Lana Spitz

Lana Spitz

Yoga Therapist in London

One of the Pioneers, Michael Newton Trained....How would it feel to know who you really are on a Soul level and be in control of your life? Wouldn't you love to enjoy each moment of each day and be the creator of your reality. Past life regression is a way to unblock energy that could be holding you back. It also gives you insight into why your life is the way it is, and why certain people are in your life. I have always been involved with alternative therapies, natural healing and alternative ways of thinking. I have been a yoga instructor for 20 years amongst other wonderful things along the way! Nutrition is a very important quality to enhance our general state of well being, as well as a stressless lifestyle, making time for ourselves, learning to breath properly to bring our body back into homeostasis. Everything is connected, so it is important not to forget any aspects of what makes us whole.
I offer lifestyle packages including a nutritional programme. Past life and life between life regression and Quantum Consciousness, which is a connection with Universal Energy. It is all very empowering! Everything I do is about taking control of your life and taking your power back. We are incredible beings, we just need to remember and connect back in to the power and love we already have :)

Background & Qualifications

I trained with The Michael Newton Institute, a renowned and reputable Institute in 2012 for Past life and Life Between Life regression
I am also a qualified facilitator with Quantum Consciousness
HeartMath coach for the HeartMath Institute
NLP practitioner

My Specialisms

I specialise in Past Life Regression and Life Between Life Regression, Quantum Consciousness and Heart Coherence

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

I make sure that there is good communication between the client and myself and that they feel comfortable. This is the most important aspect with this work, the client needs to feel safe and comfortable. We ease in gently to create a very safe environment and create heart coherence so that the client is completely relaxed. Anything that the client is not comfortable with, we will then create another approach. Through these guided and very safe techniques, we establish wonderful results :)

Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Yoga Therapy Online/Telephone Please Call
Nutritional Therapy In Person Please Call
Counselling Online/Telephone Please Call
NLP In Person Please Call
Regression Therapy Online/Telephone Please Call
Meditation Online/Telephone Please Call
Healing In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

Past life regression on average lasts about two and a half hours and is £225 Life between life on average is about four hours and is £395 A package of Past life and life between life is £550 (you need to have done a PL before you can do a LBL otherwise it is too much to process and you would probably be blocked anyway, so would be unable to access the information) Quantum Consciousness lasts about two hours and is £225


HELEN CURRIE on 15/05/2019

"I had a life between life session with Lana and it was a really special experience. I felt like I was in a dream that was more real than life, if that makes sense. I came away feeling relief about some things in my life and the whole session was a great experience. I felt safe with Lana and I loved that she held space so well and she has a warm and caring energy and also a great sense of humour. "