Daniel Fryer

Daniel Fryer

Sex Therapist in Bristol

Daniel Fryer
Cognitive Behaviour Therapy
Clinical Hypnotherapy

Hello there,

I'm a former journalist and writer (who knows a thing or two about stress, pressure and deadlines) and hold a BA (Hons) in journalism and sociology and an MSc in rational-emotive and cognitive behaviour therapy (RECBT). I also hold a diploma in clinical hypnosis and another (with distinction) in cognitive behavioural hypnotherapy.

Based in Bristol since 2016, I have been in practice, first as a hypnotherapist and later as a psychotherapist, since 2004 and can help you achieve your goals using clinical hypnotherapy, cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) or a combination of the two therapies together.

Both are highly effective in the treatment of a wide range of problems, including addictions, anger management, anxiety disorders (including anxiety, OCD, panic, phobias and psychosexual dysfunction), depression, insomnia, stopping smoking, weight control, work-related stress management and more.

My previous practice was in Victoria, south west London. I also work for the Royal Brompton Hospital (where I specialised in pain control and it's associated distress) from 2007 to 2016.

I currently work in private practice and for I private hospital. I also work for the occupational health division of Medicentre (where I focus on trauma and work-related stress management) and have done so since 2007.

As well as my work as a therapist, I was a lecturer on various courses at the College of Cognitive Behavioural Therapies ( and have written and presented my own specialist workshops on a variety of subjects. I have also given several public presentations on mental health and wellbeing.

As a former journalist, I still like to write, so I blog regular on my website and have written therapy articles for various magazines. Several magazines and newspapers have also interviewed me, including the Metro, Body Matters and the Daily Mail.

With CBT and hypnotherapy, I've helped hundreds of people to manage their problems and lead healthier, happier lives. I'd love to help you too.

Please visit my website, to find out more.

Thank you.

Background & Qualifications

I have been in practice since 2004 and hold the following qualifications:

Goldsmiths College, University of London
2010: MSc in Rational Emotive & Cognitive Behaviour Therapy

London College of Clinical Hypnosis
2006: Diploma in Cognitive Behavioural Hypnotherapy (with distinction)
2005: Masterclass certificate in phobia treatment
2005: Diploma in Clinical Hypnotherapy
2004: Certificate in Clinical Hypnosis

City University, London
1997: BA (Hons) Journalism & Sociology

I have also volunteered at various points for the Alcohol Resource Centre (ARC), Positive Place and the Gay Man's Initiative (GMI.

My Specialisms

Anxiety Disorders (including anxiety, panic attacks, panic disorder, phobias, OCD, psychosexual dysfunction & more)
Work-Related Stress Management (including stress, anxiety, depression, anger management, addictions and more)
Pain Control
Weight Control
Stopping Smoking

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I use cognitive behaviour therapy (CBT) and hypnotherapy, either separately or combined, to help people overcome their problems and handle life's difficulties more effectively. I operate under the ethos that it's not the events in life that disturb you, but what you tell yourself about those events that disturbs you. So, if you are thinking, feeling and acting in a way that you don't like, but don't seem to be able to change, it's not because of the 'thing' or the event (although life's events are an influence over our emotions and behaviours), but because of what you are telling yourself about that thing. Change what it is that you tell yourself and you can change how you think, feel and act.

Therapies & Rates

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Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Hypnotherapy In Person Please Call
Psychotherapy In Person Please Call
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In Person Please Call
Sex Therapy In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

I also offer stopping smoking sessions using just hypnotherapy (one single session for the highly motivated) or CBT and hypnotherapy (five structured session for the ambivalent or less committed)