Preet Kalsi

Preet Kalsi

NLP Practitioner in Hertfordshire

As a Life & Career Coach, I am truly passionate about you having the opportunity to live to your absolute potential. Therefore my intention is to help you live your truth. And living your truth may involve focusing on some key areas of your life such as career; confidence & self-belief; building stronger relationships; focus on health, stress & well-being; establishing a work - life balance; managing finances efficiently; focus on personal development; and living with a true sense of purpose by connecting with yourself through spirituality.

Everyone has a deep need in life to be seen and loved for who they really are. Coaching begins here. It's not about fixing you and neither is it about giving advice. It's about tapping into your inner wisdom, resources, and knowledge of who you already are.

Coaching is a supportive way to take control of your life and career direction, in order to make choices that really serve you, and ultimately, boost your daily fulfillment.

My intention as your Coach is to support you to design a life you love with passion, confidence & purpose. By making some simple shifts in your mindset and feeling more aligned with your authentic self; you'll be empowered to connect with what's truly important to you. And this will lead you to take bold action, big or small, towards your future success.

Background & Qualifications

I've been coaching for the past 10 years as an NLP Life Coach since certifying as a NLP Practitioner, NLP Master Practitioner, NLP Hypnosis Practitioner. I have qualified as an ICF accredited Coach with the institution - International Teaching Seminars. I have had the greatest pleasure being trained by the likes of Ian McDermott, Robert Dilts, Suzi Smith, Tim Hallbom and Jan Elfine.

I coach using Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP), a powerful tool for identifying and changing the habitual patterns of behaviour that affect all of us. As we learn about the world around us we build associations between experiences, things that we see, hear and feel. Through this process of learning we can become stuck with certain thoughts, beliefs, behaviours and feelings that can be counter-productive.

My Specialisms

My job as your coach is to work alongside you to explore your past experiences and do an inventory check on your current behaviours and beliefs, and strive for freedom: freedom from circumstances that you do not want, and freedom to choose what you do want. I believe that the enemies of freedom are the habits that keep us comfortable the way we are. Our surroundings, friends, colleagues and family tend to reinforce our habits. Therefore, the time you spend on yourself in coaching will help you get greater insights into yourself.

As your coach I'll help engage the habits that are holding you back so that you have the freedom to move forward more positively with complete confidence and know that you're moving in the right direction. Coaching will change the direction of your life, often only one small change at a time, yet a series of small decisions can change your live. As your personal cheerleader, I will show you the track you're on, point out where you can change and then support that change.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

A personal goal that I'm striving for is to get you to a place where you do not need me — as quickly as possible and with as much grace and ease as possible. However you may find that when the first set of goals is achieved, deeper goals are often revealed. Much like beginning a great meal, satisfying an initial craving only reveals a deeper hunger. This deeper hunger can be addressed in additional work if you choose to take the challenge.

I am passionate about you taking a step towards coaching in order to live to your absolute potential and my intention is to help you do just that. An amazing life doesn't happen by chance, you can create it for yourself. And the starting point is you, your desire and your commitment to succeed.

I offer a set of 12 sessions at £85 per hour. I offer face to face and Skype coaching sessions. There's a FREE Exploratory Session that I offer, where you and I will have an opportunity to explore where you are at this present moment in time in depth and design our alliance to work together.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Hypnotherapy Online/Telephone £85 per 60 minutes
NLP Online/Telephone £85 per 60 minutes
Life Coaching Online/Telephone £85 per 60 minutes
Relationship Therapy Online/Telephone £85 per 60 minutes