Mary Ioannou

Mary Ioannou

Nutritional Therapist in London

My name is Mary Ioannou and I am a Holistic Health Coach, specialising in Reiki, Crystal & Chakra Healing and EFT tapping. My passion and purpose in life is to help humanity heal - physically, mentally and spiritually. I understand that you may be experiencing suffering or feeling stuck and I know all too well how difficult it can feel, as I have also been there. I have helped children, adults and animals from all walks of life and can help with many different issues, including: anxiety and stress, depression, relationship issues, lack of self-esteem and confidence, fears and phobias, physical ailments - including recovery from surgery.

I specialise in working with children to help them establish a healthy, functional relationship with their feelings and emotions. Studies have shown that children as young as five years old can benefit from tapping, as it leads to a better development of their maturity levels in the future. Through our work together, the child will learn to identify emotions, acknowledge them, and understand what it is they are feeling and how to channel these feelings in a healthy way, as opposed to suppressing them which could lead to later suffering in adulthood.

Background & Qualifications

Certified Reiki Practitioner

Certified Practitioner of EFT Tapping

Certified Crystal, Chakra and Aura Healer

Certified Holistic Health Practitioner

Certified Diet and Nutritional Advisor

I have, and continue to undertake many hours of CPD (Continued Professional Development) alongside the professional Diplomas you see listed. I am fully insured and a member of various professional governing bodies, by which I follow the code of ethics of the professional bodies of which I am a member of.

My Specialisms

My healing Services:

Reiki Healing & Distant Online Reiki Services
Emotional Freedom Technique
EFT for kids
Nutritional advice
Spiritual guidance
Crystal healing including chakra and aura cleansing

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I am ready to help you on your healing journey. My philosophy is to empower all. During our sessions I will teach you the necessary skills and techniques to apply to any issue you may face in the future. The aim is for you to become the best, balanced version of yourself - better equipped with the right tools and mechanisms to help you cope with anything that comes your way.

Get in touch today for a complimentary informal chat to see how we could work together.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Reiki Online/Telephone Please Call
Nutritional Therapy Online/Telephone Please Call
Emotional Freedom Technique Online/Telephone Please Call
Emotional Freedom Technique In Person Please Call
Crystal Therapy Online/Telephone Please Call
Healing Online/Telephone Please Call

Additional Rate Information

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