Louisa Bertram

Louisa Bertram

Colour Therapist in Petworth

I offer healing, therapeutic, aromatherapy massage, reflexology and EFT/Matrix Reimprinting. I qualified for massage over 15 years ago and use the other therapies I have learnt within the massage.

Aromatherapy massage using essential oils includes some reflexology and some Thai hand and foot massage. A wonderful heated couch and client room heated with a wood burning stove alongside deeply relaxing music encourage clients to drift off to a very peaceful place.

Emotional freedom techniques (EFT) and Matrix Reimprinting are fabulous, successful methods of healing emotional traumas which seem to run our lives and create the problems we frequently face. By tapping on the meridian points on the upper body, we can release anger, physical pain, emotional pain, asthma, headaches, allergies and many, many more conditions which are held in the physical body.

I offer Spirit communication for guidance purposes.

Mediumship readings and psychic readings are usually 45 minutes. I bring help and guidance from loved ones in Spirit and Guides. Any Spirit communication is for guidance and demonstration purposes only.

I channel healing - Angelic Reiki, Usui Reiki and healing through my Native American guide. This includes cleansing of the aura.

Background & Qualifications

VTCT Aromatherapy massage
Swedish massage
Advanced EFT Practitioner
Matrix Reimprinting Practitioner
Angelic Reiki Master Practitione
Usui Reiki Master Practitioner
Thai foot and hand massage
Colour therapist

My Specialisms

I work intuitively with the body to get the most out of the massage and to relax clients, to enable the body's unique healing system.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I thoroughly enjoy my therapy work and clients report how this shows in the massage. Clients usually enjoy several days of feeling chilled out and deep sleep.

EFT and Matrix Reimprinting are amazingly healing when used to clear traumas to help us to lead happy and fulfilling lives.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Aromatherapy In Person £45 per 90 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £65 per 120 minutes
Reflexology In Person £30 per 60 minutes
Reiki In Person £35 per 60 minutes
Colour Therapy In Person £30 per 60 minutes