Bea Ramus

Bea Ramus

Counsellor in Bexleyheath

I am an integrative, humanistic counsellor offering a professional service in a confidential, friendly and safe environment in keeping with BACP (British Association of Counselling and Psychotherapy) ethical guidelines.

I have worked with Cruse Bereavement Care for 8 years and Mind for 2 years where I helped clients with bereavement and loss, depression, lack of self esteem, assertiveness, obsessive compulsive disorders and obesity, as well as complex mental health issues.

I am committed to continuing professional development and my work is supervised. In our work together I aim to facilitate exploration of your issues in a safe, empathic and supportive way enabling you to make sense of your conflicting emotions and to discover if/how your current problems may be connected to past events and relationships. This exploration will enable you to make the choices that are right for you and to find a more satisfying way of being and functioning in your personal, professional and social worlds.

Background & Qualifications

Postgraduate Diploma in Therapeutic Counselling
Certificate in Counselling (Inter-Psyche accredited by University of East London)
Certificate and Accreditation by Cruse Bereavement Care
Certificate - Working with Couples
Member of British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

My Specialisms

I can help with a wide range of issues and situations including:

Anxiety and stress
Depression, bereavement and loss
Relationship problem for individuals and couples
Trauma, anger, PTSD
Obsessions and Obsessive Compulsive Disorder OCD)
Life transitions
Identity crisis (loss of self-esteem and low self-worth)
General counselling
Domestic abuse
Somebody to listen in a non-judgmental environment

Sometimes we end up with thoughts, feelings and behaviours that begin to get in the way of our work, happiness and personal relationships. You may find yourself wishing to make big decisions and bring changes in your life that would give you back some degree of control and improved quality of life. If you wish to explore any of these issues please call to make an appointment

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

Counselling involves you and a counsellor meeting at a regular time and base. The 55 minutes session provides the opportunity for you to talk about yourself and the difficulties you are experiencing.

By working as an integrative counsellor I aim to combine many different rules and practice techniques according to a clients individual needs. Here are some of the techniques which I may use whilst working with you:

Therapeutic relationship - Through talking together, sharing, and discussing issues brought by you a therapeutic relationship would be created. The quality of this therapeutic relationship will enable you to reframe/resolve your difficulties

Interpersonal behavioural therapy - This technique may help you to learn the skills of self-assertion and more authentic behaviour which would then enable you to give and receive constructive criticism, getting what you need/want in a healthier and satisfying way.

Solution focused therapy - during your time in therapy you will focus on problem solving techniques, finding solutions instead of dwelling on the restrictions of the problems. You will learn to switch off your negative/overwhelming thoughts enabling you to achieve desired outcomes.

Psychodynamic therapy - Human beings adapt defensive mechanisms (denials/defences) in our relationships with others in order to avoid pain, conflict and disapproval from our families/ partners, managers etc. Sometimes this mode of relating becomes too restrictive and outdated causing you a lot of pain. You may then decide to make some changes, in order to live your life more in tune with your own/your partner's needs gaining more freedom your life. By examining the patterns of your avoidance and unconscious communication you can become more alive and present in all your relationships..

Transactional analysis (TA) - By exploring how you relate with yourself, others and the world at large you can uncover how often you act against your best interests/hurt yourself. You will then learn to become more accepting of yourself/others, act more openly and honestly, whilst seeking to make your needs met in a more satisfying way.

"If you don't make your own decisions others will make them for you!……"

Cognitive-Behavioural Therapy (CBT) - Your behaviour is influenced by inter-connections between your thoughts, feelings, moods and environment. During depression, illness, trauma, life changes etc your thoughts become mostly negative and distorted. When you become stuck in the negative frame of mind, your negative thoughts act like a magnet attracting more negative people/events into your life, creating self-fulfilling prophesy. By changing your thought patterns you will change the way you relate with yourself, others and the world at large.

"It only takes one step to begin this change……………"

Relaxation techniques - you will learn to practice visualisation and breathing techniques which will teach your body to relax, discard stress when feeling under attack. This will enable you to enjoy new and old encounters in a more open, confident, self asserting and satisfying ways.

Bibliotherapy - By familiarising yourself with relevant books, leaflets etc you will increase and deepen your self- awareness, encourage insight and learn new problem solving techniques promoting personal/spiritual growths and psychological healing.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Counselling In Person £40 per 55 minutes

Additional Rate Information

By investing in yourself you will learn how to live your life more in tune with your own needs and how to get what you need/want in a healthier and more satisfying way. Individuals: £40 - £60 Couples: £50 - £65 Students: £25 - £35 Session duration: 55 minutes Minimum notice for appointment changes/cancellations: 24 hours Daytime, evening and weekend appointments available Short and long term counselling available