Denise Jones

Denise Jones

Indian Head Masseuse in Edinburgh

I am an experienced therapist who has been practising for over 19 years delivering Reiki Healing and Indian Head Massage. A member of the Institute of Holistic Therapists I am fully insured and qualified to offer my therapies.

I feel unconditional love is the key to practising therapies and this is a great source of inspiration, I do find that living near the sea, surrounded by nature and the flowing water, gives me great optimism and joy.

As a Reiki Master together with Reiki Master Ann Fowler, I am attuning and training others to Reiki levels 1&2 at A Therapy for You in Leith. I also take part in regular training and information sessions such as the benefits of crystals and use of therapies in palliative care. I believe that keeping up to date and exploring new therapies together with ongoing improvement is an essential part good practice. A recent innovation is the Reiki Professional Development Group which offers Reiki people of all levels a chance to learn from each other.

Contact Denise on 07944561330 to make an appointment or for more information about training and development or email:

Background & Qualifications

Hello I'm Denise Jones, I have been practising therapy for around 19 years and I love it. I live in Edinburgh by the the Firth of Forth .I have 4 children all married and with children and living in Devon, London, Edinburgh and Wiltshire. I try to see my grandchildren as much as possible. I am so lucky that I now get to see the two youngest age 6 and 3 years regularly as they now live in Edinburgh , a great joy!
My therapy career all started when I was offered a place on a Reiki weekend by my Tai Chi teacher and I thought it would be lovely to have some therapy, it sounded great. I was intrigued because I was not encouraged to prepare in anyway. Imagine my amazement when on the first day I discovered that I was to be attuned and was actually then able to share this with family and friends. The whole experience was fantastic and life changing.
The teaching was oral only, no written materials except the Reiki history and principles were provided, it was entirely experiential and I was encouraged not to do any other reading. Not deterred I somehow managed to remember it all (with an occasional chat with my teacher and other participants) and was happy to share it with anyone who was willing.
I moved rapidly onto 2nd degree Reiki and found it to be even more amazing and fulfilling although once again we were not given much in the way of notes and with having no more than a few prayers to guide me this was quite hard at first. Still I did my case practice by fundraising for a charity at £5.00 a therapy and that practice later left me hungry to do my Masters degree. However circumstances were not right so I decided to add Indian Head Massage and later Body Talk to my therapies. Also I was a sole parent and working full time and could not afford the time and funds to take the Masters training.
It was not until well over ten years later when I had returned to my home town Edinburgh and semi- retired that circumstances allowed me to gain lots more experience (working as a volunteer therapist with the CFPH Community Holistic Health Project ) and fulfil my ambition to take my Reiki Masters degree. Taking my Masters has also enabled me to grow and use my years of experience teaching adults to help me to teach Reiki to others. A move to find premises that would give access to people with disabilities has brought a group of wonderful therapists to our practice A Therapy for You in Leith based in Bonnington Bond
Old history:
I was born to in Leith and spent early years at Little France. Once my father rejoined the army we moved around including 21 months in Singapore. This meant I attended 8 schools ending up at St Thomas's of Aquins Edinburgh . I continued my education at Craiglochart College of Higher Education but after graduation I got itchy feet and joined WRAF. From then I lived and worked in England for nearly 40 years bringing up my family and working with unemployed youngsters including a brief spell running a hostel whilst studying for an M.A in Teaching and Training and spent nearly 20 years working as an Educationalist with the Gloucester Probation Service concentrating on basic skills and employment support. It was in Gloucester that I learned and first practised my therapies. Nearly 10 years ago I returned to Scotland to run a shop& post office in Deeside. All this time I had continued my therapies and had the priviledge of working sas a volunteer CLAN a cancer Charity. This experience helped develop a greater understanding of the effects of the disease. It taught me how therapy could help people affected by cancer.
Ongoing development has allowed me to understand the power of the brain, ways of working that compliment medical treatments and other therapies and I have recently trained in Ayurvedic Foot Massage, a wonderful balancing and soothing therapy to encourage over all health and wellbeing.

My Specialisms

Reiki is an Holistic Energy Healing. I love Reiki and all that it can help people achieve. People come for Reiki all sorts of reasons ranging from for help to relax, to find ways of dealing with pain, to work on sleep issues, to relieve low spirits or to help recovery from illness. Indeed any physical, health, mental, emotional or even family issues can be targeted with the help of all the good energy in the universe. Issues such as solving problems and decision making can also be targeted with Reiki.
Reiki works on balancing the seven major chakras (energy points) and helps bring clarity and a feeling of wellbeing. Who wouldn't be relaxed, lying comfortably wafting off with gentle music?
Indian Head Massage (IHM) approaches to Indian head massage vary and whilst it is an amazing therapy, not all the benefits of it are yet fully recognised. Treating the head, face, neck, upper arms, shoulders and upper back it is truly a holistic therapy in that the gentle massage movements are very relaxing and soothing (especially if oils are used) and help clear the skin, bring blood to the muscles, scalp and hair and help flow of lymph to remove impurities. IHM is excellent for relaxation, pain relief, detoxification, stress relief and sleep issues.
Indian head Massage is aI have recently also an excellent therapy in support of those affected by cancer. I have found that adding Reiki to a treatment can be enhancing and most effective.
Ayurvedic foot massage is gentle treatment working to balance the chakras, the body and soothe the feet and lower legs using oild and gently touch.

Chat and Chakra This is a chance to talk over a cup of tea and then have a standing or lying chakra balance. I offer this because I have spent my whole working life working with people and know that sometimes a listening ear can be just what we need to help express concerns and also to clarify issues. It is a great privilege to give you the opportunity to share issues, concerns or frustrations about work or family but it is very important to stress that this is not a counselling service its just a chance to talk things through in confidence.

Body Talk This therapy is an excellent first aid for injuries and distress. It works on tapping positive messages into the cortex and the heart. I am qualified to give this at technician level.
Colours and Crystals I often also use crystals and chakra colours in my therapies which can add another dimension. Crystals especially emit wonderful energy forged over millions of years and combined with their colour can be helpful for many conditions. Crystals have been used since ancient times but the benefits and qualities of crystals as therapeutic tools are only now being widely recognised in the west.

REIKI ATTUNEMENT and TRAINING. Ann Fowler my own Reiki Master ansd I to deliver Reiki Attunements and training in a caring, professional and flexible way. We started this work when were invited to offer Reiki Attunement /training at the Foundation for Planetary Healing in Portobello where we delivered several courses. As ever things move on and with our own therapy base we now offer regular Reiki Attunement and training .
Ps we also give an excellent manual and share freely the wealth of our experience!

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I believe that everyone can benefit from the healing effect of therapy. On a lighter level a therapy can just be a relaxing and restful experience especially as so many people do not give themselves enough time to rest and really relax.
However I believe that therapies can have a deeper effect in helping people through trauma, depression & anxiety, helping them to find relief from serious conditions and to find ways to help themselves.
Therapy is a partnership between the "patient" and the therapist. A single therapy or course of therapies requires trust by both parties. A therapist must be true to their training and skills and offer a safe and comfortable environment; maintaining good professional standards of delivery and confidentiality keeping within the bounds of their competence.
I like to be as honest and open with patients and establish a rapport whereby we can work together towards their goals.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Reiki In Person £35 per 60 minutes
Indian Head Massage In Person £35 per 60 minutes
Ayurveda In Person £35 per 60 minutes

Additional Rate Information

Low Income Clinic this is available for: students, disabled, unemployed, unable to work £10-£20 according to what you can afford. Other notes Combinations of therapies availailable times can be varied Usual rate £35.00 with loyaly discounts for regular clients and courses of treatment From tinme to time SPECIAL OFFERS Gift Vouchers available in units of £5