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Hypnotherapist in Maidstone

Mind Therapy can help in a way that is best for you personally due to the expertise available.

I'm not just qualified as a hypnotherapist I am also a CBT Practitioner with PSYCHOLOGY of selves and NLP techniques, also proud to say a qualified CONTROL practitioner ( more info under therapies) a therapy that does not use deep Trance however does make rapid changes.

If you want to gain CONTROL of Anxiety, Depression, Trauma, Weight Issues, Fear & Phobias, OCD , confidence low self esteem, addiction / habits such as smoking, biting nails. Sleep problems, Frustrations, Guilt, Bullying basically any cycles of behaviour that you can't stop - the list is endless - but if you want help now and want to feel uplifted, liberated and free.... while totally in CONTROL... whatever your Transformation goal is this then call now for a free CONSULTATION to discuss how MIND THERAPY can help you!

Background & Qualifications

I'm a fully qualified Hypnotherapist and studied with the Kent school of hypnotherapy to Diploma level and taken advanced courses to extend my knowledge, to give the best outcome to my clients. I have extended knowledge and qualified in phsycology of selves and NLP. After qualifying in 2013 I then went on to qualify as a CBT practitioner within hypnotherapy and then went on to gain CBT as a stand alone talking therapy to DIPLOMA level. Then in 2017 I had the opportunity to become a CONTROL PRACTIONER ,for the fantastic ,TIM BOX author of Clear your head ,founder of his CONTROL SYSTEM. I'm proudly a fully qualified and Recognised practicing CONTROL PRACTITIONER.

About me

Chronic illness can grab anyone at anytime and for those that don't know, yes it grabbed me! Diagnosed a few years back with Fibromyalgia, Ehlers Danlos syndrome, degenerative Osteoarthritis, arthritis in both knees, back and neck, Sleep apnoea, pots (autonomic dysfunction), high myopia, Bursitis and IBS & unfortunately the list tend to extends when you have chronic illness. I lost my job as a preschool teacher at the time due to health reasons and had no diagnosis and became very immobile and pretty much house bound.
It was not a nice place.

However I had qualified as a hypnotherapist just at that point thankfully which helped me and also enabled me to have the skill and mindset to get CONTROL and CHANGE. I could not believe how much it helped me. This made me become very fascinated about the power of our minds. Therefore, I started to study more about it and then my journey for better health began.

I gained more qualifications in CBT, NLP, PSYCHOLOGY OF SELVES and I now have qualified in the amazing CONTROL SYSTEM.



My Specialisms


I have put all my expertise and tools together in one package to create the unique mind therapy transformation programme.

I'm a qualified hypnotherapist, remedial hypnotist, cognitive behavioural therapist (CBT practitioner) and control practitioner. I am trained in the psychology of selves and NLP techniques (neuro-linguistic programming)

I am so excited about how this programme has helped clients. That's why, for a limited time I'm offering a free two hour consultation so you can find out all about it for yourself. I just want everyone to experience this, because i know you will absolutely love it!

It is unique as it's a mixture of all my expertise , so I don't no any one else who does this full transformation programme cause i have put all my personal tools together and made what I like to call a safe firework.

I can only describe it like that as that's truly how I feel about it. It's how I felt once , yep trapped in a box and how previous clients use to feel too.

Maybe you reading this may relate to one or many of these feelings right now......In a box feeling scared, stuck ,confused, anxious , depressed, fearful, low self esteem, tired due to lack of sleep, frustrated, guilty and feeling trapped inside a box feeling no way out.

Well guess what I found all my tools learnt many therapies and techniques over a few years while fighting several chronic illnesses. I then learnt THE CONTROL SYSTEM and adding that to my tool box.....

Well you never guess what happened.... the whole thing exploded and I turned into a firework. Feeling AWESOME, ALIVE ,SPARKLING flying out of that box. Totally FREE no longer stuck LIBERATED, UPLIFTED, and totally amazing. Even better than that because I have put all my tools in one box so I can create this transformation for others like you . With this Programme i ensure you get the best Therapy ( firework) that suits you so you get the best outcome to set you free.

Also you excitingly are also apart of the therapy (unlike traditional hypnotherapy which is still included) you will participate and see the changes happening as not always in deep trance, (subconscious dominance). Your be aware of me speaking to their subconscious!How cool is that?

You can even learn to do the CONTROL SYSTEM yourself too, so you keep control. Now that is priceless!! A therapy method you also learn to use on yourself for ever. WOW!!

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I offer two hour FREE consultation,

Why 2 hours FREE.

I want to work with clients that really want to change, who really want to reach their goals, CONTROL their anxiety, depression fears and phobias ect. Those that truly are ready consciously to lose that weight, stop smoking, biting their nails, stop drinking ect. Those that are frustrated cause they know they want to change those negative thought patterns and negative patterns of behaviour but can't do it on their own cause they have tried but need help.

When I see a client for two hours in that time I will know what's my best therapy in my tool box to use as we are all unequal. We will both know if we can work with eachother. I will know if I feel I can help you. You will know if I can and that's what's important.

It's important you feel safe comfortable and secure! It's important you trust your therapist if you don't your wasting your money and I don't like that. I'm here to get results I do my job because I'm passionate about getting people unstuck and giving them their life back to how it was or how it should be. Feeling Happy.

So you have honestly nothing to lose booking a consultation with me I been through a lot so I have a desire to help people. No pressure sale after consult because I truly don't want to work with anyone unless they are desperate for me to help them because they know I can help them .

Also you have nothing to lose but gain knowledge about how our conscious and subconscious brain works. How we think feel and behave, plus get a free taster of hypnosis so it's FREE fun!

It's so important you feel I am the therapist for you, so that's why I give two hours and why I feel I'm getting great and amazing outcomes.

So If you would like a consultation FREE and only if you want to 07500004393

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Hypnotherapy In Person £50 per 60 minutes
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In Person £65 per 60 minutes
Mindfulness Online/Telephone Please Call
All Therapies In Person Please Call
Life Coaching In Person Please Call
Meditation Online/Telephone Please Call

Additional Rate Information

Hypnotherapy sessions £50 Per hour sessions Enjoy changes to your subconscious mind using tradition hypnosis Hypnotherapy With CBT. £65 per hour session hypnosis including talking therapy. CBT £50 per hour sessions change the way you think feel and behave . Virtual GASTRIC BAND £375.00 (Course of 6 session) no diet change mindset STOP SMOKING £165.00 ( one session Stop smoking) Simply be a Non smoker Mind therapy Amazing £325.00. 2 hr sessions X 3 also Inc a 2hr free consultation, unique Rapid Plus teach you how to communicate with own subconscious Transformation Programme How rare and amazing is that? Plus option to join a free . Using Control System. Facebook group for ongoing support. 12 week fat shredding, emotion £485.00 Transform don't lose weight to go looking for it let's shred Shred it and release it along with the emotion attached. releasing and letting go of old limiting beliefs / transformation mindset programme. 07500004393. Email


Andy Dowling on 20/11/2018

""Hi Laura, I had to send this email to thank you for all you have done for me recently.

For the past 50 years my life has been overshadowed by my phobia of "Tomatoes" If I came in contact with one I would feel physically sick and on occasions was indeed so. I could not go near them and kept my phobia to myself if possible as it could make my life feel like hell.

When shopping I always checked the ingredients on packets etc and if it contained tomatoes it went back on the shelf. So my food was limited by this. When eating out I always had to request no tomatoes on my plate and if so it went straight back.

On my second session with you I can hardly believe that I could not wait to get into your kitchen to get my hands on a tomato and cut it in half and pose with it, My wife and my mother were gobsmacked by this. I have now eaten several new things that have tomato in them and have not been ill and enjoyed them. I have twice now had tomatoes on my plate when eating out and it has not bothered me one bit.

Thank you big time

Lizzie on 20/11/2018

"You won't find a kinder more understanding therapist than Laura. She will put you at your ease and be as excited as you are when you accomplish your goals.
I saw Laura to help me lose weight not only am I over a stone and a half down but my anxiety has disappeared too.

You won't regret choosing Laura, call her now. "