Fiona Millward

Fiona Millward

Rolfing Practitioner in Oxford

I am a Certified Rolfer™, Rolf Movement™ Practitioner, ScarWork Therapist (Sharon Wheeler), Franklin Method® Educator, Therapeutic Massage Practitioner (ITEC), Scarvelli Inspired Yoga Teacher and dance/movement artist.

Having worked as a dancer, teacher and choreographer for the past 30 years I continue to be inspired by the mediums of movement and touch, believing they offer an invigorating and intrinsic understanding of the world around us, as well as the world within. My particular fascination with how each individual discovers greater physical freedom and expression has always underscored my work, leading me to explore and experience a range of approaches. I qualified as a therapeutic massage practitioner in 1993, and Franklin Method® Educator in 2003 and studied at Polestar Pilates to teach at Contemporary Pilates 2002-2006. My ongoing explorations finally led me to Rolfing® Structural Integration, where the process of embodiment and reflection resonated with this ongoing work.

Background & Qualifications

I am a Certified Rolfer™ and Rolf™ Movement practitioner qualified to offer Rolfing® Structural Integration sessions, a member of the European Rolfing® Association and Rolfing® UK, and current Treasurer for Rolfing UK. I have trained with Sharon Wheeler in ScarWork Therapy and can offer ScarWork sessions of an hour, or incorporate the work into a Structural Integration session.

I have been a Level 2 Franklin Method® Educator since 2002, Therapeutic Massage Practitioner (ITEC) since 1995 and dance/movement artist since 1987.

I am also a qualified Scaravelli Inspired Yoga Practitioner.

I continue to enjoy teaching movement sessions drawing from these backgrounds in a variety of different settings.

My Specialisms

I draw on a range of experiences to best support the journey that the client and I will embark upon as part of the therapeutic process, however my background in movement often supports my work in helping clients find a deeper understanding of their movement patterns and how they might find more possibility and a wider range of movement in general.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

As a Rolfer I value the form deeply and am excited by how it continues to develop and extend our understanding of human movement potential. I am also inspired by the process that enables individuals to discover and integrate an alignment and ease of movement unique to their structure and needs. Rolfing works through a method of tissue manipulation and movement and perceptual education that works directly with the body's connective tissue network. The touch is precise and perceptive, ranging from light ‘listening' through to a deeper manipulation of the tissue to create more space and facilitate flow throughout the structure. Alongside this, the work helps extend the perceptual understanding and embodiment of new experiences as the journey progresses. This enables us to orient within different contexts, bringing a clear sense of support from the ground with the ability to freely express ourselves.

Within my therapeutic massage I work with a soothing but firm and specific touch in the tissue, drawing on the fascial aspects of Rolfing and passive movements of the joints where needed to deepen the effect of the work. Rather than follow a set series I adapt the massage to focus on areas requested by the client or that I feel most need work.

Therapies & Rates

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Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Massage Therapy In Person Please Call
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