a relaxing, rejuvenating and energising treatment and starting your journey to a more Relaxed, Healthy, and Vibrant You.

Darlington Wellness Clinic Experts in Colonic Irrigation/ Hydrotherapy , Food Intolerance testing and Digestive Health Consultancy situated in County Durham, North east.

Background & Qualifications

Advanced Colon Hydrotherapist
Food Intolerance Testing
Digestive Consultancy
Reiki Master
Meditation Instructor
Advanced EFT Practitioner
Touch for Health Kinesiologist ( student)

My Specialisms

Digestive Health Consultancy
Advanced Colon Hydrotherapist
Mora Food Intolerance Testing
Reiki Master
Eft Advanced Practitioner
I'm Tania, a Personal Healer, a Reiki Master, Advanced Certified EFT Practitioner and A Functional Touch For Health Kinesiologist ( student ) based in Darlington County Durham.

I'm motivated by the desire to find a therapy that would help facilitate your transformation and growth and improved health. I've conducted extensive research on complementary therapies and methods of healing so you do not have to.

I have had years of working with happy clients and they have acknowledged that the epiphany they searched for was not what they expected.

I am highly skilled , having over ten years of experience treating thousands of clients and am professionally accredited ensuring that you are relaxed and comfortable at all times.
I understand that true healing only happens from inside out and therefore focus on therapies that encourage you to make healthy choices and enable you to listen to your body and mind, understand your emotions and connect to your soul in order to achieve life-affirming health, harmony and balance.
Here is why you will make the right choice as you decide to visit Vibrant for a therapy or consultation: ( DIGESTIVE SITE )

Digestive health is my exclusive focus area. Your immune system can sometimes get compromised due to lack of optimum digestion, assimilation and elimination. Improper digestion, combined with the modern day stress can result in accumulation of toxins, which in turn is an invitation to parasites, scavengers and infections that destroy the natural balance in your gut flora. This leads to disease condition and lack of vitality.

I want to help you regain your strength and energy by focusing on the problem you are facing. Our plans are therefore personalised for you and include a combination of nutrition and lifestyle management therapies.

I help you prepare for your treatment. Prior to your treatment, you receive a set of instructions that enable you to decide on the things that you should be doing before the start of your therapy. My consultations ensure that your treatment is tailored for you to receive what is best for you, based on your goals.

I will provide a personalised follow up plan that enables you to maximise the process of detoxification and experience great energy levels and optimum health even after treatment.

Vibrant Treatment rooms are sanitised and prepared for each therapy and our materials are single use disposable.

My focus is on organic, holistic therapies and products that can help you regain your health, re-balance your life and re-energise your body and mind.

I believe in and propagate use of real, organic supplements with no added synthetic components.

My online reviews are real and genuine.

I have received accreditation from I-ACT/ I-CHA and cater to the highest levels of professional excellence to enable our clients experience greatest standards in health and beauty.

Allow me to help you achieve your balance, rejuvenate yourself from inside out and feel in great shape - always. Book an appointment with me for any of our wonderful digestive focused treatments. Vibrant Clinic is based in Darlington, County Durham.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I have a very Holistic approach and love every second of the work I do .
I am privileged to be able to work in my beautiful clinic in Darlington , County Durham , DL3 7DP.
I work in clinic and via skype or zoom

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Reiki In Person Please Call
Emotional Freedom Technique In Person Please Call
Colon Hydrotherapy In Person Please Call
Colon Hydrotherapy In Person £75 per 60 minutes
Bioresonance Therapy In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

All rates are in my websites