Jacob Perry

Jacob Perry

Massage Therapist in London

I am an ITEC-qualified, experienced massage therapist: I graduated with Merit in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology, and with Distinction in Sports Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology. Not all paths of training are equal: I hold ITEC qualifications in both fields of bodywork purposefully, due to the certifying professional organization's rigorous course of study and its strict evaluation of competency by external, rather than internal, examiners. I have intentionally attended, furthermore, various top schools rather than a single institution throughout my education, which paved the way to rigorous training with different practitioners in diverse bodywork modalities, such as Massage Therapists, Osteopaths, Chiropractors, and Physiotherapists. I am a member of The Federation of Holistic Therapists association in the UK and Ireland. In the past several years, I have worked for the largest mobile massage company in the UK and the biggest, in fact, in Europe at large. Subsequently, in addition to my private clients, I have treated one of the most imaginably diverse groups of individuals with various sports careers, needs, athletic leisurely engagements, work-related physical demands, and a multitude of psychological challenges.

Background & Qualifications

ITEC with Merit in Holistic Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
ITEC with Distinction in Sports Massage, Anatomy, Physiology and Pathology
Professional Accreditations in:
Deep Tissue Massage
Advanced Soft Tissue Release
Muscle Energy Techniques
Osteopathic Techniques and Joint Manipulations
Piriformis Syndrome Therapy
Thoracic Outlet Syndrome Therapy
Positional Release Techniques
Lomilomi Techniques
NPLQ, Life-Guarding and First Aid, accredited by The Royal Life Saving Society
B.A. (Liberal Arts, including, in areas particularly relevant to therapeutic practices and research, biology, psychology, and statistics education)
M.A. & Ph.D. in the Humanities

My Specialisms

I specialize in Deep Tissue, Sports, Holistic, Swedish, and Integrative Massage therapies. In addition to my core qualifications, I am accredited in multiple and diverse treatment modalities such as Deep Tissue Massage, Advanced Soft Tissue Release, Muscle Energy Techniques, Osteopathic techniques and joint manipulations, Piriformis Syndrome therapy, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome therapy, and Positional Release techniques.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

The art of touch and its possibilities are endless; I have devoted myself to explore their therapeutic potentialities. The delivery of my treatment bears at least two purposeful trajectories in mind. First, it has to be intelligent. I think energetically throughout the treatment about the physical problems, biomechanics, and agonies you reported to me and creatively attempt to address them through varied techniques, manipulations, treatment modalities, and post-treatment instructions for continuous home/gym care. This is a diligent effort, thoughtful and resourceful in its strive to produce an effective therapeutic impact. However, an intelligent treatment, essential as it is—thus accurately translating what you had reported to me before the treatment began and what I found and assessed throughout the treatment into an effective therapeutic practice—is insufficient in and of itself; it must also be "loving." (Needless to say, I would hope, massage therapy, exactly like other professional bodywork treatments performed by osteopaths, chiropractors, acupuncturists, physiotherapists, massage therapists, nurses, and doctors, among other qualified professionals, is entirely therapeutic and non sexual.) The delivery of an intelligent treatment that draws on a wide spectrum of techniques and an expansive palette of possibilities must also be compassionately loving. Rather than performing routines and being unenthusiastically dull even if mechanically accurate, a loving touch is faithfully caring and patiently attentive. A loving, caring touch is thoughtfully generous and earnestly devoted to a healing process that attempts to undo the unreasonable demands placed on our bodies and psyches. With both goals in mind—the delivery of an intelligent and loving care—I approach my treatments.

A responsible, diligent, and effective bodywork takes time. Rushing it is not merely counter-productive but also potentially detrimental. Techniques in the realm of deep tissue and osteopathic manipulations, for example, must be applied only after a responsible preparatory work is done. After the integrity and extensibility of relevant tissues are assessed (i.e., epidermal, neuromuscular, circulatory), blood circulation is stimulated, and soft tissues are sufficiently warmed up, provisionally stretched, and initially loosened, deep tissue and osteopathic techniques can be effectively and productively applied. Studies on various muscle energy techniques, to mention another useful realm of practice, clearly delineate the safe and effective temporal spans during which desired neuromuscular responses could be cultivated. Rushing treatment in these, as well as many other, domains of practice is not merely counterproductive, unsettling and hence not particularly relaxing; it is also unsafe, and even potentially detrimental, in its association with micro-fibrous tissue damage and injuries. Instead of the ineffective, arbitrary hourly dictation of modern capitalist economics, which in and of itself puts unreasonable demands on our bodies (the stressful, constant, and rushing dictation of "time is money" to which we are constantly subjected), I opt for longer treatments at highly competitive rates.

This choice is motivated by multiple reasons. A responsible, effective bodywork is safer than its hourly truncated counterpart; it is more relaxing; it is more diligent and accurate beneficially in its application of various techniques, particularly those techniques that demand, as the medical and paramedical literatures substantiate, a certain prolonged duration for their proper execution. A short treatment is typically, often inevitably, restricted either to "light rubbing," "beauty" massage or to the continuous, uninterrupted, intense stimuli-bombardment of the body; the former is relatively superficial and inconsequential with respect to therapeutic outcomes, while the latter is ineffective, and could induce, rather than alleviate, various adverse neuromuscular effects, such as muscular spasms. A longer treatment comfortably accommodates deep tissue and high intensity manipulations, which are effective only when alternated systematically with the intervening generation of parasympathetic responses. Only together and in systematic alternation could both high intensity and unwinding modalities of manipulation contribute to the resetting of neuromuscular patterns and the autonomic nervous system. An hourly treatment, by default, withdraws from this tested therapeutic logic (there is simply not enough time for such a systematic interchange). The hourly treatment is a popular, marketed massage by therapists, saloons, and mobile companies. It is in line with market pressures and the demand for greater profit making through daily work in volume, that is, through multiple hourly sessions each working day could accommodate with ease. My interest, instead, lies in the quality, rather than the quantity, of the massages given.

My approach to the treatments' duration in correspondence with the therapeutic literature and practitioners of my preference is both modest and ambitious. It is modest inasmuch as it exhibits the comprehension that no single stroke or quick fix/"adjustment" could "do the trick"—something for which indeed there is no substantiation in the medical literature. No single stroke, "adjustment," or technique could somehow magically make an immediate therapeutic impact, as the medical literature demonstrates, but it is rather a comprehensive cumulative effort that eventually produces the desired difference. While modest, my approach is also ardently ambitious insofar as it takes the necessary time to borrow from various approaches the application of diverse techniques in order to address a set of problems and construct a genuinely valuable treatment. Longer treatments thus allow me to be professionally and attentively effective while providing you with the rare opportunity of reaping the full benefits attained through a responsible, relaxing, and dedicated therapeutic touch.

I offer accordingly a 2-hour treatment at a very attractive rate.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Massage Therapy In Person £75 per 120 minutes We have verified this therapists Massage Therapy credentials!

Additional Rate Information

*As a first time trial promotion, you get a £10 discounted rate. *These rates apply only to London's zone 1 and 2. Hence, a 120 Minute-Massage (sports, deep tissue, holistic, etc.), in home (at your location), within London's zone 1 and 2, on a full-size, equipped sports massage table: First treatment, £75, and thereafter £85. Consult me for other zones (if travel times are reasonable, which they might very well be, reasonable travel expenses will apply).