Paulina Slater

Paulina Slater

Psychotherapist in Crowborough

30 years of experience of working initially in psychotherapy, and now as a coaching psychologist, and of using psychology in various ways to help people of all ages, together with on going learning, gives my work depth and breadth. A humanistic psychotherapy training grounds my work. I work humanistically, creatively and wherever possible, in nature. "Re wilding" is a journey I began in South African wilderness in 2020, and a journey I relish supporting others on. A trained psychotherapist, I can help you identify and undo blocks, experiment with new behaviours and work towards your visions and goals. I have a long experience and training on managing stress, reducing anxiety, and increasing wellbeing. Neuroscience is teaching our community new ways of working: also why some of the old ways didn't work, and why some of them did: I attend regular seminars to update my practice.

I have been taking clients into nature since 2005, 1-1 and in groups. Nature is a powerful healer and leveller. We can (re) connect to our wild self more easily, learn to calm ourselves and relax more: Nature also can help us discover our adventurous self, develop confidence and find our voice. The ways of working in nature are infinite and sessions are developed to meet your needs.

Working creatively within sessions helps many clients to have "ah ha!" moments, which deepen to vital felt experience of healing or new possibilities.

My clients have ranged in age from four to late sixties.

Background & Qualifications

Background and Qualifications

I have a wide experience base including corporate training and coaching as well as in psychotherapy and coaching psychology. Having lived and worked in West London, and travelled extensively in Central and Eastern Europe and South Africa for work and pleasure, as well as my home county of Sussex, I have grown knowledge and experience of cultural difference, richness, and ways of building bridges. Sadly from the age of five I witnessed racism, and so grew up being both anti-racist and aware of the sometimes devastating impact of racism and other prejudice.

Nature, creativity and being for a sustained time amidst people from other cultures has given me precious different perspectives on life and a great curiosity.

Working in a transition (between teaching and psychotherapy) role in 1998/2000, I supported children who cared for a parent who was terminally or chronically ill or disabled, or with severe mental health issues, and their families.

Graduate humanistic psychotherapist Spectrum 2001
Diploma in Relational therapeutic counselling Counselling South West, 1996
Psychology, BA 2.1 (Open) 1991
Certificate in Education
Certificate in residential child care
I continue with my own personal development and supervision
I regularly participate in wilderness trails/workshops in South Africa and humanistic seminars and workshops based on up to date neuroscience

My Specialisms

Both personal and in the workplace:
Helping clients to develop a friendly relationship with themselves and influence aspects of their personality and life they would like to change.
Life coaching.
Managing intra and inter personal conflict/anger management.
Anxiety reduction.
Stress/pressure management and wellbeing.
Relationships and communications.
Transitions and bereavement.
Family work and work with children.
Groups. Bespoke, please ask. On developing and achieving visions, connecting with nature, re-wilding ourselves, developing our creativity, dream work, stress management and wellbeing. Open to suggestions.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

Working humanistically I have as democratic an approach as is possible whilst using my experience and expertise in the service of my clients and holding a safe and confidential space. Helping with healing in both traditional talking ways and through ritual, and using creativity and nature where clients enjoy this. I am experienced by some as a "jungle guide" to the ups and downs of every day life. For others, the space to "say the unsayable" and be truly heard is precious, especially for those starting out on their healing journey. Dreams, symbols and metaphor can be powerful aids.

Some clients have their own therapists and come for support for aspects of life choices, work issues or development, transition planning, vision and dreaming, and bringing visions and dreams into being. Coaching psychology allows for exploration of yourself, your patterns and your potential, as well as working towards goals.

For clients who come for healing: identifying patterns of thinking, feeling and behaviour in order to disorganise ways that don't work for you and evolve patterns that do are important aspects of the work. Healing alone doesn't change these patterns, growing an embodied self awareness with the intention to (re) discover and develop the you that may be trapped by painful patterns of being, alongside accepting yourself as you are, is a crucial part of the healing journey.

I help you to identify blocks and how past trauma or other pain and life events have influenced your values, attitudes and behaviour patterns, all of which impact our self esteem, relationships, and our reaching our dreams. Once identified...sometimes through honest feedback that is absolutely "on your side," ...I support you in experimenting with new attitudes, behaviours and thoughts, developing a sense of self worth, acceptance, fulfilment, mastery, working towards your dreams and developing a friendly relationship with yourself. Using up to date neuroscience research to help you form yourself in a way that pleases and satisfies you is core: this work when you take to it is profound and often very moving.

I will work explicitly with models and theory from psychology and psychotherapy and share these with you. Learning comes from experience...insights and understanding alone don't heal us or enable sustained deep change...but having an explicit understanding of process can be extremely empowering.

Psychological growth can be an incredibly rich as well as a healing gift to oneself. It can also be a bumpy journey, and can never be a quick fix. I will support through the bumpy times. I work to help you achieve sustainable healing and growth, and best results takes commitment on both sides.

All clients experience personal growth, and for some, continuing with personal growth sessions after initial healing or life coaching becomes a rewarding and often exciting natural, regular practice.

Currently I work on Skype or similar or in nature. I am based near the Ashdown Forest in East Sussex. Travel to work in nature by negotiation.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Psychotherapy Online/Telephone £80 per 50 minutes
Life Coaching Online/Telephone £100 per 50 minutes

Additional Rate Information

I offer coaching psychology for healing rather than psychotherapy: psychotherapy is the nearest description I can find here. Coaching psychology sessions for life coaching, work issues or regular personal growth are usually +/-monthly. Coaching psychology sessions for healing are usually weekly. Full hours are possible for "Life Coaching" @ £120 I do now have a few reduced fee slots available, please ask if you are committed to the work and have financial constraints. In-person sessions will be available as covid settles, sessions in nature are currently possible. Bring sunscreen and rain proofs this summer!!!! Free half hour session to start. Cancelation and ending contracts confirmed after first full paid session after you have had the opportunity to assess the work's applicability for you.