Jean-philippe Guichard

Jean-Philippe Guichard

Shiatsu Practitioner in Morden

Long time ago, Asian healers were expected to know eight levels of healing and to become skilled in the Five Excellences. These included techniques of self-development and self defense as well as the tools of one's trade. Qi Gong, Tai Chi, and meditation were practiced to maintain one's health and increase sensitivity. "Physician, heal thyself" was the healer's conviction. The ancient masters realised the healing potential of human energy and saw it as a tool in helping others. They knew of the importance of developing and cultivating this energy, or spirit, to its fullest degree within themselves. This would allow them to become effective and highly skilled practitioners. To "heal thyself" would be to help in healing others.

Shiatsu Therapy is one of the 8 alternative approaches indicated by the European Parliament (A4-0075/1997) as being "a nonconventional medicine worthy of interest" which enables you to preserve your capital health.

Since 1955, the technique of Shiatsu Therapy is recognised like a medicine with whole share by the Japanese ministry of Health.

It takes three years to become a qualified Shiatsu therapist but the basic technique is further enriched by consistent daily practice and I regularly attend continuing professional development courses to keep my skills up to date.

I was born to a Vietnamese family in France in 1965. My father was a martial artist and I began studying martial arts with him, and later studied Qigong, Kung fu and Taoist practices, including Zen Shiatsu and Heisei Shiatsu with European masters.

‚ÄčEvery shiatsu therapist is different. My approach is to blend shiatsu with natural exercise and lifestyle coaching to bring about a wholesome and positive change from within. Working in this way brings the desired long-term relief people really seek.

Background & Qualifications

I qualified as a Health Qigong Instructor and as a Shiatsu Therapist. Member of the Complementary Therapist Association (CThA) and fully insured with Holistic Insurance.

My Specialisms

The benefits of Pure Shiatsu or Health Qigong therapy run far and wide. Because shiatsu or Health Qigong effects the circulatory and nervous systems, it deeply effects the body's immune response, circulation to limbs and organs will help promote health and mobility, relieve aches and pains, and help the organs work more effectively. Shiatsu and Health Qigong also stimulate the parasympathetic nervous system which is the 'rest and recovery' mode of the nervous system. This encourages the body's own healing systems, and deep relaxation.
Everyone can benefit from shiatsu or Health Qigong. In its essence, shiatsu or health Qigong is improving circulation and nervous system function. Even if you feel great you can expect to have an improved sense of overall well-being, have more balanced energy, and sleep better. Also, the act of surrendering to touch is a very healing action. Many people spend so much time caring for others and do not take the time to be treated and nurtured. Many studies show the benefits of touch in healing the mind and body.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I came to Shiatsu through an interest in oriental health practices and energy work which started at the Shaolin Temple in London.

My two great passions as a holistic therapist, Shiatsu and Health Qigong are ways of experiencing life consciously and to radiate this from within.

I provide treatments, guidance and advice geared towards stimulating your vital strength and health. I will not heal you or bring you to a higher level of consciousness. You already have these powers within yourself. I am giving you support when you need it.

Just as an example, Abdominal Hara Shiatsu is deeply relaxing and assists the body and mind to reach a balance, and this in turn is thought to affect the balancing of the endocrine system (hormones).
This treatment is an advanced and specialised massage which uses several different techniques, and is focused exclusively on the abdomen and lower back/sacrum. This therapy is gentle, but still a deep massage which is designed to help improve the circulation to the abdomen and in turn aiding blood flow and reducing internal ligament/muscle tension.
Our abdomen is full of various organs, ligaments, blood vessels, nerves etc which all work together. However, if any of these are misaligned they will have an impact on the rest which can create its own region of problems.

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Acupressure In Person £30 per 50 minutes
Shiatsu In Person £30 per 50 minutes
Shiatsu In Person £60 per 120 minutes
Abdominal Sacral Massage In Person £30 per 50 minutes
Healing In Person £30 per 50 minutes
Qigong Healing Therapy In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

Cost-Effective Shiatsu Week-end only at The Therapy Studio, SM4 5DQ Morden. Booking Essential. To be able to face the challenges of our daily lives we need to find the time to relax and let go. Politeness, professionalism and warm smile are guaranteed. Your Shiatsu therapist Jean-Philippe will welcome you at the SHIATSU Therapy Home Studio SM4. Shiatsu treatments are carried out with the receiver lying fully clothed but you can dress to your own personal level of comfort as you wish. Typically Pure Shiatsu is conducted on a Futon. I will bring a soft cotton sheet to cover the bed to protect it and creating a lovely soft feeling.