Pauline Irving

Pauline Irving

EFT Practitioner in Basingstoke

I am a Accredited Certified EFT Practitioner and Life Coach. A member of EFT International and the Guild of Energists. I am based in Basingstoke, Hampshire, UK. I was drawn to EFT and studied it in 2005. When working with Client's I introduce EFT to them and share the process. It is solution focussed and extremely effective on many levels.

My interest in the body's energy system commenced in 1987, which led to a Diploma in Natural Therapies (including Acupressure) with the Australian Institute of Applied Science (AIAS) in Brisbane, Queensland. I enjoyed with the AIAS establishing a weekend school in Mackay, Queensland, and teaching for six years. I studied Zen Shiatsu in 1990 and a Diploma in Oriental Medicine, and from 2001 I have continued to explore various forms of energy medicine. I have participated in workshops with Donna Eden of Eden Energy Medicine and I combine my own studies and knowledge with hers. I have always believed in the concept of preventative medicine, and this is how I encourage others to use any form of complementary therapy. If people are healthy, radiant and full of vitality, EFT can assist to expand them even more!

Background & Qualifications

My background is working in the area of complementary therapy from 1987 - 2002 in Australia, whether it was treating individuals, teaching students, passing on knowledge to community groups and working with other practitioners - doctors, osteopaths and physiotherapists. On return to the UK, I have continued working with the individual and whether as a mentor, or life coach and their health has been a priority.
Accredited EFT Practitioner (AAMET) 2017
Energy EFT Master Practitioner (GoE) 2016
Licensed Meridian & Energy Therapist/ EFT Practitioner 2005
Positive EFT 2013
Eden Energy Medicine (2011/2013)
Qualified Zen Shiatsu Practitioner/Oriental Medicine 1992/1994
Reiki Jin-Kei Do 1996/1997
Diploma in Natural Therapies 1996/2000
Applied Science of Community & Human Service Diploma 1999
Life Coach 2001/2005
Fully Insured with BALENS, Specialist Insurance Brokers
I continue personal development with EFT International, The Tapping Solution/Guild of Energists

My Specialisms

My primary intention in working with people is to eliminate any stress, apprehension and overwhelm in their life before the pressure becomes chronic and leads to any physiological, psychological, emotional and spiritual imbalance within their energy system, the meridians of the body. EFT can be used as a preventative therapy and can become part of a daily routine to enhance well-being.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I offer and use the Emotional Freedom Technique for the individual, families, or groups.
I intend to make the person connecting with me feel safe and enabled to tell me their issue and concerns.
I offer a 20-minute free consultation. To do this, please email me at
After the discussion, a 60-minute session is arranged. An appointment can be by telephone, or skype or other social media. If a face to face session is preferred, then this can be arranged.
Included in the 60-minute session, is a follow-up email, or telephone call.
If the issue is involved, then a three-session package is offered. This will include two follow-up emails or two telephone calls. Support is always available.
Once a person has a clarity of thought, I assist them to learn how to enhance their energy system on a daily basis.
I will suggest other energy techniques that can also be practised at home.

I offer workshops for groups to learn EFT.

Skype: down2earthwellbeing

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Reiki In Person £50 per 60 minutes
Emotional Freedom Technique Online/Telephone £50 per 60 minutes
Energy Medicine In Person £50 per 60 minutes
Life Coaching Online/Telephone £50 per 60 minutes

Additional Rate Information

Right now, I thank social media that I can continue to assist people face to face. Appointments are very effective and you can feel safe from your own home during the current pandemic. A free 45-minute consultation is offered so that we can discuss the help that you require or feel free to connect with me to share how you are coping, the positives and the negatives. EFT is great for parents to learn as they then show the technique to their children and have a 'tap along'! Once social distancing has been lifted, I also run groups for families, communities and organisations to learn EFT. Please email me if you have an interest in forming a group to learn EFT. The groups are well worthwhile as you learn how to enhance your body's energy system Charges are normally around £40 per person, depending on the hire of a room. Workshops can be run on a 4 hour, or 6-hour programme - if you wish a shorter programme then please let me know.


Sally - Counsellor on 30/04/2015

"I attended, as part of a group, an "Introduction to EFT" day with Pauline in January 2015. The day was well planned with some Energy exercises to start us off. Easy to follow and fun. The day included some background theory and exercises that I continue to use, effectively, on my own.

Pauline's knowledge and experience of Chinese Medicine added a depth to EFT that aided my understanding of how it all works.

As a facilitator Pauline was very generous with
the handouts. She also offered 2 follow up phone calls and, or emails to support the day's activities.

A very enjoyable day."

Kathryn D on 01/03/2016

"I had some knowledge of EFT before I went to see Pauline but her EFT expertise really helped to solidify my practice and enabled me to get more out of it.
She put me at ease immediately and gave me so many tips as we went along.
During the session Pauline was able to use the EFT to draw out some deeper issues than what I originally thought I needed to tap on, until I ended up with a really powerful script for me which I can use as a basis and keep tweaking over time if I need too.
I'm really glad I made the investment and had a session with Pauline as EFT is a great tool to have in your back pocket, especially if you suffer from anxiety. "

Bridgeen on 01/03/2016

"I was lucky to be able to attend a session with Pauline while she was in Australia. As a teacher I can see the potential in being able to deal with sometimes difficult students with more clarity and acceptance. I am hoping to continue to develop and expand these ideas further."

Sue NSW on 28/03/2016

"I learnt EFT from Pauline & found her to be an excellent teacher & a caring & supportive practitioner. I an impressed with the technique as it seems so straightforward but has proven to be extremely powerful with immediate results. Although I was able start the practice on my own after the 1st session I found it valuable to have Pauline's support for another 4 sessions, during which time I was able to clear the emotions attached to the most traumatic events in my life from both childhood & adulthood. I also become more confident using the technique myself.
I now have emotional freedom!"

rezaa on 12/04/2016

"A fast method to resolve your emotional baggage,paulina helped me reaolve mine,she is a kind loving and caring person,im from iran and we did our sessions through Skype

Nancy Fellows on 13/08/2016

"Pauline came into our Virgin Media Business offices and hosted two Down2Earth Wellbeing sessions during our Business Customer Operations Wellbeing weeks in August 2016. I contacted Pauline as someone we felt would be able to help share some skills in how to distress in the workplace which for us is a big part of Wellbeing. I explained we had no budget but she was very happy to come in and help anyway. Her sessions were delightful. She focused on introducing us to EFT and touched on some energy exercises. She was professional, communicated very well and had all of us engaged, even those who were a bit skeptical. Feedback from attendees included. 'its the most interesting thing I have ever done at work' , 'I felt very calm and relaxed afterwards' , 'Its refreshing to do something different in the office'. We are very grateful for Pauline's time and really appreciate her sharing her techniques."

Female - Basingstoke on 15/08/2016

"Pauline introduced me to EFT and I have never looked back. I was stressed, overwhelmed and not coping at all with several aspects of my life when I went along to see Pauline. Through EFT I was able to deal with the problems I was facing and it has enhanced my life and enabled me to deal with all situations that arise in a positive way as and when required. Pauline is so easy to talk too, extremely knowledgeable and an excellent therapist, I would thoroughly recommend her service."

From Basingstoke on 05/01/2017

"I first found Pauline on this website after a Google search for EFT practitioners in my area. We spoke on the phone initially so that I could tell Pauline about my problems with anxiety and to get a sense of each other. I could tell straight away that Pauline was someone I would be able to trust and confide in. She was compassionate and understanding to my situation whilst always giving good advice and ways in which I could help myself at home or in tense situations. I really enjoyed our sessions together. Pauline explained everything we would be doing each session clearly and in a way I didn't find confusing. She would also allow me time to express myself fully and I never felt rushed. I also knew that if I got stuck at home between sessions I could contact Pauline and she was only ever happy to help. These sessions have been invaluable to me. They have taught me a lot about myself as well as helping me deal with my anxiety and why it has manifested in my life. I feel confident that EFT is a worth while tool that will no doubt help me in the future should I need it. Thank you Pauline for all your support, kindness and knowledge. "