Philippa  Brown

Philippa  Brown

Massage Therapist in Hove

Trigger Point Therapy . Therapeutic Massage . Relaxation Massage . Onsite Massage . Neuroskeletal Realignment Therapy (spine and joint realignment) .

Each treatment is designed specifically to your needs on the day. We choose the best techniques from deep tissue massage, Swedish massage, soft tissue release, holistic massage, DAP and clinical massage to create an effective treatment for pain relief, stress relief and wellness.

Philippa Brown is easily the most thorough massage therapist I've been to. Having tried several therapists from physical therapy, osteopathy, clinical massage and chiropractic, I've found her techniques by far the most effective at alleviating the pain from my thoracic outlet syndrome and her regular advice incredibly useful. Highly recommended.
Trevilyan , Hove

Background & Qualifications

Holistic Massage ITEC
Clinical Massage & Trigger Point Therapy Jing Institute
Neuroskeletal Realignment Therapy (NSRT)
Hot Stones Massage Classical school of Massage
Onsite Massage London School of Massage
Various workshops in deep tissue, pregnancy, DAP and other advanced massage techniques
Complementary Health Professionals Member
Holistic insurance

My Specialisms

Trigger point therapy for pain relief. Trigger point therapy is incredibly effective form of clinical massage for the treatment for back pain, neck pain, sciatic pain, headaches, shoulder restrictions and RSI.

Neuroskeletal Realignment Therapy is a gentle therapy to realign the spine and any joint by tapping into the body's own mechanism for realignment. In contrast to chiropractic or osteopath treatments, the NSRT therapist will never manually 'crack' the spine back into place, instead we gently hold specific nerve points surrounding a joint, which instructs the brain to recalibrate and realign the spine. Over the next 36hrs the ligaments and muscles surrounding the joint begin to relax, allowing the bones to shift back into their healthy alignment. During the treatment natural anti-inflammatory, pain relieving, anti-anxiety and sleep promoting neurotransmitters are released, making this an incredibly relaxing treatment that not only realigns the joints, but calms the nerves and creates a wonderful sense of well-being. NSRT is safe even during the acute stages of injury, post motor accidents, during pregnancy, for babies, fragile arthritic joints, broken bones and disc herniations. NSRT is recommended both as a preventative treatment to decompress the spine as well as to help with misalignment and muscle imbalances such as whiplash, sciatica, nerve impingement, disc problems, RSI, headaches and migraines, post stroke and brain injuries, numbness and tingling, shoulder restrictions and pelvic girdle pain.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work


Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Massage Therapy In Person £55 per 60 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £60 per 75 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £65 per 90 minutes
Massage Therapy In Person £30 per 30 minutes
Reiki In Person £45 per 60 minutes