Jude Soames

Jude Soames

Massage Therapist in Newcastle Upon Tyne

I have been working with pregnant and postnatal women and their partners for over 15 years. I thoroughly enjoy my work, meeting pregnant people and supporting them through this very special time.

As a massage therapist I can provide space and time for a woman to rest and relax. The massage releases physical aches and strains commonly felt during pregnancy or following labour. Emotional tensions are also released as the massage brings comfort and peace.

As a birth and postnatal Doula I bring antenatal support listening to parents fears, hopes and dreams and allowing them the space to reach informed decisions surrounding their labour and parenting. I am there for couples to lean on in labour, and to new parents during those challenging first few weeks.

Background & Qualifications

I qualified as a Massage Therapist in 2000 and went on to specialise in Massage for Pregnancy and Postnatal training with Suzanne Yates from Well Mother.

I have had my own practice since then and have massaged many people throughout their pregnancies, with clients returning to me for postnatal massage or for pregnancy massage in their subsequent pregnancies.

In 2009 I set up the Newcastle Pregnancy and Baby Centre with two colleagues, and I continue to run it.

ITEC qualifications in Anatomy and Physiology, Massage and Aromatherapy
APNT qualification in Massage for Pregnancy and Labour
NO HANDS massage advanced practitioner
Member of Complementary Therapists' Association
Member of EMBODY with whom I am fully insured
Member of Doula UK

My Specialisms

I specialise in Massage in Pregnancy and Postnatal and I work with couples as they approach Labour
I am also an advanced practitioner in NO HANDS massage where we use our forearms to massage instead of our hands
I am a Postnatal Doula with Doula UK

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage is designed to support a woman's body through this changing and demanding time, allowing time to connect with her baby, and space to release emotional tensions.

Pregnancy and Postnatal Massage
I deliver this massage with the client lying on her side on a mattress on the floor supported by pillows. This ensures a safe and comfortable massage, and clients often fall asleep! I use deep pressures into muscles to ease aches and pains and link with long, flowing movements so that the overall experience is extremely relaxing.

How massage can help during Pregnancy:
Relief of muscles strain and pain in the lower back, glutes and legs as the pelvis changes shape to accommodate the growing baby.
Release of aches and tension in shoulders and neck, especially between shoulder blades.
Easing general feelings of constriction, breathlessness, discomfort, and immobility.
Helpful in reducing the effects of common symptoms of pregnancy such as:

How Massage can help Postnatal:
Relief from physical aches and tensions from the exertion of labour (including C-section)
Release of emotions following the changes in hormones during labour and postnatal
Easing aches in shoulders from holding baby to breastfeed
Replenishing energy

Partners can attend to learn techniques to help during the later stages of pregnancy and labour.

Doula ("mothering the mother")

As a Birth Doula I meet with the parents before labour to work with them on ideas on the kind of support they think they will need, and help them find the information and tools to ensure a positive birth. A positive birth is a state of mind - it does not mean that everything goes according to plan, it means that the parents can adjust and be flexible and approach every moment of their labour with a positive outlook. During labour I will support both parents by being present for them to lean on when they need me.

As a Postnatal Doula I help new mothers during the first few weeks after the baby has been born. I am there to reassure and encourage when things are tough, to help new parents understand what is normal behaviour in a new born, to let them know they are not alone, and to support them to build confidence. The support can also be practical such as doing small household chores, or comforting baby while the new mother has a well earned sleep or a bath, or simply a cup of tea!

Therapies & Rates

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Therapy Appointment Type Rate
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Additional Rate Information

Pregnancy and Postnatal massage sessions can be bought as single treatments or in discounted blocks of three or four sessions. If you purchase a block of sessions you can choose to use some fitting pregnancy and save some for postnatal as they are valid for 6 months. Vouchers are available to buy.