Jena Wrigley

Jena Wrigley

Counsellor in Stroud

In my experience, what many people struggle with and long for is true intimate relationship. The journey in therapy is often to learn to come into relationship with oneself so that relationship with another is possible. The value of the therapeutic relationship is that it evokes the relational struggles that we suffer in our lives so that we are able to become conscious of the deeper dynamics of our suffering and essentially make different choices.

The therapeutic space is one in which you feel safe enough to be authentic and to tell your story. The telling of one's story is the first step to letting it go as you begin to find compassion for yourself. As we uncover our soul's journey, we are able to release the energy that is caught up in old habits and mindsets that have us repeat the same patterns of behaviour over and over again. As we begin to make the unconscious conscious we are then able to make choices to do things differently.

Each of my clients bring their own personal journey with their own unique set of challenges and potential. I work with helping my clients to not just manage the difficulties they face, but to transform their lives and realise their potential. Psychosynthesis is a psychology of hope as the underlying context is always the Self, which is whole within all of us and attempting to manifest.

I am an experienced psychotherapist as well as group facilitator. I work in private practice as well as for the Institute of Psychosynthesis London. As a psychosynthesis practitioner, I see symptoms as something to listen to in order to see what of the Self is trying to emerge.

About me
I am originally from NZ and lived in London for 17 years before moving with my young family to Stroud. I have traveled extensively, spending a lot of time in India where I have studied yoga and meditation. This experience is very much incorporated into the way I work which is based on mindfulness and presence.

Background & Qualifications

I trained at The Institute of Psychosynthesis. I have a Diploma in both Counselling and Psychotherapy as well as a Masters Degree in Psychosynthesis Psychotherapy from Middlesex University. I have a bachelors degree in Psychology from Canterbury University, New Zealand. I have also completed various courses in addiction. I am a UKCP accredited psychotherapist, and adhere to the UKCP's ethical framework for good practice.

I work at the Institute of Psychosynthesis as a course tutor as well as facilitating large group experience and being part of the apprenticeship program.

I have worked in private practice since 2007 as well as in an inner city drug project working with people in recovery.

My Specialisms

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Approach to Therapy & How I Work

What is Psychosynthesis?
Psychosynthesis is a psycho-spiritual approach which includes the context that there is a spiritual element to life which can be manifested in many different ways. This spiritual element is our essential being, the Self. Psychosynthesis tends to look at symptoms as indicating something of the Self is emerging and I work with helping clients listen to their symptoms and work towards transformation.

Therapies & Rates

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Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Psychotherapy In Person £50 per 50 minutes
Counselling In Person £50 per 50 minutes
Mindfulness In Person £50 per 50 minutes