Jovanka Mirkovic

Jovanka Mirkovic

Energy Medicine Practitioner in Bristol

Vision: HEALING for everyone!

Mission: Raising awareness about who we really are, and encouraging all to be in power of our own health. The key for that are optimism and education. It is my honour to be here to empower the community through private sessions work and workshops.

Passion: Learning through the experiences on the life stage, identifying shortcut solutions, and sharing the knowledge.

Looking forward to meet you on the road where Heart meets Infinity!

Background & Qualifications

- Knowledge and experienced gained through facing personal health challenges
- In depth Energy Medicine practice since the age of 30

Dipl. Ing., PhD Aerospace
Eden Energy Medicine Certified Practitioner
Biomagnetism Practitioner Level 1 (Dr Goiz Duran School)
Yoga Teacher Induction Training (BWY)

My Specialisms

Integrated Health Balancing with focus at:
Vitality, Optimism & Joy, Tiredness & Exhaustion, Hormones, Integrity - Boundaries - Control, Sensitivities, Stress, Overwhelm, Emotions, OCD, Anxiety, Physical imbalances (aches & pains), Chronic imbalances (e.g. Cancer), Unexplained issues

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

You are welcome to experience Integrated Health Balancing approach that reflects on Physical-Emotional-Mental-Spiritual Wellbeing.

We are utilising the following modalities independently or in a combination:
- Eden Energy Medicine
- Biomagnetism (Biomagnetic Pair therapy)

The approach is very gentle, easily adjustable to suit health conditions and personal preferences, and you are encouraged to provide feedback throughout the session.
- Kinesiology (used to assess the system needs at the given time)
- Work across the interlinked energy systems (Aura, Chakras, Meridians, 5-Rhythms, Triple Warmer, Electrics, Radiant Circuits, Celtic weave)
- Various ancient techniques used to promote energy balancing (e.g. acupressure, hands on/off the body work)

There is no specific number of sessions defined ahead, but we will be rather constantly adjusting the arrangements (timing, length) based on your feedback and needs. The session should be attended in the comfortable cotton clothes that allows you to feel free and relaxed. The journey is yours and you are encouraged to practice self-home-care in your time and at pace that suits you. To achieve that you will have my support available online and in between the sessions (standard online support is included in the main sessions booking).

I am honoured to be here to support you and help initiate the healing process.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Energy Medicine In Person £55 per 60 minutes
Energy Medicine In Person £70 per 90 minutes
Energy Medicine In Person £40 per 45 minutes
Energy Medicine Online/Telephone £20 per 30 minutes

Additional Rate Information

STANDARD session options: 60min, 90min Additional 15min "online / phone " support is available "in between / as a follow up" to the standard sessions. This allows us to keep the flow and also tweak any areas as they may be appearing through out the process. TASTER session: 45min (counts towards 1st Standard session) ONLINE session: Includes consultations and self-care support. Time can be adjusted. NOTE: There is no minimum / maximum sessions specified ahead. Sessions frequency and length is tailored based on the clients feedback and interests. Example: We may be meeting on a ‘weekly' or ‘2 weeks basis' - timing will not affect the results as long there is a dedication on the clients side to keep up with the home care work.


Uday on 04/05/2018

"I was introduced to EEM by my very good friend Jovanka at the times when I was suffering from hip pain couple of years ago.

I liked the concept behind it and it was connecting with some of the techniques I have been practicing such as Yoga, Reiki etc.

Jovanka explained about the practice in detail and helped me understand the concepts and the practices around them in a clear detailed manner. She is always full of energy and enthusiasm, which I felt was great from healing perspective.

I started practicing some of the techniques suggested including the five minutes daily practice. That helped a lot with my hip pain.

After some time, EEM and the support of Jovanka became very important when I was diagnosed with Lymphoma, which I realised was related to the hip pain. I started undergoing Chemo and then Radiation therapy by conventional means, but I really needed supportive alternative therapies to help me cope up with the situation and also to support the healing process and help me go through this most difficult times with ease.

I cannot explain in words how helpful it was for me to work with Jovanka and receive so much of support during the times.

I was provided with home sessions with detailed explanations and practical techniques tailored for my needs with respect to my treatment and healing.

For example, pressing the kidney and bladder points to help reduce nausea, lymph massage points chart, which explained how to massage each points of lymph nodes to unblock and channel the energy flow etc.

Jovanka was a great support beyond words, with practical EEM techniques for my treatments but also being a good truthful soul, always full of energy and smile, which helped me a lot getting better. I cannot recommend enough Jovanka for those who are in need of healing or even being in a good health state. All the very best 'Infinite' vibrational wishes :))"

Tuba on 25/01/2019

"I always have an understanding that the energy plays an important role on our well-being, our bodies, and our minds. I haven't really looked in more depth of the energy medicine or looked for specific information about it before. I was kind of rightly or wrongly flowing and managing my energy to reduce my stress or having a good sleep etc. I heard about Perfect Health Design with regards to Eden Energy Medicine by Jovanka Mirkovic and learned it in more detail from her in regular exchanges. It made me into it. When I had a session with Jovanka she knew exactly how to pass the energy flow through my whole body and I felt every transmission of the flow. It was activating my body's subtle energy to remove any blockage to heal itself. I should say that I have a flight anxiety and I get really nervous about flying. Even for one session with her on this particular area I felt relaxed and able to set my mind in a different way. I am comfortable than previous time and fly regularly for business purposes with more relaxed. I can honestly say that Jovanka has a gift and she has figured out how she can turn this gift into a meaningful, beneficial way to transfer it over many people around her or even in many other places. Many Thanks Jovanka. You are a blessed woman."