Elizabeth Holt

Elizabeth Holt

Hypnotherapist in Rickmansworth

Your guide on your journey from where you are now to where you want to be. Professional Emotional Health Practitioner & Consultant Elizabeth successfully supports and coaches adults and young people and achieves transformational results.

Elizabeth specialises in Emotional Health and has a varied diverse set of skills that together provide breakthrough coaching and transformational change. It is a brilliant toolkit of; Life experience, Intuition, Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching & professional qualifications. A powerful blend of skills and experience - an excellent and winning toolkit that gets results!

Emotional Health Coaching - Sessions are available online for your convenience or, in-person - Both are equally as effective so the choice is yours!

Are you feeling stuck? Is there an emotional block holding you back? Are you are fed up of hearing the same old story in your head as to why you can't achieve / do something or be who you want to be?  Do you want your life to be different? What if you could have the life you really wanted? Are you ready to dare to dream and to let go of that ‘thing' that has been holding you back? I'm ready to guide you through this. Together we will remove those blocks and limiting beliefs and break through those negative thought patterns to create your desired outcomes. I am prepared to ask those tough questions to find out who you truly are - my approach is intuitive and solution focused. In return, I invite you to be 100% committed and that is when the magic starts to happen. You will discover the best version of you and together we will design the life you love. My coaching is exclusively personalised to you as you are unique.I am passionate about guiding and supporting you, seeing your mindset shift and grow through our professional and collaborative journey.

I specialise in Emotional Health - self-belief, removing emotional blocks, managing anxiety, anger, fear, jealousy, guilt and any limiting belief which has been getting in your way and stopping you from being the person you want to be, the person you can be.

If you are fed up of telling yourself the same old story as to why you can't move forward, if you are ready to dare to dream of how great your life really can be. Take the first step of your journey right now - from where you are now to where you want to be. Let's chat - contact me and schedule your free 30-minute consultation call.

Youth Coaching

Youth Coaching is a branch of Life Coaching which provides wonderful, invaluable, impartial support and guidance to youths. My intention is to provide impartial trustworthy support without judgement to your child. So that they can overcome challenges, understand their emotions, manage stress and anxiety, and importantly to develop their own emotional resilience. Resilient children are those who resist adversity, manage to cope with uncertainty and are able to recover successfully and thrive.

My Private Youth Coaching sessions are tailored to the specific needs of the child and family. That means that the child receives one on one support, attention and guidance and that the sessions are designed specifically for the child.

Private Youth Coaching sessions also provide the opportunity for children to share and explore things of a more sensitive or personal nature - things that they may feel embarrassed about or uncomfortable discussing.

Some examples may include;

Fears, worries and anxiety
Low self-esteem/self-worth
Understanding and managing emotions
Discovering their true potential
Setting and achieving goals
Discussing difficult issues
Family breakdown or divorce
Now that you are wondering the many ways that I can help the child you have in mind, contact me to arrange your free 30 minute consultation. *DBS checked.

Corporate Coaching & Training

Another area of my expertise is staff coaching. For the past 20 years I have managed, lead, developed and transformed individuals and teams in the workplace through my coaching to not only meet but to exceed targets and increase customer satisfaction.

When you build a coaching culture in the workplace it means that not only are you developing your Leaders, you are also empowering your Leaders to guide and support your employees. NLP is powerful and is as equally effective in business as it is in personal therapy. When you combine coaching and NLP you build a culture which emphasises continuous communication, feedback and learning to maximise potential which promotes a healthy, valued, motivated and supported working environment.

Get in touch today to see how I can make a difference to your business too through staff coaching.

*Family Coaching & Hypnotherapy also available.

Background & Qualifications

20 Years Managing, Leading, Mentoring & Coaching in the workplace - Private and Public sectors, Customer Contact Management & ICT Service Support Management. Transforming both individuals and teams to reach and exceed personal and professional goals.
20 years personal coaching experience.
Approved & recognised by The Association for Coaching - Full Member
Certified in Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health
Professional Member of ANLP (Association of Neuro Linguistic Programming)
Certified in the following therapies:
EFT (Emotional Freedom Techniques)
Matrix Reimprinting
Trainer of NLP
NLP Master Practitioner
NLP Coaching
Life Coaching
Youth Coaching
Business and Executive Coaching
Hypnotherapy Practitioner
DBS Checked
I adhere to a strict code of ethics & best practice.

My Specialisms

Emotional Health Coaching
Emotional Freedom Techniques
Matrix Reimprinting
Breakthrough Coaching
Breakthrough Intensives
Over coming limiting beliefs
Self Love and acceptance
Self belief & Confidence
Managing Anxiety
Corporate / Staff Coaching

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

Your guide on your journey from where you are now to where you want to be. Professional Breakthrough Coach who successfully supports and coaches adults and young people and achieves transformational results.

I specialise in Emotional Health - Anxiety, self belief, removal of limiting beliefs. Coaching on emotional awareness, self management, emotional resilience, social awareness and relationship management.

I have a varied and diverse set of skills that together provide Breakthrough Coaching and transformational change. It's a brilliant toolkit of; Life experience, Intuition, Applied Neuroscience & Brain Health, NLP, Hypnotherapy, Coaching & professional qualifications. A powerful blend of skills and experience - a excellent and winning toolkit that gets results:

My approach is person centred and solution focused. Each session is designed specifically to your needs I don't offer one size fits all coaching as you are unique therefore my coaching is designed specifically for you.

Here are reviews from some of my clients about their coaching experience with me...

A sample of what some of my coaching clients have had to say about their experience of my coaching...


"When I first spoke to Elizabeth I had hit rock bottom and never thought I'd emerge from feeling so completely sad and hopeless but with in a matter of months she helped me to regain my confidence and navigate me back to where I was before the darkest moments and feel an even better version of myself. I have seen many therapists but Elizabeth is the only one who really and truly got me. I can't recommend her highly enough. Thank you for all your help!!"

- Zoe,


"I owe my life to Elizabeth. I was suffering from emotional problems that had caused Depression and Panic attacks and severe OCD. I had to walk away from the place where I had worked for 15 years. My wife had ostracised me as she could no longer cope with my issues and that led my children to abandon me. My best friend of 15 years who I had trusted like a brother and looked to for support became fearful of me. I was in a terrible place made worse by the fact I had no one to turn to for guidance and support. And then I was introduced to Elizabeth. I was very scared and apprehensive about opening up and talking about my problems. I thought she would also think that I was 'mad' and walk away from me in fear.

However as I began to talk to Elizabeth, my fears about opening up and describing my issues were cast aside. She was truly 'non-judgemental' and never flinched at anything I recounted. There were times that I repeated myself over and over again but she never complained, she was never frustrated or bored, she was always truly in the moment when we had our consultations. Over time I began to heal and all of my symptoms disappeared, I regained my life, my confidence returned and I was happy again. Elizabeth had been the rock who I relied upon and was responsible for my transformation. I could not fathom how this transformation occurred and it was only when I read the following (quote from 'The Power of Now' by Eckhart Tolle) that I understood how I was healed by Elizabeth.

".......If you are fortunate enough to find someone who is intensely conscious, if you can be with them and join them in the state of presence, that can be helpful and will accelerate things. In this way your own light will quickly grow stronger. When a log that has only just started to burn is placed next to one that is burning fiercely, and after a while they are separated again, the first log will be burning with much greater intensity........" To be such a fire is one of the functions of a healer."

- Josh, Middlesex


"I approached Elizabeth as I was so concerned for my daughter and I didn't know what else I could do to help and the situation was becoming worse. My daughter is 15 years old and according to the hospital she was suffering from Anxiety and Depression and they wanted her to take anti depression tablets a path I really didn't want my daughter to go down. She would never go out even to the corner shop, could not make friends and would follow me everywhere including room to room in the house. She always seemed sad and would often cry when she thought I was not looking.

All I wanted was for her to be a carefree teenager, have friends, go out and most of all be happy and be herself like she is when she's with me. My daughter was very nervous to meet with Elizabeth but she understood and wanted to change and be happy. Elizabeth met with my daughter and they went for coffee so it was kept informal to make my daughter more comfortable. I wasn't expecting a miracle and I thought it would take a while for my daughter to open up because she is so shy and nervous. When they come back my daughter seemed different like a light had been turned on behind her eyes, I know that sounds strange but it's the only way I can describe it. I asked how it went and she said really good and asked if she could see Elizabeth again, which surprised me as she is so shy and doesn't like to talk about how she feels.

The next day my daughter's behaviour had changed she seemed brighter and happier, even family members who didn't know she had met Elizabeth the day before were asking what's happened and how different she seemed. At her next hospital visit to see the psychologist they even asked what's changed and noticed how different she was. My daughter met with Elizabeth again and the change was evident, afterwards I asked my daughter how it went and she replied we talk and Elizabeth helps me to think differently about things.

My daughter now goes out has friends and I haven't seen her cry since, it is like Elizabeth turned the lights on in her head her and her personality shines through. She's happy which in return I'm happy, I can not believe the difference in her Elizabeth helped us so much and I believe changed her future. Elizabeth's style is amazing, she's easy to talk to, listens and is non judgemental which I feel has impacted on the outcome as my daughter finds it hard to talk, I was also concerned about my daughter discussing such personal details with someone but I shouldn't have been. Elizabeth is kind, approachable and has such a talent for making you rethink things and changing behaviours.

We can not thank Elizabeth enough for what she has done for us."

-Lorraine, Middlesex

"I met Elizabeth a few years ago and feel truly blessed that I met her when I did. Elizabeth coached me through a breakthrough session and the results were truly life changing. Before I met her, I was struggling with confidence and self worth and with Elizabeth's guidance and support, I left the session with a new lease of life! I have had subsequent sessions with Elizabeth over the years, all with remarkable results, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone. Elizabeth works in such a supportive and strengthening way. She has an emotional intelligence that allows her to cut through the rubbish and to focus on what the issue really is all the while holding space and being non-judgemental. She has an empathy and compassion for others that is just amazing. I can't thank her enough for the support and tools she has given me."

- Lisa Bristol

"Before seeing Elizabeth I had a severe mental barrier when it came to my dietary habits. This stemmed from issues I had from when I was a baby. I was unable to eat or even try vegetables and fruit, my body would physically reject it before I had even eaten it. I would gag at the smell of vegetables, throw up if I tried to force them down and it had been this way for as long as I could remember. Going out for food was a nightmare, I had to order food plain all the time so I could eat without issue and would always be questioned for my food choices. This would also affect those I was with, having to consider my dietary habits when considering what/where to eat.

I needed to be able to eat freely without restriction, not only to allow me to be more flexible when eating socially but also for health reasons. Being someone who competes in Powerlifting, diet is a massive factor of this and not having a balanced diet was starting to limit my progression. I needed to be able to consume a healthy balanced diet and get the nutrition I needed.

Since Seeing Elizabeth this is exactly what I am able to do, it was like she picked the mental lock to the door that I was unable to open myself. Not eating Fruit or Vegetables for basically all of my life, I obviously don't really know what ones I do or do not like but I now have the freedom to try them, without the mental barriers that had held me back for 22 years. I am very excited at the chance to discover new foods and taste things for the first time, i can now do this freely and at my own pace. This was a massive weight that got lifted off my shoulders and I couldn't of done it without Elizabeth.

The session that I had with Elizabeth was very relaxed and I felt very comfortable, upon completing the session I could feel the difference right away and I hadn't even tried to eat anything at that point but knew I would no longer have an issue. After the session I ate kale for the first time without any issue.

I recommended Elizabeth to a family member of mine as she really is a miracle worker and I had nothing but a positive experience with her."

-Tommy, Bournemouth

"I went to see Elizabeth when I was suffering with Anxiety. At this point I was very low, worried about going out & scared to eat or drink anything. I had been to my GP, to see if there was anything physically wrong with me, who suggested I take tablets to help calm my nerves - a route I really didn't want to go down! I had recently helped a family member through their anxiety so I knew how bad it could get if I just left it. I didn't know what else to do and this is when a friend told me how Elizabeth had helped her.

I was very nervous about speaking with someone but Elizabeth was so kind and reassuring I felt I could open up to her. When I went to the meeting, I felt as if my problem was really silly and people would think I'm crazy. Again Elizabeth made me feel at ease and didn't judge me.

We talked through my problem step-by-step, Elizabeth found the issue and changed the way I thought about it. I couldn't believe how well she understood and after 1 meeting I felt much more confident!

I am very happy with my progress which is all down to Elizabeth and her techniques. I am very grateful to Elizabeth in getting me back to 'me'! I would recommend her in a heartbeat."

-Coral, Buckinghamshire


"I spend half of the year living in southern Spain in a small village which has quite a high retired ex-pat community, as such it is all too easy to succumb to the drink culture. Just going for a walk with the intention of half an hours exercise can result in bumping into friends sitting in the sun outside a bar, one can be very easily be tempted to stop for a quick glass! All too soon, I found I was drinking far too much white wine! When I started to get leg cramps I decided enough was enough.

I contacted Elizabeth as I had heard what fantastic results she was achieving using NLP, (although to be honest I was extremely sceptical) as I am not normally a person who is susceptible to the power of suggestion.

As I was in Spain Elizabeth agreed to undertake the consultation via Skype.

The session lasted approximately 40 minutes, at the end of the session Elizabeth asked me to pour myself a glass of wine, to my utter amazement I really didn't want to do this and when she asked me to take a sip I was utterly repelled at the thought of it. The consultation was in March 2015 and to this day I have not drunk or wanted to drink white wine. If anyone had told me that a 45 minute NLP session could change my life, I would never have believed it.

Elizabeth isn't just an NLP counsellor, she is extraordinary, anyone can train to be a counsellor but with her it's as if she has found her vocation in life! She seems to have a special gift and is so committed to helping people. I cannot thank her enough for helping me.

A truly satisfied client!".

-Gill, Spain


"I didn't know who I was or where I was going in my career or in my life. I always felt so unhappy but didn't know why or how to change. Elizabeth believed in me and gave me confidence until I found confidence in myself. Since working with Elizabeth I have changed my job and I am in a healthy happy relationship and life is great. I know if I hadn't met Elizabeth my life would not be how it is now. I have found me and I like me actually, no I love me! Thank you thank you and thank you again Elizabeth for being you!"

-Nicole, Hertfordshire

"Elizabeth is a lovely professional down to earth lady she is so easy to talk to.  You can have a good cry and a good giggle with her not once did she make me feel stupid in the way that I had been feeling.

Elizabeth helped me look at situations so differently and that was just after one session.  Elizabeth made me see that worrying about every aspect of life was very exhausting and how easy it is with the right words and encouragement you can change your mindset!

Elizabeth has helped me in a tricky time of my life and I am very grateful to have met her.  I wouldn't have any problems recommending her to any of my friends or family".

-Lyn, Buckinghamshire


"So, I should start by saying thank you for giving us our son back...
Now, I know how incredibly corny and clichéd that sounds; but if you compare the quiet, pale and tired boy who walked into the session (and subsequently placed himself as far away from Elizabeth as was physically possible and barely let himself breathe let alone talk to her) with OUR lively, vibrant confident boy who danced back out (literally ‘dabbing' and ‘flossing' like any 10 year-old of this decade who's worth their salt!), giggling and chatting away to Elizabeth like he'd known her forever, then you'll get an idea of where I'm coming from.
Couple this with the fact that I'm writing this fresh from the first uninterrupted night of sleep our household has seen in over a week and I'm sure you'll see my opening line is no hyperbole.

Our son's ‘issue' was (see Elizabeth I'm putting it in the past where it belongs ;) ) that he had periods when he felt that he couldn't swallow and then subsequently couldn't breathe - we initially took him to an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist thinking it was a physical issue; they ruled out anything serious and gave a few suggestions of what may be causing it along with some sprays etc to soothe his throat.

Almost a year then went by with several periods of this problem presenting itself, we were able to get him through these ourselves, but we noticed that the frequency and level of these was escalating and started to realise that there were some triggers for these events...

At this point I think it's worth saying that where we're from ‘coaching' or getting help for anxiety issues isn't really a thing... you are much more likely to be encouraged to ‘man up' or ‘crack on' than seek any kind of help for issues that are not physical.
Having had the assistance of Elizabeth personally in the past, she was the first person I thought of when I realised that our son was struggling with more than what we could help him with so I made the call...

From the very moment I did there was such tremendous relief; for my husband and I as we knew help was on it's way - but most importantly for our son, who for the first time in months was presented with a way out of the anxiety loop he had found himself in.
I told Elizabeth that the night I told him the appointment was made he went to sleep with a smile for the first time in ages and she summed it up by saying ‘because you've given him hope - hope that he can overcome this...' - surely as a parent we can't ask for more?

Anyway, this is turning into an epic tale and I'm sure you're thinking ‘OK ‘Margaret' from ‘London' - we get that the pizza was the best you ever tasted and you only got 1 free slice for writing such an ‘honest' review - but please get on with it...' so I'll try to summarise the session briefly!

Through the whole process our son was given control; whether we stayed, whether we waited outside, whether he talked, cried, laughed or flushed things down the loo (!!!) - all under his control...
Elizabeth not only got to the root of his issues, but gave him actual real-life techniques to manage himself should the issues reoccur; but she did such a good job of ‘flushing his worries away' that I doubt he'll need them... !!
Elizabeth then gave us the tools we would need to support him as parents; using some really simple yet astonishingly effective techniques that were demonstrated before our eyes.

Elizabeth was patient, engaging and non-judgemental and we'll never be able to thank her enough for putting the smile back on our son's face.

So... that's a YES from us...".

Kelly - Middlesex


"I went to see Elizabeth to help me work on my confidence and to get some help to better cope with a very busy and stressful time at work. Very quickly Elizabeth was able to help me with some techniques that I could apply straight away. She helped me work on my confidence which improved very quickly, all I needed was a little help from her to get it out. I can really tell the difference after our sessions, it's just what I needed and I'm happier overall thanks to her help. I would definitely recommend her and I'm sure I'll be back next time I get ‘stuck'.

Thanks again for your help! I loved our conversations!".

- Lucia Middlesex


I cannot thank Elizabeth enough for the help she has given me in such a short time.

I came to Elizabeth in desperate need to help me with my anxiety and panic attacks that I was having on a regular basis. This was all due to a fear of eating and choking on my food.

I have had a battle for 15 years with my fear of eating, I've tried so many things to help and nothing has helped me until I was recommended Elizabeth by another friend. She has taught me how to have a positive mind, talk to myself positively, understand the thought process and the triggers for anxiety and panic attack. I now have full control of this and it feels amazing, I am making very positive changes in my life removing the negativity and old habits.

I had sessions with Elizabeth once a week for around 7 weeks and I did find that I had to almost ween myself off her because I didn't think I had the strength and courage to do it alone but, I know that she will be there if I need her and I am going to still remain doing one session a month to keep my strength going.

My life has been changed for the better now, anxiety doesn't rule me any more I rule anxiety and would recommend anyone struggling with this to see Elizabeth. "

- Sam, Middlesex

" My anxiety, before coming to Elizabeth, was at a point where I thought nothing could help. I was having multiple panic attacks everyday, I stopped going to school for a few weeks, I didn't even leave the house. It felt like my whole life had fallen apart completely. I thought I was stuck in that state forever.

I began sessions with Elizabeth weekly, finding each week brought a little more progress towards my "battle" with anxiety. I had to be patient, but it was all worth it. Elizabeth helped me figure out the best coping mechanisms for me, and we talked through all my problems and fears until we found solutions for each one.

My anxiety is better now, If I have little dips I can think of what Elizabeth has taught me to get through them. I couldn't have gotten this far without her."

Thank you so much :)

- Elena


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Lisa on 27/04/2017

"I met Elizabeth a few years ago and feel truly blessed that I met her when I did. Elizabeth coached me through a breakthrough session and the results were truly life changing. Before I met her, I was struggling with confidence and self worth and with Elizabeth's guidance and support, I left the session with a new lease of life! I have had subsequent sessions with Elizabeth over the years, all with remarkable results, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her services to anyone. Elizabeth works in such a supportive and strengthening way. She has an emotional intelligence that allows her to cut through the rubbish and to focus on what the issue really is all the while holding space and being non-judgemental. She has an empathy and compassion for others that is just amazing. I can't thank her enough for the support and tools she has given me."