Mark Bennett

Mark Bennett

Nutritional Therapist in Brimpton

I am a degree qualified and functionally trained Nutritional Therapist (BSc (hons), mBANT, CNHC), Nutrigenetic counsellor, GAPS and gluten practitioner, health writer and broadcaster practising near Reading in Berkshire. My core beliefs include:
1) Food can be both a powerful medicine and a slow poison.
2) The most powerful tools at your disposal for regaining and maintaining optimal health and wellbeing are your food, lifestyle and environmental choices.
3) High quality supplementation is essential in certain situations but is not the focus of my interventions.
4) Any diagnostic testing and supplementation recommendations will be provided to you at cost. My impartiality is central to my practice.
5) Good science is the pursuit of truth not consensus.
6) The health of your digestive tract plays a crucial role in the manifestation of disease.
7) Our food and environment have changed beyond recognition since the 1950s and the research is suggesting that it is this change that is fuelling the explosion in chronic disease.
8) The current system of modern healthcare is unsustainable.
9) The person that knows the most about your health is you.
10) You are in control of your health.

Background & Qualifications

Nutritional Therapy BSc (hons) - 1st Class
Business Finance BA (hons) - Upper second
Gut & Psychology Syndrome Certified Practitioner
Certified Gluten Practitioner
Nutrigenetic Counsellor
BANT registered
CNHC registered

I am a qualified Nutritional Therapist, having achieved a first class honours nutritional therapy science degree from the ‘Centre for Nutrition Education and Lifestyle Management' (accredited by Middlesex University). I am a member of the British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) which is our professional body, the Complementary and Natural Health Care Council (CNHC) which protects the public with an expected code of conduct, ethics and performance for registered complementary practitioners, as well as being a registered Gut and Psychology Syndrome (GAPS) and Certified Gluten Practitioner. I am also a registered Nutrigenetic Counsellor. This means that I have been trained to utilise specific DNA tests to identify potential strengths and weaknesses at a genetic level and to interpret the results in order to create individualised nutritional and lifestyle interventions that are based on the client's goals.

One of my key objectives, other than working with individuals on a one to one basis to achieve their specific health goals, is to run regular local events/seminars on specific health topics, contribute regularly to radio programmes (BBC Berkshire Radio (2 times per month on the wellbeing slot on Thursday afternoons with Bill Buckley and when required on TalkRadio on the breakfast show with Paul Ross)) and write a monthly health column for Round & About magazine. This means that I can hopefully start to influence the wider population with the concept that they really are far more in control of their health than they would ever imagine.

In my previous work life, I was the founder and CEO of a creative digital agency that I ran for 17 years, before selling as a going concern to a quoted company. This was a major lifestyle decision which has enabled me to obtain the skills that I require to pursue my enthusiasm and passion for nutrition, helping those that are interested to take control of their health and well being.

My Specialisms

Gastro intestinal health (e.g. IBS, inflammatory bowel disease, reflux), autoimmunity, gluten related disorders (coeliac disease, non coeliac gluten sensitivity) and longevity.
Food sensitivity testing, Cyrex testing, DNA/genetic testing, stool testing.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

Nutritional therapy uses the application of evidence based nutritional and lifestyle science to promote optimal health and wellbeing, focussing on the causes rather than the diagnosis or symptoms of disease. We are complimentary (rather than alternative) to modern medicine aiming to work in partnership with your GP or medical practitioner for the benefit of your health.

Our approach is based upon the Functional Model, which is a dynamic approach to assessing and providing the support that the body may require in order to deal with chronic disease. Functional medicine is based on the premise that the body is composed of several highly interconnected sophisticated functional systems (digestion & assimilation, detoxification & elimination, communication, defence & repair, energy, structural integrity and transport) that when working efficiently, promote optimal health.

We are all biochemically individual. What makes you, you, is unique to you. The Functional Model recognises that it is the summation of your environmental inputs (toxins, stress, diet, & lifestyle) over your life that are likely to have contributed to your current health concerns and that most chronic illness is typically preceded by a lengthy period of decline in one or more of the body's functional systems. Family history and genetics can play a significant role in the development of health problems that we are likely to experience in our lives. However, appropriate diet and lifestyle choices can do a great deal to lessen the expression of these genetic weaknesses.

It is through the taking of a detailed life history, that the Functional Model aims to identify systems that may have been excessively challenged over your lifetime. When these systems are over stretched it can lead to many symptoms, which often seem unrelated and hard to pin down. Once identified, these challenged systems can be supported through appropriate dietary and lifestyle interventions. As the body moves back towards a state of balance and optimal health, symptoms and health problems are more likely to resolve or lessen in their expression.

Once we have agreed on a consultation date you will need to fill in and submit your health questionnaire before we meet. This form can be filled in securely online, or alternatively I can email or post the paperwork over to you to complete and return to me via post or email.

The health questionnaire is central to the first consultation providing me with important information about your current health and background including, details of any medications that you might be on, your goals, current food intake, symptoms, family health history, lifestyle and contact details for your GP.

Gaining this information prior to the first consultation will ensure that we efficiently use the consultation time and focus on the best methods to achieve your goals.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Nutritional Therapy In Person £114 per 60 minutes We have verified this therapists Nutritional Therapy credentials!
Nutritional Therapy Online/Telephone £114 per 60 minutes We have verified this therapists Nutritional Therapy credentials!

Additional Rate Information

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