Emma  Hooper Colour Therapy

Emma  Hooper
Colour Therapist in Liverpool

I qualified as a personal trainer and nutrition advisor with Premier International in 1998, consulting on a freelance basis alongside my work as a professional singer and dancer. I went onto secure a postgraduate certificate in education in 2004 and worked hard to balance an additional role in lecturing.

In 2013, passionate about healthcare having experienced my own burnout and health challenges, I elected to specialise in naturopathic nutritional therapy at the Natural Healthcare College. I went on to set up my own business as The NutriFit Coach, providing personal consultations and educational workshops on nutrition and lifestyle management for individuals, schools and corporate clients.

Having been on a journey myself in pursuit of the answers to ‘what creates vibrant health and wellbeing?' I have positively changed my health, lifestyle and outlook and am a firm believer that optimum health should revolve around adopting a multi-level strategy to address the ‘Total Body'.
This quest has driven me to train in various disciplines in order to understand what makes us healthy - physically, emotionally and psychologically. Having this breadth of training allows me to offer a fully comprehensive and holistic approach to my clients.

In 2019, I followed my dream and with the support of my family and soul mate and partner Mark, we established a luxury Wellness Retreat Centre at my home Old Lan Farmhouse. An idylilic setting in the quiet hamlet of Login, Pembrokeshire, providing a range of wellness retreats designed to support Total Body Wellness. Find out more here

I am proud to be working alongside my sister, world champion and fitness professional Faye Brownjohn and an amazing team of fellow professionals bringing together the disciplines of yoga, meditation, health & fitness and a variety of holistic therapies all within a magical setting.
My vision was to create a centre purposely to transform lives, to bring a sense of balance, vitality and peace with that personal touch and understanding.

I hope you share my vision and come and enjoy the magic @ Old Lan Farmhouse or perhaps catch me at my practice in Formby, Liverpool where I provide a range of holistic wellness therapies for individuals, groups and corporate clients.

Background & Colour Therapy Qualifications

I am fully insured to practice and trained to meet NOS (National Occupational Standards) criteria appropriate to nutritional therapy, naturopathy and beauty therapy. I am continually learning and depending my knowledge and regularly attend seminars and lectures ensuring my CPD (continual professional development) is kept up-to-date with the latest research and insights in order to ensure safe practice.

My substantial and diverse CV has also allowed me to work with a wide and challenging range of health concerns.

My Qualifications

*BA Hons Business (University of Hertfordshire)
*PG Cert Education - Work Based Secondary Learning Studies
*Post Graduate Diploma Musical Theatre Studies (London School of Musical Theatre)
*Level 2 & Level 3 Personal Training
*Level 4 Distinction Hatha Yoga Teacher Training *500hrs (British School Yoga) & (Yoga Satsanga Ashram)
*Environ Skincare Professional ‘Electrical Facials'
*Level 3 Natural Facial Massage
*Bach Flower Practitioner
*Level 4 Distinction Advanced Reflexology
*Level 4 Distinction Advanced Aromatherapy
*Distinction Sound Therapy Practitioner
*Distinction Crystal Healing Practitioner
*Colour Therapy Practitioner - ‘Colour Mirrors'

My Specialisms

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Approach to Colour Therapy & How I Work

As a naturopathic nutritional therapist and holistic practitioner, I work to address concerns at a deeper level assessing the underlying ‘root' causes rather than treating the symptoms presented.

Education is an important aspect of the consultation and I am passionate about sharing my wealth of knowledge and helping others to unravel some of the confusing messages around nutrition. I recognise that a "one size fits all" approach is not appropriate when it comes to health and wellbeing and aim to excite and inspire you to make the changes you need by providing encouragement and support through-out the process.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Aromatherapy In Person £25 per 30 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £25 per 30 minutes
Naturopathy In Person £120 per 90 minutes
Reflexology In Person £45 per 50 minutes
Yoga Therapy In Person £25 per 30 minutes
Colour Therapy In Person £50 per 60 minutes
Flower Essences Therapy In Person £50 per 60 minutes
Meditation In Person £25 per 30 minutes