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Orri is the UK's first intensive day treatment programme for eating disorders.

Located in the heart of London, we provide intensive day treatment to engage, educate and empower individuals suffering from eating disorders, including Anorexia, Bulimia and Binge Eating Disorder, as well as their co-occurring conditions, such as anxiety, depression and Body Dysmorphic Disorder.

We offer full-day, part-day and evening programmes for those aged 16 and above, so people have the right amount of support as they increasingly return to their lives.

With experts in psychiatry, psychotherapy, psychology, dietetics, occupational therapy, trauma therapy, family therapy, body image experts, movement therapy and nursing, our highly skilled team works together to help people recover and individually tailor the right treatment plan.

Background & Qualifications

We are here to help people overcome eating disorders and deliver the highest standard of care to individuals and their families.

That's why all of our treatment services are compliant with NICE Guidelines and Royal College of Psychiatrists recommendations. Each one of our therapists is registered and/or accredited with one or more of the organisations below, which all comply with the individual association standards and undergo strict recruitment and supervision procedures. We are also Care Quality Commission (CQC) registered.

BACP - British Association for Counselling and Psychotherapy

BPS - British Psychological Society

HCPC - Health and Care Professions Council

BABCP - British Association for Behavioural and Cognitive Psychotherapies

UKCP - United Kingdom Council for Psychotherapy

AFT - Association of Family Therapy

My Specialisms

Our particular area of focus is intensive day treatment for eating disorders. Our programmes include individualised, group and family therapy, and involve participating on an extended day or full-day programmes, moving to part-time programmes which change as they progress in recovery.

Our programmes are flexible in intensity and duration. By taking a stepped approach where individuals work through the programmes gradually, we can provide the right level of support as they maintain a job, go to school or university, or return to their life alongside recovery.

Approach to Therapy & How I Work

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Therapies & Rates

Please note the rates detailed below are there to give you an idea of the therapists standard rates, we strongly advise you contact the therapist for more detailed rates and any offers they may have.

Therapy Appointment Type Rate
Psychotherapy In Person Please Call
Yoga Therapy In Person Please Call
Cognitive Behavioural Therapy In Person Please Call
Mindfulness In Person Please Call
Life Coaching In Person Please Call

Additional Rate Information

We are a private clinic that offers stepped programmes to ensure treatment is accessible to all.